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It’s an interesting discussion, but I wonder if it wouldn’t be neater to move it to the CDLC discussion thread? :thinking: I’m thinking it’ll probably be more useful for Hannah if we keep this thread focused on Royal Affairs feedback.


I’ve popped those posts over to the Creme thread but please feel free to continue discussing there, or chat about Royal Affairs business here! It’s a little bit of a grey area in terms of topic as the Creme MC’s actions can have a knock on effect on Royal Affairs in some ways, but yeah if you can keep more on the RA subject here that would be great as I can keep track of feedback and chat better!

(Perhaps ironically, the Royal Affairs endings may end up being more disparate - although the MC’s royal status may protect them from some consequences, the stakes will be that much larger-scale. If they get in over their head in trouble, they may end up with less rosy endings!)


I haven’t played Crème de la Crème (It didn’t seem interesting to me :sweat_smile:), but after reading this demo, I’m very encouraged! I had fun and I can’t wait for the next chapters.

I liked all the characters very quickly, especially Asher (cutie :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) and Laurie. The dynamic between MC and Javi…that was just great, My MC is laid back guy and it’s not easy to upset him, so Javi’s reactions when he teased her. Lmao! I don’t really picture them as a couple, although it would be quite interesting to follow the development of such relationship :thinking:


That’s awesome, thank you so much :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: My aim is to make this one fun for players whether or not they played Crème de la Crème and I’m glad it’s working for you so far!


You’re absolutely right, Myrtle. I was very tired when I made the post, and I wasn’t thinking it through properly.


Oh no worries at all, it’s easy to fix :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Will it be possible to choose the color of MC’s eyes?

I haven’t decided yet :slightly_smiling_face: I tend to prefer a light touch on MC personalisation, but I did hit a moment recently in Chapter 4 where I wondered whether to mention a family member’s eye colour… If it becomes tricky to write around, I may add it in, but it’s not as high priority for me as eye colour doesn’t seem to have as much ingame/representation impact as other personalisation options.


Ok, I understand. For me it’s not big deal either, and I don’t miss it that much, I just got used to the fact that in every book I read there was such a choice :sweat_smile:


Chapters 3 and 4 are now with Abby for editing! I’m so pleased - Chapter 3 came to a standstill for longer than I care to track, but once I had that down, Chapter 4 was a breeze. The Winter Term and Hearthlight holidays are now drafted - I’m on my phone at the moment but will post wordcounts and things tomorrow. Thank you for all the encouragement and feedback on the demo, everyone!


Momentum is continuing as I’ve implemented the Chapter 3 and 4 notes, and have just about planned Chapter 5, in which we return to school for the Spring Term! I’m going to get going on the code skeleton over the coming weekend. I feel optimistic about this one - it’s sowing some plot seeds while nurturing other seedlings that were planted in earlier chapters… So soon there will be a beautiful alpine meadow, or something!


Are there any plans for a hyacinthe/Asher triad route ? I loved Cdlc and I am already a big fan of RA ^^


At the moment no, based on the storyline I’ve got planned with them. I’m so glad you enjoyed Crème and are liking Royal Affairs!


How many chapters will you let us read in the demo before the final release? I’m edging on my seat for more school life already, also because now we’ve been introduced to all the major players!

I had this thought, but if we are able to romance peers in parallel, does this mean we can be begrudgingly engaged but have a mistress in the medieval sense and hiding it from our spouse, and perhaps we may also be enthusiastically engaged and our future spouse is cool with us having a second friend?

What I mean is, it seems like a situation may arise, which may not be what you intend for the character, but I just want to use an example, but one heir may marry Javi for the sake of the crown and seek the company of Asher for tender affections since they are always accompanied by us, or we might marry Dominique and they wouldn’t even oppose you spending time with another RO if that’s what you want because that seems like Dominique is okay with that, but I could be totally wrong there also.

These characterisations I made might not be correct at all, and I just am making examples, but this is how I perceived things. With that said, I only just met everyone in two chapters, and obviously, we will truly get to know all of them in more ways in Chapter 3 and 4, which events you teased do seem really exciting.

Really, I’m just excited to see how complicated these romantic and marital entanglements can become. Congratulations on starting Chapter 5! :clap:

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Hi like it but i just found a Error

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I’ve updated the demo with a handful of corrections and minor additions - thanks @JoshPlayz_YT and others for noting that error! The main thing I’ve added is on the stats page where I’ve implemented a more indepth content notes/gating system, though in Chapters 1-2 potentially gated content is minimal.

@ArthurVandelay I’ve actually got a notebook page of spiderwebby relationship diagrams which is me deciding who’s happy in what arrangements! Some characters are monogamous but there’s going to be a variety of possible nonmonogamous configurations depending on the characters in question:

  • Trio where everyone’s into everyone
  • Relationship where both are into the MC but aren’t into each other
  • Relationship where a character is happy with whatever the MC wants to do with other people
  • Relationship where a character is fine with the MC having physical/possibly romantic relationships with other people but prefers not to know details about it

… and possibly other situations that I haven’t covered yet!

I’m keeping the specifics under my hat for now. I haven’t decided how much of the game I’ll put up… I’d like to show more of it off than I did with Creme, but I’ll probably wait a bit longer to put the next bigger update, just so I keep my momentum on Chapter 5!


Regarding the spider-web possibilities, this was the answer I was looking for. Thanks! The drama that will espouse from the poly situations you’ve listed sounds juicy without knowing any other details!

I’m really glad for it too since being a royal leads to stuff like this when marriages go beyond love and fall into politics. I’m looking forward to see it :+1:.

Best wishes on keeping the momentum!


I already wanna marry Beaumont! So cute.

Would it be good to ask for the gender of the former MC’s spouse? I romanced Max in the last game but currently have not set their pronouns.

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Aww nice, I’m so glad you like them!

Currently I only have the genders listed of characters who appear or are mentioned onscreen, but I think you’re right that it would be nice to have the gender of the Creme main character’s love interest(s) pickable at the start. It would also make my life easier for if I want to casually begin them at some point!

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