Royal Affairs Developer Diary

Time for a nice fancy first half of Chapter 3, ready for everyone today! You can play through the new Chapter 3 goodness here. The demo is now around 80,000 words long!


Good point, I have been thinking about what the title should be to differentiate the MC from the crown princess when they’re nonbinary. There are a few different options I’ve been thinking about - I’ll likely change it in the next update.

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It’s not quite easy to think of non-binary/gender-neutral terms for non-reigning royals. For reigning ones, it’s easily sovereign/monarch.

One way to get around it as well is to simply have the Queen refer to MC as “See to it that my child stays safe”, the way it is done in Creme De La Creme “You’ll always be my child”.


Yeah, I’ll have a think! Child works well for the Queen or family, but for a formal title I may go for “Royal” or “Second Heir”.

Just played through Chapter 3! You might have seen this one, but there’s a bug. There’s this portion:
Asher’s cheeks flush. “That’s honestly too kind, Beatrice,” she says. “You needn’t worry about that.”

She busies herself with the cushions. Once the room is sorted out to her satisfaction, she {asher_singular excuses|excuse} herself. You change into fresh clothes for your day: not eveningwear, since it’s only late morning, but a decently smart outfit for a day event. You opt for something:

Something’s a bit off with the variable, I think.

Another thing I noticed in Chapter 3:

I previously started the Beaumont romance in Chapter 1/2 (can’t remember which), but there’s a scene where and Beaumont play cards in her room, and there’s an option to start romance (which should not occur since it has previously been started).

Slight grammatical error:
When you place your Six of Coins upon Beaumont’s Nine of Coins, you catch Beaumont’s eye and allow your hand to brush hers as she reaches forward.

her hand stills. “You keep doing that sort of thing,” she says, her eyes very dark. “What do you mean by it, exactly?”

her ought to be capitalized.

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Really useful, thank you very much for highlighting these! That’ll all be fixed next time I update.

edit: they’re fixed now, as I had a few spare moments!

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Very nice! I’ll keep playtesting and will notify you if I see anything else :slight_smile:

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I’m excited to return for Chapter 3, which means replaying the demo which I’m cool with!

I’m curious if maybe you might add an option that is more appreciative of Asher’s protection and dedication to her work? All the options vaguely seem to somewhat resent either their protection in some way or their standing as your bodyguard. I am just imagining maybe my Royal who could have a lowkey crush on Asher would feel butterflies knowing Asher is looking out for them like that and not necessarily would care if they were an equal, but enjoys their company. It might be a good early romance choice or friendship choice? Your call though.


Oh and will you make some game art for Royal Affairs too like you did with CdLC?

Ah, finally I found the time to replay Crème de la Crème in order to have it fresh in my mind and try this demo.
Well, what can I say, I loved the previous game, and I already love this one. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future.
I like most of the characters so far, but I’ll admit it’s hard for anyone to compare to Asher. They kind of outshine the others for me, but that’s okay, I had the same thing with Blaise in the other game! I guess I lucked out a bit more this time though, since I guess they’ll remain by MC’s side for the duration of the story.

I’ll admit I can’t wait to be able to transfer data though (that WILL be a thing in the release, right?), cause I got a bit confused by one thing when answering the questions…
I was unsure as to what Renaldt’s fate was, despite replaying literally hours before starting Royal Affairs:
I don’t know what is the difference between her being sacked and imprisoned, in this case? :thinking:
I got her “Fate 1” in Crème de la Crème (as in, it was labelled as 1 in the code of the previous game), so she got taken in after a public fuss at graduation, and the inspector’s letter said she was removed from her Headteacher position and will face criminal charges. It makes me think it’s the imprisoned one, but I’m actually unsure?

Also, a funny little error:

If completing the questions about Crème de la Crème and having romanced Blaise, the game then asks for their gender.
But weeeell, they become Delacroix if they are female or NB (obviously just a display issue in the choice selection):

  • Mr. Blaise Marechal (he/him)
  • Miss Patrice Delacroix (she/her)
  • Mx. Patrice Delacroix (they/them)

I don’t have much to say aside from that. Glad I finally started this! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@ArthurVandelay Thank you for the suggestion! It fits in nicely, so I’ve added it in for Chapter 1 and it’ll be in there in the next update.

@Schrodinger_s_Face There will be cover art yes, but it won’t be me who makes it (I am… not good at drawing people. You don’t want my art on a cover).

@Konoi Thank you for playing, I’m so glad you enjoyed and that you’re liking Asher! It probably isn’t much of a spoiler to say that they will have much more screentime throughout than Blaise.

The equivalent to that Fate 1 is that she was imprisoned - the mention of criminal charges is what puts it over the edge. In some circumstances, you can get her fired but the consequences are limited to her job and the education world, she doesn’t get charged. That option also ensures that what happened is all out in the open.

Didn’t you know that Blaise and Delacroix have merged together into one being? Plot twist! Haha, thank you for mentioning - that will be fixed in the next update.

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Oh man, one of Delacroix’s spiritual rituals finally went truly wrong… That makes things so awkward… When one of your best friends merges with your bethroted, especially considering the lover of said great friend is someone who you don’t have a great relationship with… Mood.


It really isn’t quite fair to the other ROs, how completely taken I am with Asher. Usually, I flirt a little with everyone in the beginning to get a sense of their route and personality, but it seems like I’ve got my sights firmly latched on to Asher.

Don’t get me wrong, Dominique is absolutely charming and I always love a good rivals-to-lovers route with Javi, especially when there’s larger geopolitical implications attached to them, and Trevylan is refreshingly honest and their determination is admirable… But this is the first time where there’s no indecisiveness whatsoever.