Royal Affairs Dev Diary and Discussion - out now! (Spoilers Within)

The playthroughs are like chips, you can never just do one lol

@HannahPS my Playthrough just froze when I was encouraging my horse to work for a treat
I can’t select anything now and will probably have to restart the whole thing over again
This is the error I got
Error: worldstate line 1995: Non-existent variable ‘ralowstat’

Game: royalaffairs
Scene: worldstate
Line: 1995

Correction I was able to refresh my browser and it jumped me to this part

The weeks continue, and your classes roll onward. You do find yourself struggling to keep up with the others in class sometimes; it’s not always easy to bring the right answer to mind before someone else does.


That sounds like an update issue - that variable was added during the last update so it may be that your startup file hadn’t updated or the cache hadn’t cleared, or similar. That “weeks continue” bit is the next thing that should follow after the pet scene in Chapter 3. I’ll investigate a bit more to check on my end but I think it should be OK going forward.

The thing you emailed about is definitely a bug though, and I’ll have it fixed for Monday :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve really enjoyed beta’ing this game
Going to have Royal Affairs withdrawal until the game is released lol
I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product


After playing it nine times, I don’t mind a bit of a break - but I’ll be excited all over again when it comes out and I get to watch other people discover it. :blush:


Dang it, these comments already give it the Mega Man X2 or X3 effect (if Noblesse Oblige is this universe’s counterpart to X2). Then I’ll try to see if I can do this universe’s counterpart to X4. (here’s hoping that it won’t turn out like X6 or worse still, X7)

Edit: Congratulations @HannahPS ! A job well done. Looking forward to the actual game itself! (BTW, Maverick Hunter is still in pre-WIP., though. It’s going to be like that for a long time.)

And that’s a wrap! I am so, so pleased with how the game’s turned out and am immensely appreciative of all the feedback, both on demo and during beta. I worked out that the size of the finished game has more than tripled since the public demo! I really hope you all enjoy it when release time rolls around :sparkling_heart:


Thank you for making it such a joy to give feedback, first of all by telling an amazing story, but also by being so receptive and appreciative and all-around awesome. You’ve outdone yourself with Royal Affairs - it’s everything I loved about Crème de la Crème but emotionally richer and combining slice-of-life excellence with a better-constructed through-plot. It’s going to be huge, and it’s going to deserve every bit of its success. I’m looking forward to some great discussions when it comes out. And I’m looking forward even more to whatever you do next.


Thank you so much for your kind comments and also for all your help during beta! I’m really looking forward to spreading my wings for whatever comes next!


I vote for an interactive adaptation of Mathieu Avenarius.


The game is going to break so many grounds for COG, it also truly connected me with the world of Westerlin(the eye to detail was much greater than Noblesse Oblige and the characters felt more real and sympathetic) even more than Creme de la creme, past extensions did the job but Royal Affairs really promises a bright future of expansions for Hannah’s fictional world.

Congratulations and indeed you have made me a true fan of your work!


@eldensalkeld thank you so much, I am really proud of how I’ve developed over time and what I’ve learned. It’s definitely been a long and sometimes tough journey but I’m pleased with the result. Each time I make something I learn so much from it!

@AletheiaKnights picture the “don’t tempt me” Gandalf gif here :rofl:

The future ideas I currently have are in the Creme de la Creme universe with light references to previous games where applicable, though not as directly related as Royal Affairs where it’s set in the same place. I’m looking forward to refining them further or trying something different - probably still in the Creme universe regardless, because it feels like a comfortable space for me and there are a lot more potential stories there.

Interestingly, with one of the concepts I was poking around with, I ended up realising that the idea worked better as a book. Maybe one day that’ll happen! though I haven’t written linear fiction in any major way for years.


If you do write a linear fiction book please let us know cause I would definitely buy it.

And I’m looking forward to reading your future works in the crème de La crème universe.


Haha royal affairs is so awsome i loved testing it (and squeled seeing the email)

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Congratulations, Hannah! I can’t wait to come back to Westerlin when it releases.


Sounds so much like a response to Delacroix at the end of CdlC. Lol!

I can’t wait for RA to top the charts!

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I wrote a little prose story today about Fabien, Estell and Georges, the MC’s late father, at their university graduation and I don’t know if or when I’ll share it, and it was quite nice to do something just for myself, but I really enjoyed it and it helped me figure out some things about their relationship. It’s mostly the kind of thing I don’t have the brain space to do while drafting, so it was lovely to take some time on!


Ooh that sounds really interesting, I would definitely enjoy reading it if you ever decide to post the prose.

Yay, more backstory about the protagonist! I like it when we have more lore.

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A lot of Heart’s Choice games have bonus stories - maybe Royal Affairs could too?


I would consider it! I’d need to do more research to see the sorts of things that are available - I haven’t read the extra stories that have been written for the Heart’s Choice games so I’d want to get more of an idea of the length people expect, what (if any) interactivity there is, etc.

I want to write something small about Janna, Max’s older sister from Creme, but I haven’t decided what exactly that is yet. Fay told me to write something about Pascal so maybe I’ll do something about him sometime, or the Creme teachers :smile: