Royal Affairs Developer Diary

The obvious one there would seem to be with Hyacinthe and Ash. :grin:

I always got the feeling this will be the result of managing to romance Beau and Ash at the same time.
Who were also the only ones I used to be into before you added the cute dancer to the mix. :sweat_smile:

Seems the typical state of affairs in a political marriage with Javi would maybe default to this as I would certainly expect him to carry on seeing other people too but decorum would mean they’d have to discrete about it.

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Hi ! I’m a big fan of Crème de la Crème and as soon as I heard of Hannah making a new game in the same world, I just needed to click. And I’m not disapointed ! The plot looks great and the characters remind me of Crème de la Crème’s, which is great in my opinion. But other than congratulations and thanks, this comment is also meant to ask something : When ? How is the writing going and when do you plan on releasing the full version ?


Thanks so much, I’m really glad it’s looking good to you! At the moment I’m working on Chapter 5 of 11. I hope it will be released sometime in 2022 but I wouldn’t want to pin down a date at the moment as there’s so many unknowns!


Hey I played the demo again for fun; I noticed something strange with the cards Dominique plays with? I believe Asher picks a card? Does she have multiple options based on prior choices? Because she picked up a card with a seemingly positive future, then I opened the stat page, and then the when I returned to the game, her card was negative. I wonder if this is a bug?

It should be randomised on each playthrough between 3 different options, but I’ll check that it’s working properly!

Small progress report: I’ve finished coding Chapter 5, and have done my difficulty balancing. Annoyingly, because I wanted to get on with the writing, I didn’t do much balancing on Chapter 4 so this time I had to do a chunk of two chapters at once! However, the whole thing is now better balanced.

Out of interest, the most wildly unbalanced things were that it was WAY more easy to get low Planner, low Calm, low Forceful, and low Ruthless - which was to due to the proportion of choices I put in that reflected those sorts of personalities. It’s a lot more even now!