Royal Affairs Dev Diary and Discussion - out now! (Spoilers Within)

Ha! I feel like Dominique might be the most puglike, being goofy and inquisitive…? But I think Beaumont is possibly the least puglike being quite aloof/sometimes prickly/independent so take from that what you will!

I take no credit for including height, haha! I put it in after someone mentioned that they didn’t like Asher always being taller than them (originally it was just Asher Is A Lot Taller Than you and they pointed out that it would feel weird if they were imagining themselves as very tall, then Asher would be a giant!). Although it wasn’t something I originally thought of at the start, I do like being able to mention little things like characters leaning up or down for hugs, etc.


Are you looking for beta testers yet?

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I’m guessing that will happen after draft revision

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It shouldn’t be long now! I’ll post on this thread when the big testing push starts and there will be a “looking for testers” post on the main forum page too :sparkles:


I have played the demo a few times now. Surprisingly, I have never tried to romance Asher, despite royalxguard being one of my favorite dynamics (next to same sex couple and their opposite sex best friend). If I’m selected as a beta tester, I might try it.


Aha! I’ve played the demo everyday for about 3 months now - all this while waiting for a longer version of the demo and replaying CdlCr over to look for different outcomes.

I hope Beta testing happens soon, and it happens to all of us who want it.


As promised, I’m posting here that beta testing has started! I’m very excited for it to get rolling!


Just applied :+1:


Are these characters suppose to be Archambault students? They have red ties. I thought red was Gallatin’s color.


That’s my fault for using confusing wording when sending a description - I’ve let folks know and it should get revised, though as it’s the holidays I don’t have a timeframe on that :smile:

Edit: I’ve seen the revised version and it is SO. BEAUTIFUL.


Haha sent mine when i saw XD


Congrats Hannah! That’s a great step. I can’t dedicate the time right now (half my team at work just left) but I hope you get a wonderful crew of beta readers.


@Sade98 how exciting! Thank you!

@furyleika thank you so much, I’m thrilled and I hope it goes well (and I hope your work calms down soon, eek!)


Saw the Beta Testing announcement right now, hopefully they include me and can contribute something to the whole thing.

This project has always been ambitious and exciting, it can only go up Hannah!

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Hello @HannahPS! I’m delighted to say that I’m going to be beta testing this game. I’m so excited to return to the world of Crème de la Crème and Noblesse Oblige where I have spent so many lovely hours this year.

A couple of questions:

  1. Is there anything specific at this point you want us to look into or focus on? What can I do to make my feedback as useful to you as possible?

  2. Is there any intention of setting up a save system that would transfer data from Crème de la Crème?


Hello, thank you so much and I’m so thrilled that you’ll be playtesting! At the moment there aren’t plans for a save import and the quiz/randomisation at the beginning is how to do it, but I can chat with staff about other options.

I’ve had a few reports in already which have told me that there are definitely continuity errors going on (it gets very complicated at points) which I’ll sort out ASAP. I think at this stage it would be good to play “naturally” as you would normally at first, and then try paths that seemed interesting from that playthrough. What would be really helpful as well are paths where you change your mind about things, especially swapping from one romance route to another or changing your mind about how you’re dealing with a plot point partway through to check that the story hangs together in those circumstances.


All right, I can definitely do that. I often like to play characters that develop over the course of a story, so that’ll be a lot of fun. (I’ve actually been known to play really erratic characters sometimes for continuity testing purposes, especially when a beta goes on for a long time.)

Do you happen to know the final word count for this game? The original post says 250K; is that still roughly accurate? Knowing about how long it is sometimes helps me plan ahead. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m so sorry, I hadn’t updated the post in a while so it’s actually about 380K now! When I checked the first beta build Randomtest, it calculated about 70K playthrough length.


I was so happy to get a bunch of emails through from people this afternoon! It’s very exciting that this is all getting going - this stage is so intense and surreal. Even more surreal is that it’s the holidays and so there’s a lot of other things going on too, ahaaa!

I’m going to be being a broken record for the next month and I’ve emailed people to say so individually, but I really, really appreciate people’s help in getting the game the best it can be. It’s the best Hearthlight gift I could have! :sparkles::sparkling_heart::snowman_with_snow:

Edit: as a heads up, the old demo will be coming down today now that the beta testing has got started, so everything is up to date and in one place. As above, thank you so much to everyone who has played and supported this game through its long journey - the game would not be what it is without you. :heart:


Has something gone wrong with the game? I was really enjoying playing the demo one minute ago and enjoying all the little details you added, but then when I clicked to the next page, it showed me a

Not Found

The requested URL was not found on this server.

Apache/2.4.52 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 443

There goes my Linzona Theatre run! :frowning:

I see your note on how the old demo will be going down today - was still able to access it normally without realising, until I got to the part about talking to the playwright T_T

I’m so sorry about that unfortunate timing! it won’t be long until the full thing is released, nice and polished up!

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