Rosebud Prep (WIP) 18+ (Follow Progress in Description)


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Rosebud Prep is a story oriented choice of formatted game. The entire game (even the title) is subject to change, right now I just want to get a feel for how I want the story to go. Feedback is extremely helpful as this is my first choice of novel.

This game is mature and offensive, there are currently sexual themes, underage drug use, and swearing. There will be sex, offensive slurs, and other mature themes in the full game.

You will be able to pick your character’s sex, hair and eye color, and sexual orientation. As of right now, there isn’t much you can do with your character, but I plan to let you choose your character’s race, religion, etc. Your character will be able to romance other characters, but the possible romanceable characters will depend on their sex and orientation.

The game is less than a tenth of the way done. It may be a little rushed, I wanted to get this demo out as soon as I could.

Now for the actual plot. The game takes place in the year 2039, you are a 12-year-old who has been chosen to go to Rosebud Prep, a school in Briarwood, the educational capital of the world. Only the best and brightest go to a Briarwood school. There is just one problem, Rosebud Prep is a remedial school. Rosebud Prep is your best chance to get into college so you decide to go. There, you meet characters like Arin, a friendly student whose personality seems to change every time you meet with him, Marco, a brute who is always up for a fight, Aria, one of the popular girls who seems nice. Throughout the story, you will make a name for yourself, learn the rules of the school, and make new friends or enemies and possibly, romances.

READ: If you don’t want to read about a bunch of 12-year-olds talking about sex, drinking, or swearing, you DO NOT want to read this. Like I said, the game’s offensive.

3/24/16: Added a scene, added 3 love interests, options for a vulgar character.
4/4/16: Minor grammar fixes, easier to notice perspective changes.
4/30/16: Went back to dropbox hosting, effects added.
5/12/16: Bug fixes

Demo 3/18/16 1:02:
Demo 3/18/16 7:53:
Demo 3/24/16:
Demo 4/4/16:
(If the one above doesn’t work)
Demo 4/30/16:
Demo 5/12/16:


Q: Can you please change the character’s age?
A: If I did, the majority of the story I planned won’t work. (For a more detailed explanation, see my reply to @Lycoris)

Q: Why isn’t there an explanation provided for the school’s existence, ethics, etc.
A: I have one in mind, it’s just not written in yet.

Q: I don’t feel that the game is realistic, especially for these characters’ age.
A: There may be something wrong on my part, then. Many situations in the game are based off of my own personal experiences from when I was that age.


Sounds interesting. A journey through school and self-discovery.


I like what you have so far, seems interesting and definitely feels fresh among the usual WIPs we see.


I love the story, but when I get to the Stats screen and click on a option, it says it couldn’t find the scene.


Oops, sorry I guess I forgot to add that in the startup screen. I’ll get to that right away.


I’m not sure if CoG can host a game with this many profanities. That being said, I really like where this is going.

Also, when we get to the section where we can explore, I would disable some of the options.


Yeah, that was one of my concerns. I guess I’m just going to host the game myself if I’m able. I also didn’t know how to use the disable feature when I did that I’ll try doing that right now.


Great story, but I found a couple of errors (and I forgot to copy-paste them)
I plated a female character and chose that I liked my crush because of her strength, it goes onto the next page and says him.


Sorry about that, I fixed that and it’ll say her when I post the next update.


Interesting use of perspectives. Kinda confusing but great insight.

Your missing a few stat files; the relationships and others after that all gave me errors when I tried accessing them,

You should develop the scenes a bit more they are fun to read :smile_cat:


Thank you, I’m fleshing out the scenes a little more right now I kind of needed a skeleton of the scenes I wanted. The stat files will be there in the next update.


one other thing… i chose to like sniper rifles but it seems I don’t have one at all… another thing to develop :smile_cat:


Will the MC get older through game? (it was probably stated already and I just missed it)

Its just a bit odd that you say their will be sex but the MC is so young… The age for the MC seems a pit weird for this entire setting actually.

its an interesting start though and I look forward to see where this goes


found this little thing:

It wasn’t too risky to like him, tolerance for gay people spiked during the 2020s. You made your move and kissed her.

I chose female person to like, so… either it’s had a sex change or that isn’t suppose to happen


Likening this at the moment keep up the good work


One of the major points in the game is the character, who is so young is thrown into a place where such adult situations happen. The main character will get older and I don’t plan for them to do anything extremely bad until 9th grade.


refer to SheaMcD’s comment



When you say ‘not the most inclusive,’ do you mean that there are NPCs and scenarios with discrimination, or that there are limits on how the reader can build a character? For example, there’s no in-between for city kid or farm kid. What about sheltered suburbanites or army brats who move around a lot? There are a couple of other choice boxes, like the gender and music ones, that raise questions for me. You mentioned this was a rush thing - maybe it’s a timesaver to restrict the coding to male and female? And are the music choices there just to go along with the setting and characters’ ages, or do they make more of a difference in the story itself?

Looking forward to improvements in future edits.


Right now I’m focusing on how the characters think of the main character. Yes, there will be racist, sexist, and homophobic NPCs which adds realism to the game. I may add new options for how you build your character but right now I’m still trying to get a feel for the game’s world. The music choices are more directed toward whether the characters like you more or less. Restricting the coding to male and female makes it much easier and that’s one of the big reasons I put that.


Also - before I forget, there was a brand name of cologne that should have been capitalized, but I don’t know if using the brand is going to trigger copyright issues. Someone with more experience than myself could address that issue better.