Royal Affairs Developer Diary

Oooh, perhaps I should play around with some of the ending conditions for CLDC in RA then. I do hope this implies more then you’re letting on, but I will not pry! Hmmm, just occurred to me but if my CLDC romanced Karson (she was the best omg), I’d hope our RA MC may pry into Karson’s love life, and considering how romancing Karson usually is, do they gush profusely? I suppose it wouldn’t be too unnatural for that topic to be discussed from a Royal to a Lower-Class Person? Thank you for engaging my curiosity!

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Karson will probably be fairly distant, as they’ll be keeping things professional! I tend to not be too specific so far about the Crème MC because I want to give players space to think of their own interpretations. I’d rather not contradict that!

I was reading this thread and was curious: for people who’ve played the demo, a poll:

Who’s your favourite romanceable character so far?
  • Asher
  • Beaumont
  • Dominique
  • Javi
  • I’m holding out for one of the other two who haven’t officially appeared yet

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What pronouns feel most right for your favourite romanceable character?
  • he/him
  • she/her
  • they/them

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What pronouns have you used for your MC when playing this demo?
  • he/him
  • she/her
  • they/them
  • something written in

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I’d also love to hear whether characters feel especially masculine, feminine, or something in between (whatever that means to you; of course it’s complex and will feel different to different people!) Or whether you played it and felt differently about a character if they had a different gender on another play through.


I’m very sleepy today so won’t do a word count update and all that, but what I can say is that having taken a really honest look at Chapter 3 descoped it considerably, and had an hour of hard graft, it is now DRAFTED, a bit over 27,000 words, and I’m now ready to get on with Chapter 4. As mentioned (and thank you to everyone who responded with kindness), Chapter 3 has been an absolute slog - not really because of its content, which is a lot of fun, but just life happening. I’m really excited to crack open Chapter 4 but before we say goodbye to Chapter 3 here are some highlights:

  • a school trip!
  • a dance!
  • boating peril!
  • Dominique being bad at sitting in chairs
  • immensely fancy clothes
  • Fleecing Beaumont at cards
  • And a bunch of politics!