Royal Affairs Dev Diary and Discussion - out now! (Spoilers Within)

No worries!

I always look forward greatly to your stories and they brighten up your day.

Not gonna lie though, when it went down, I set down my gentian flower tea (nice to see that in the story!) and stomped about slightly suckily.

Bought a subscription to your Patreon to read, though - will that early access one down anytime soon as well?


That is very kind of you! It will come down eventually - February at the latest :heart:

Then it will be time to put up early access things about whatever next project I end up doing!


I just finished the game and sent in feed back.

My MC was Princess Topaz. I played her as a charming, but sheltered princess. She started out shy, but opened up to others as the game progressed. In the end, she got engaged to Asher.

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It is necessary to play first Crème de la Crème to understand something of history ?
For example, to understand such a part of the story need to play the first

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No. This game stands alone. There are references to events and characters from Crème de la Crème, but if you’ve never played it, you can have them randomized and it’ll be fine. You can also choose to avoid most mentions altogether.

That said, Crème de la Crème is awesome and you should definitely play it at some point.


I am curious, how does having kids work for couples with incompatible reproductive pairing?

Is IVF a thing in universe? The tech doesn’t seem that advanced for that yet.

Do Asher’s fathers’ just do commercial surrogacy, or is getting friends to carry children commonplace?

What about adopted children, especially in the royal family? Are they treated with similar inheritance rights?


I am torn between wanting to beg you to tell more stories set in the CdlCNORA-verse, and just waiting to see what amazing thing you do next.

I’m still officially in favor of a CdlC DLC (ha!) with the bonus stories, though.


Beg away! personally, I would love to go back to creme de la creme and see what happen with my mc and her lovely gardener wifey :smiling_face:

I’m wondering, when does CdlC/RA take place? I thought it was around 1910-1920 but phones and cars exist.

Phones and cars both existed in the 1910s.

It’s not possible to pin down a specific date because it’s not really taking place in the world as we know it, but technologically I’d say they’re somewhere in the vicinity of 1930.

Yeah they don’t have IVF as advanced as in our current world, at least in Westerlin in the “present day” of the games. Couples who can’t both donate genetic material to their children adopt, or use donors via artificial insemination and/or surrogacy.

There are a couple of posts about inheritance upthread here and here (I will make some sort of FAQ at some point!) but the short answer is that adoption, surrogacy and gamete donation are considered commonplace in Westerlin (for LGBT+ or cis and straight couples) and general society wouldn’t bat an eye at the Queen’s kids eventually having children through those methods.

@AletheiaKnights awww that’s so sweet :face_holding_back_tears: I am leaning towards something in the Crème setting with a new character at the moment, playing as an adult, unless inspiration for something wildly different comes along. I’ve got a few ideas that I feel good about but all of them need some development either about plot or about the MC’s life and personal goals. Really after Christmas I will take some time to bellow at Fay about the concepts (I mean I have bellowed at her about them already but! more time and thought will help!) and that will help me distill what’s good about them and what to discard.

I wonder occasionally about the idea of a 10 year school reunion game or something similar with the CremeMC but the work involved with wrangling so many characters makes me blanch (would you be able to swap from one romance partner to another, could you start single and get together with someone, would there be new characters, would you have kids… so many things to consider!) Who knows though? Maybe one day.

@Kelly_Seastar what Aletheia said is correct - I tend to use the technology available in Europe in 1910-1930 as a guide but it’s pretty loose and other countries have different levels of industrialisation and tech. A perk of writing fantasy means that I don’t have to worry about historical accuracy :sweat_smile:


I’m so glad to hear there may be more to come in the same world! Although I’m a newcomer to it, it’s very quickly become a reliable “comfort place,” if that makes any sense. And as much as I’m loving all these young-adult school stories, I’d love to get to explore the world in a broader way.

In any case, I’ll take this opportunity to wish my favorite interactive fiction power couple a very Happy Christmas before the bellowing commences.

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Hahaha we did actually manage to catch some time for bellowing this evening, earlier than anticipated, and I’m feeling way more solid on the current roster of ideas! :sparkles:

edit: and thank you so much for your kind comments about the setting, I have been really enjoying fleshing it out over time :sparkling_heart: I hope you are having a relaxed and joyful Christmas season!


There was a bit of discussion elsewhere about mean romances in general, and Javi, and I’m very curious how people feel about Javi. Do you feel intrigued to get to know them better? Are they so unpleasant that you don’t want to spend any time with them? Do you feel more positive about them over time? Do you feel that the game forces you to forgive their behaviour in order to have a friendly or romantic relationship with them?

I’m happy to hear positive or negative viewpoints, and I recognise that not every romance/character is going to suit everyone so I’m not planning to soften all of Javi’s rough edges. But I would like to make sure whatever I’m doing is intentional, and this is the ideal time to tweak things.


Time for the most unbiased feedback: a feedback streaming with personal opinion. Javi (to me) comes up with attention whore energy. I think MC can point it out politely during dinner, about how they seek attention from basically everyone except MC (which feels like a one-sided rivalry (unless it is)). I don’t know how to read into it but I get a feeling that it’s Javi’s coping mechanism with arranged marriage (or maybe I’m digging up treasure when there’s none), making MC (and maybe the player as well) hate them back so the marriage won’t happen, which, depending on player, pushes MC off or makes the attraction of arranged marriage much stronger. What would I like? An apology from Javi for previous behavior (the interrupted speech on Rosario’s wedding and school’s first weeks). Disregard previous statement if the scene exists but I haven’t seen it.
I haven’t seen all scenes with Javi to get the full picture (haven’t romanced them exclusively yet) at the moment of writing this comment, so I’d like to apologise in advance if I’m making too much assumptions. (I feel like a Canadian after typing this)


That’s very helpful, and no need for apologies! (Though I well know the urge to do so :laughing:)


Javi behavior make me wanna steal their bodyguards and wooe them lol

Not really. I mean if someone push you while walking past you, do you think ‘Oh they seem interesting even if they are a bit of a jerk!’…

I find them a bit juvenile. In comparison to Blaise that is.

Hm, actually the part if I recall where Javi say something along the line of ‘No smoochies, sorry aint my thing’ was a wet Blanket lol

I was like ‘Then pray tell what do we do in this romance? just bicker endlessly?’ :rofl:

well…it does beat debating endlessly…I grant you that lol

Do you provide Tylenol for the incoming headache though? :grin:

I find the MC too sweet in the path of ‘Let’s not quarrel and be friends’. Meaning, after reading your previous work with Blaise. I would’ve though you would have gone for something else.

Add to that, I wouldn’t call Javi a Mean one. More like Loud Obnoxious twit, with a chip on their shoulder and a butthurt that is bigger than their bodyguard bossom :joy:

I don’t know if it is possible. But maybe Javi could be that Rival instead of the Mean one.

It just doesn’t feel like a mean character. Like I said, at least not in my book.

They are more like the pretentious wanna-be cheerleader who wants attention no matter what you do or say.

So even when you ignore them, they are still in the background with a megaphone.

Maybe to you, Javi is mean lol want my handbook of what mean feel like? Beware, it is nightmares inducing lol

I’m still waiting for someone to write one of those rivals that are positive. (besides me that is lol)

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I’ve played only a bit from the beginning, so I don’t know what happens later in the story, but I just adored playing MC who refused to take Javi’s bait.


Are our MC going to meet or mention the first MC?

Since the first thing this game asks if you say you’ve played CdlC is what your character’s name was, it stands to reason that they must be able to make an appearance at some point.