Roots (Mythology WIP) - Updated 1/18/2019



That makes sense!


Glad to see that the issue is fixed. The update itself was short and sweet, gave a tiny hint at an attraction between the two should th MC be so inclined.


Misao sure is something!:heart_eyes: Definitely can’t wait to read more.


Glad you enjoyed it even though it was so short! My goal is to not update until the branch is completely finished for this chapter.

Thank you! Misao’s route is definitely going to have some twists and turns for all of you that decide to romance them :hugs:

Also I just wanted to let anyone who’s interested, that I’m having in-character asks every Friday on my tumblr starting today. I already got a couple of good questions in and I’d be glad to answer more!


No doubt about it. As shifty as Kitsune’s are supposed to be, he makes it hard. And that flirt scene though…sold.

Drew another RO last night

This is Louis! He hasn’t been introduced to the story quite yet.


I am really looking forward to meeting Louis. He seems really fun, at least based on the questions you answered on tumblr.

  • Yes, I am interested in private testing!
  • No, I am not interested in private testing.

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As always, thanks for reading and please tell me what you think!


I’m going to keep the poll open for at least two more days, but it seems like the majority is swinging towards wanting to participate in private testing :grinning:

If you are interested please pm me, so I know for certain who to add!

My only requirement is for you to please tell me in your pm your thoughts so far on the demo. This way I know what type of feedback to expect from you.

Cheers and Happy New Year :tada:


I also just wanted to clarify that the purpose of the poll is just to see who is interested in becoming a private tester!

It doesn’t mean that I’m ready to close the wip off completely! The public demo will still be getting updated for all to see, just at a slower pace with more content like a completed branch/chapter.

I just wanted to clear that up since some people were asking me about that in my DMs. :slight_smile:


Cool stuff! I’m excited to see what comes next.


“I am not sure myself,” Misao admits in a strained voice, “I was in the process of making the delivery to the rightful owner, a decedent of one of my master’s priests, and the pearl forced itself out of my grasp. I thought that something or someone extremely powerful must have taken it from me.”





Hey, I haven’t read through this completely yet but I’m not sure I have time to atm so I just wanted to point out one quick nit pick, which is that it seems a little odd from a demographic perspective to have two clearly haole last names, one Japanese, and one Hawaiian, but no Chinese. Like I said, just a nit pick for now. Seems interesting!


@Bloodraven and @Bokeh
I’ll patch that in real quick!

Fair point, I can change one of the last names real quick and maybe add more default ones while I’m at it too.

Edit: Both things have been updated.


How is the romance going to be if mc is still in highschool? All the ros are waaaaay older


Good Question!

Anela will always be the same age as MC and Louis is pretty sure he’s only existed for a year or so.


I may not be able to participe in private testing due to time, but will still be checking up to give feedback, because i love anything that involves mythology and by your summary we will be seeing other mythologies (people only remember Nordic and greek) and that is a very interesting thing, how they can coexist with each other and i already love the grumpy Kitsune so catch me romancing the hell out of them.


There are a couple of things that do not really make sense.

When they reach the area with the haiden, the pool, etc. the MC is given the option to donate because Misao is upset it is in such disrepair. However, the MC knows how Misao feels whether they ask about the haiden (which tells the MC their opinion) or not (which does not lead to Misao telling them).

Continuing this, if you do not ask about the haiden and learn it is the worship hall, the MC will still remark that calling it a hall is strange given the size when they actually enter.

In summary, there is no way for the MC to know that Misao is upset about the shrine, nor know what it really is unless they ask about the haiden.


Good points, I’ll make sure to account for MC’s who skip these questions when I get home from work!


I’m always still disappointed whenever the demo ends XD. It’s nice to see more content after I beta-tested the first half and I can wholeheartedly say that it’s some good extra content. Nice to see you implement that sarcastic/tease choice I recommended at the bridge scene, it really is fun to tease Misao XD

As always, I can’t wait to play more of this amazing story in the future deers!