Royal Affairs Developer Diary (updated June 2022)

I took tests for the main characters a while back and these are the results:

  • Asher - ISFJ
  • Beaumont - INTJ
  • Dominique - ENFP
  • Hyacinthe - INFJ
  • Javi - ISFP (I think they’re very borderline when it comes to introversion/extroversion though; I’d usually describe them as more extroverted)
  • Trevelyan - ENTP

Whelp I am…pleasantly surprised how much I liked this!
I went into this expecting the same thing as creme de la creme, having to constantly think “what would actually improve my relationship” instead of just being a character and letting that form from their actions (looking at you Freddie, tell you to be yourself and loose relationship points ugh)

But no, I could just have him be a nice charming dude and it happened much more naturally. Loved this book, can’t wait to see the full thing!!


I’m so glad! I’m going to be tweaking that side of things further as the game progresses, as a few stat-balance things aren’t quite in place yet - but it’s good that it’s on the right track. My goal is for it to be a bit easier stat-wise, and also clearer, than Creme de la Creme!


Very much looking forward to romancing Beaumont and taking control of the Westerlind financial establishment. Control of high finance is a great asset with which I can strengthen the “soft power” of the throne and ensure that I remain relevant even when I’m no longer second in line.

…what do you mean “that’s not the type of post-graduation plan I was talking about,” Lord Haberlin?


Oh, that’s wonderful! Appreciate it :heart:

I asked because Beaumont and Hyacinthe are the top characters who are so easy and natural to connect with. I’m an INT/FP myself and have some guesses that they’re around IN themselves (and got it right :+1:)

Just wanna say that these two are such a darling in their own ways, even as just friends, which are certainly attributed to your excellent characterizations. As a former amateur writer, it’s not an easy feat to write their dispositions. Kudos to you :ok_hand: