Roots (Mythology WIP) - Updated 1/18/2019



Great start so far! I’m really interested in the setting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game set in Hawaii and honestly, for how little I know of the culture and its mythology, I’m super stoked to read more!

It’s a very interesting mix of Chinese, Japanese and native Hawaiin culture - one I can’t wait to see you develop. Do you plan on incorporating myths and legends from all three cultures? If I’m not mistaken, kitsunes are Japanese folklore, right?

Also, I really liked Misao’s introduction. For some reason, I can’t resist bickering with him :smile: Looking forward to future interactions with him, just to see if I can manage to break that stoic/detached facade of his.

(The cover art is gorgeous btw. Kudos to the artist!)


The more I read about Luis, the more I like him. If it’s not too spoilery, will we meet him soon? I love a mischievous boy with a soft side for animals :black_heart:


Just tried the demo and it’s awesome :ok_hand: Misao is cute. She’s very intriguing :thinking:


I’m planning on focusing on Japanese and Hawaiian mythology to start, but the plan is to explore a bunch of different mythologies which may or may not include Chinese mythology!

Louis will be the last RO introduced, I’m sorry to say :confounded: I’m really excited to get to the part of the story where I get to introduce him!!! .

@James-Lewis Also I’m really glad you like the game and Misao so far!! :grinning:


I do like it a lot :smiley: Can’t wait for more of Misao :heart_eyes:


Ah, that’s alright! Misao is more than enough right now. Plus, good things came to those who wait. :relaxed:


You liar! I can see you are not ‘Deers’ … You are ‘Peaches’.:sweat_smile:
I just learned to quote… this is my first quote.


May i ask for an option to ask misao to go home
Just to change
Meeting people with soaked clothes not good first impression
And we going meet a god looking like … something

“Ill go with you. However ill go home, take a shower and change my clothes first.” :face_with_monocle:



But that’s the thing with first impressions, you only make them once and for better or worse you don’t usually get a do-over. Besides Misao is a bad and naughty foxboi with a fashion sense that is about 1000 years out of date. So I think we’re reasonably safe.

My mc’s main concern is that apparently he needs that same uniform pressed and spotless for his next dreadful day of work. My mc just wants to go home, wash his uniform and sleep, not be prepared to become a ritual sacrifice for some ancient Japanese demon thing. (Or at least that’s what my mc is guessing, I know he’s wrong, but my poor mc doesn’t have my meta knowledge. :grin: ).

Still, if you choose a really good-looking mc it might make some sort of twisted sense to ask for this.

By the way @peaches is the mc’s reaction to their own looks “a face only a mother could love” just a sign of a really low self-esteem (and for my gay teen possibly more due to being poor and bullied in high school) or is it a real stat that truly determines if the mc is actually objectively “hot/sexy” or “ugly”? :thinking:


Mc is the guy who does not give a f
Hes just going with the flow

But the way the clothes cling to the body might be very annoying
And catching a cold would be kind bothersome so a shower


Also after spending so much time waiting for the fcking bus to come and getting drenched all he wants is to go to bed

Wow that like was fast :hushed:


Very much agreed. Which is also why my mc is hardly in the best of moods with Fox-boy.


I would also like the option to ask. Even if I think Misao will not accede.

I also questioned this. I wanted to pick the low self-esteem option because it would fit with my character, but I was afraid my MC would be literally uh… not aesthetically pleasing.

Yeah, maybe just affect Misao’s relationship.


What i suggestd
Would most likely be a fake choice


For the face thing
I think it was stated somewhere its just the way to determine how mcs perceives themselves.


I would have picked deers if the name was available :yum:

Sure! I don’t mind adding the choice to ask to change, but Misao will probably reject your offer like @Anathema said.

That’s correct. It’s how MC perceives themselves.


Which is why I asked, I kinda want to pick this option (assuming it is self-esteem issues), but not if that means the mc really might want/need serious plastic surgery. On the other hand we’re a waiter, they tend not to hire the really aesthetically different teens for that. Nerdy, yes, lanky (or short), yes, but you notice on closer examination that most are at least average.

That’s cleared up then. It has very little, if anything to do with the mc’s actual face (bone/structure) or physique then.


@peaches @Anathema
Your profile pics… hmmm… I’m guessing the two of you are members of a secret masked assassin organization?

Coincidence? I think not




Fixed! It’ll be live with the next update!


If we were… do you really think we would tell you?

Also, to stay on topic:

Yay! That means I can still be a gorgeous waitress with some self-esteem issues. Hopefully Louis will help my MC improve that :eyes:


Off topic…but…
One is beautiful woman
Other one is cute girl


Hi! I came to gush.

I love your writing style. It immediately drew me in. The atmosphere you create is magical, it reminds me of a Studio Ghibli movie. Just like you I’m a fan of urban fantasy. I like that there seems to be a focus on Japanese folklore (kitsune are one of my fav mythological creatures).
And Misao is :heart_eyes:
Also the artwork is beautiful.
When I read the premise of the story I wondered if you have read American Gods because it gave me that vibe and found on tumblr you really did :grin:
Keep up the great work!