Royal Affairs Dev Diary and Discussion - out now! (Spoilers Within)

I would consider it! I’d need to do more research to see the sorts of things that are available - I haven’t read the extra stories that have been written for the Heart’s Choice games so I’d want to get more of an idea of the length people expect, what (if any) interactivity there is, etc.

I want to write something small about Janna, Max’s older sister from Creme, but I haven’t decided what exactly that is yet. Fay told me to write something about Pascal so maybe I’ll do something about him sometime, or the Creme teachers :smile:


There’s a lot of variety in the bonus stories. Some are interactive, some aren’t. I don’t think you should worry about what people expect - I think your fans will just be thrilled to pieces to get some more of your work to read!


Agreed! I dont usually check bonus storys but would def with this one


I’m wondering whether Rosario and Javi have a younger sibling!

To enable us to continue this to infinity. Or maybe the story will hinge upon Ollie next. Haha.


They do not! They do have cousins, though. The Westerlind siblings presumably have cousins and other relatives too, but I didn’t have space to go into extended family much in the end.


Royal Affairs is set to be out on March 30 and I’m unbelievably excited! It’s been such a journey getting to this point and I’m thrilled to be able to share something nice and polished with you all. Feel free to ask questions about the game or the writing process in the meantime… and here’s my previously-secret Pinterest board of inspiration to look at and my Royal Affairs playlist to listen to while you wait!


Very cool! Thank you for sharing!

Royal Affairs was such a joy to beta test, and I’m so excited for it to be released. I’m gonna have to play Crème de la Crème again and make a point of romancing Rosario and getting a job teaching at Gallatin so next time I play Royal Affairs I can watch my Crème PC show up all over the place. :slightly_smiling_face:


Couldn’t be happier for you, Hannah! I’m sure I’m gonna love it as much as I liked Créme!


Ahhh thank you both so much! I think it improves on Crème in a bunch of ways while hopefully tuning into what people enjoyed about it!


I have a similar plan, only I’m gonna have my MC enjoy a life of leisure. I can’t see a future royal consort working, eewwww!

That’s an excellent point. Maybe he’ll have known from the beginning that teaching was something he had a passion for, and although he’s willing to give that up eventually when Rosario takes the throne, he wants to spend a few years living the dream in the meantime?

I don’t even know for sure that it’s possible to get engaged to Rosario and accept a job at Gallatin, and if so, whether that can carry into Royal Affairs, since it takes place after Rosario’s wedding, and maybe it’s canon that they and their spouse live in Zaledo at that point?

Ooh, a Creme MC who’s married to Rosario and is also a teacher is actually something I ended up cutting. I couldn’t square the circle of a royal spouse having a regular job, even in Zaledo which is more sensible about such things than Westerlin. It also became a bit too fiddly to account for both sets of branches, as every Creme MC interaction had so much branching already. It could be headcanoned that they taught for a while before the wedding, or that they’d return to it in the future though - it’s not specified. (If one day I end up writing the archaeology-in-Zaledo game idea I’ve been prodding at for a while, an archaeology-internship-Rosario-romancer would get callbacks or appearances there.)


I suppose I’ll just romance Rosario then, this time. Then become a Gallatin teacher next time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also: yes yes yes please yes to archaeology in Zaledo. :blush::blush::blush:

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Unless something unexpected happens it won’t be the next thing I do, but! Maybe one day… a history-related game is a lot for players to grasp quickly especially in a fantasy setting so it’s quite a challenging idea writing-wise, but it’s definitely something I’d enjoy tackling.


I’m sure whatever you do next will be just as intriguing, anyway. But a game about archaeology/history would be especially exciting. (For this big history nerd, at least.) :nerd_face:

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Thank you :smile: I’m really looking forward to being able to share more about what’s happening next, once it’s more set in stone!


I’m eagerly looking forward to the release
And thank you so much for adding a cheats menu in both Creme de La creme and Blood Money.

I really had fun being the perfect future Son-in-Law for Lady Renadlt.
Dear Sweet Auguste is none the wiser.

I found it funny that both Max and Blaise who were sent back to the mines wrote to my MC over the summer but I did had maximum relationships with everyone.

So in my mind Max and Blaise were “re-educated”
I really enjoy having the freedom to play the MC without having to worry about my stats.

Down the road would you consider doing something similar for Royal Affairs?


There is going to be something similar available for Royal Affairs, yes - cheat menus, hints, and detailed achievement guides.

(I will check the file where Max and Blaise write to the MC in Creme though - they shouldn’t if they were in the mines so that sounds like a bug :sweat_smile: that letter sequence has always been fiddly!)


I find it humorous and in my mind they both had their memories wiped and “reprogrammed”.


As what @AletheiaKnights mentioned, it’s always good to have additional content to make people more interested. So long as it is of good quality, there will be people who will read it. Also, congratulations @HannahPS on finalizing the release date! This is going to be a blast.

I find it humorous and in my mind they both had their memories wiped and “reprogrammed”.

And I just finished Creme. Let’s see, Gallatin won the contest and sports day and my PC decided on the winter ball theme. I got Mr Blanchard fired, Blaise and Max got infected with the Maverick Virus. Playing as a Maverick Hunter, I basically was so loyal to Gallatin that I became a teacher with Hartmann and romanced and got engaged to who else but Auguste. Got A+ rank and helped Lady Renaldt with her scheme to the end- no investigation required. Kept her secrets and avoided any trouble (oh well). Auguste still doesn’t know what her mother did though.

@Kelly_Seastar I also got the DLC.