Royal Affairs Dev Diary and Discussion - coming March 30!

@Sujan_Dhakal Ha! I think some people do care, but I’ll see how it goes…

A little update today - I’m working on Chapter 8 at the moment, which is the Verdancy holidays. I’m currently at 187,444 words total which I’m very pleased with! For those keeping track, that’s bigger than Blood Money was at this stage, and will most likely end up bigger than Asteroid Run (it will not be bigger than Creme de la Creme was at Chapter 8 unless something very unnerving happens, because Creme is gargantuan). It’s also approx 49,329 words playthrough length so I’m getting towards officially being novel length to read!


This is great! Glad you’re making good progress! I can’t wait to play the next demo when it comes out!


Congrats! So much content I am loving reading this sequel as it evolves. If it does not spoil much, can we expect more poly options in the future? And on that topic setting wise, are poly marriages a thing?


I’m so glad, thank you so much! I’ll put the polyamorous options under the spoiler blur:

* You can be in a triad with Beaumont and Trevelyan

* You can be with Beaumont or Trevelyan or Javi plus Dominique (where none of the three are romantically interested in Dominique, but both partners are interested in the protagonist)

In Westerlin plenty of people are polyamorous, and some people may have non-legally-binding marriages containing more than two people, but polyamorous marriages aren’t legal. In the neighbouring country of Jezhan (where my other in-progress game Noblesse Oblige is set), polyamorous marriages are legal, and possibly in Teran too though I haven’t totally pinned that down yet (Teran is a major national power in the setting, but is pretty far away from Westerlin, Zaledo and Jezhan and in the current time period Westerlin is cautiously cordial with their government).


And this is great, because now I don’t have to pick between my two ROs of choice! :blush:


My dream of a Rosario+ Max poly still alive


So no chance of MC/Asher/Hyacinthe? After the performance the way Asher fangirls over Hyacinthe is adorable, I really want to see something come of it, but then Hyacinthe is also pretty adorable too - I really can’t decide


No, I’m afraid not! You’ll still have some time to make the decision though, it’s not until chapter 6 that the Asher/Hyacinthe romance can start off properly.


Awww, oh well. As much as I like Asher, I think it’s gotta be Hyacinthe. Their scenes so far remind me of an interview LeVar Burton did with Nichelle Nichols and Mae Jemison. Mae Jemison was fangirling over Nichelle Nichols (who played Uhura on Star Trek) and how much of an inspiration she was to black women everywhere, and Nichelle Nichols was fangirling just as hard back, since Mae Jemison is an actual astronaut, Nichelle Nichols just played one on TV.

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Really happy that my MC can be with both Javi and Dominique also quite unexpected to hear about Westerlin’s polyamorous acceptance paint me interested the worldbuilding behind the game is even better than I thought.

Learning about details such as these only make the whole setting more enticing.


Well, since Remy’s had her turn in Créme De La Créme, Riese has been estatic to put her…classy spin on the series. :smirk:

Riese smirks behind her wine as Remy flips me the bird in mild annoyance. :roll_eyes:

You know it’s true, Remy. Don’t even bluff on that front. :joy:


I’m really happy that creme de la creme has some sort of continuation. I played the demo and i really like it so far. I really like having Javi as any enemies to lovers trope. I look forward for M/C to have more lines teasing Javi.


A non-foolish update!

I’m really pleased to say that I’ve drafted Chapters 7 and 8, and I’m now sitting on a draft that’s 205,000 words long! It’s about 52K to play through currently, which I’m so pleased with - that’s around a 175 page book.

I’ve also updated the Royal Affairs demo to include all of Chapter 4, which puts the demo at 116,000 words. Please enjoy, and as ever I greatly appreciate any feedback you have!


Nice to hear about that


Well, my laptop fried a couple of weeks ago, so I’m replaying it all!

This should be “compliment”, not “complement”.

“gondolas”, not “gondalas”

If (IF) I understand waht’s going on here correctly, I have to say I don’t like it - I THINK the only way to make people respond approvingly to your choice in this is to have the right personality traits for each choice, meaning you’re forced to either pick an option you don’t like or eat disapproval - I think there should be more options for each stance, so more personality types could take them. Alternatively, maybe it could otherwise be tied to the political choices you’ve made so far, with Javi remarking on whether that’s consistent with your usual stance or not.

And then the demo is over, so question: do you only have the option to interact with one party at the… party? Because I’d have liked to interact with Beaumont (favoured RO, even if you can’t work on the poly because Trevelyan isn’t present, for obvious reasons), but Javi comes to fetch you for what seems to be an urgent important matter (turns out it’s not, goddamn you Javi) with Rosario so it’s hard to turn her down.


Thank you so much for the notes! Complement is what I intended, as in adding to/completing Hyacinthe’s technique.

That makes a lot of sense! I’ll have a look at branching that out so it’s not so restrictive.

That is right! I think I’ll see about clarifying the sense of time, so that it doesn’t come as a surprise. I would like it to feel like a time management/character preference decision for the MC but don’t want to blindside the player.


Oh, I don’t think it’s unclear, I was just wondering if there were more interactions at the party planned for after the demo ends. Well, guess when I go for the “real” playthrough I’m leaving Javi to fend for herself, cos Beaumont is an option and she’s the Achiever in this game. Sucks to be you, Javi.


I encountered a bug here it won’t let me move past the choices on this section.

Sure enough, the next morning sees the arrival of your sausage dog Ollie during the night, and Fabien too, early in the morning. When you go out to check on Ollie in the kennels, Fabien is there too, grooming his long-haired hound, Pierre.

He nods amiably to you as you enter. Despite his long blue greatcoat and fur hat, he looks much the same as he did when you last saw him: a lightly-built man around your mother’s age, with pale skin and carefully-combed brown hair. Smile-lines deepen around his gray eyes as he grins at you.

Seneschal Fabien’s been a part of your life since before you can remember; as your mother’s oldest friend, he’s practically an uncle, though he’s always insisted that he’s too young to be called such a thing. In the strange dizzy months after your father’s death, he was around to fuss over Oliver—just a baby, then—and occupy the three of you during the times while your mother was too busy or too sad to be there.

When I had trouble with my tutorial work, he helped out.
He told me stories until I fell asleep when it was hard to settle.
When my favorite toy fell apart, he mended it.

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Thank you very much for this! I’ll have a look through to see what’s going on. Can I check whether this was from loading a save slot before version 4.54 (where the first half of Chapter 4 was uploaded), or was it a new playthrough?

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It was from a previous load so that’s probably why. I didn’t think about that :sweat_smile:

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