Roots (Mythology WIP) - Updated 1/18/2019



@peaches Not sure if this question was asked or not, but how do I get on the bus? The option is greyed out for me…


Thanks foxboi!! I’m so glad that you like my game so far :’)

Teasing Misao seems to be a popular past time around here :joy:

This chapter branches significantly leading to whole new characters and scenes. At the moment I’m only writing the first option where you choose to go with Misao. Once that branch is finished, then I will begin work on the option where you choose to go home :slight_smile:


Oooooooooooh, that makes a lot of sense! Frankly, I just thought I was making the wrong choices :sweat_smile:


That’s totally understandable! Maybe I should include a note when you come to that part that explains the branch is closed off for the time being.


Good work so Dar I can’t wait to see what comes next.


Added the note in, thanks for bringing it up @VioletHikari :slight_smile:

Should be fixed now! Let me know if the changes break anything else.


roots to me is good story


@Takashi_Shin and @Nomad33810

Thank you for taking the time to read and I’m glad you’re enjoying the wip so far!

Also, the poll has been closed! Thank you everyone who voted! If you still want to participate and have not had the chance to vote, please PM me.

Thanks and I hope you all had a good New Years. :slightly_smiling_face:


Cover art has been added to the first post! :smiley:


This one seems off to a promising start. Though my mc doesn’t quite trust fox-boy even if fox-boy’s human form is the sexiest guy he’s ever known. Or maybe it’s exactly because of that. :thinking:


Hey, you take that back! Foxie locksy is a good foxboi. Sorry not you @Foxboi, I meant Misao…
But yeah, I wouldn’t trust a hot person who shows up and asks random strangers for a pearl that fell out of the sky.


And then wants to shove them through an inter-dimensional portal/singularity/worm hole? Don’t forget that part, as it seems foxboi might be preparing us as some sort of ritual sacrifice for some ancient Japanese god/demon thing? :japanese_goblin:
So, yeah once it is available my mc might well choose the “fleeing for home branch” though that’ll trap us in Hawaiian mythology instead, but fortunately my poor mc doesn’t know that bit. Also unlike with Japanese myths and Kitsune I know absolutely nothing about Hawaiian mythology.

He’s doing a pretty poor job of it thus far, according to my mc. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No spoilers but you guys are all very suspicious :joy:
I’ll say that Misao is trying to be genuine but other things you might meet on the way… less so.

The funny thing is that Misao would probably agree with you but they’re trying!


gasps I-I’m n-not a good f-foxboi??? ;u; :sob:


That cover art is just spectacular, and gorgeous.


Your artstyle is so home-y. Feels kind of sad, but familiar. Like nostalgia I guess. A journey back home kind of vibe.


Good point and well presented. :grinning: Put into words what I was befuddled about regarding it.

Love it. Both the art and your description, that is. :heart:


I’m so glad that you all like the cover art! However, I wasn’t the one who drew it! My friend @wrathes has that honor.

I’ll make sure to pass on all the nice things you’ve said about the cover to her!


I know. I remember you posting an early draft of the cover a couple weeks ago.


I know that you knew the artist :yum:
Just wanted to let you know I passed the compliment along!