Roots (Mythology WIP) - Updated 1/18/2019



Ahhhh! I knew about that typo and I thought I got rid of them all :unamused:

I will fix that right now and I’m glad you’re enjoying what I have so far!


Hey all I was feeling artsy today :joy:

Have some Misaos

Reveal the art!


That actually looks pretty good. Do you have plans to do some art of them in their fox form?


I’ll be real, I’m not the best at drawing animals but maybe someday!


As someone from Maui, it’s always fun to see Hawai’i represented! And gotta love the stereotype that pineapple = Hawaiian food haha. So, I have a couple of observations if you don’t mind:

  • while you’re waiting for the bus, you’re trying to get home to the “city center”, not “center city”
  • foxes are not seen in Hawai’i, at all, so seeing some random fox come out of the trees would certainly be approached with much surprise and concern. I didn’t see my first fox until I was visiting family in Maryland and was both overcome by its cuteness and wary about diseases and potential aggressiveness, gotta love learning from tv
  • during Misao’s reveal, you doubled up on the pikake flower branch/hairpin illusion

Other than that, really well written! I could really go for some loco moco and right now though…


I’m really glad that you’re enjoying what I have so far and I’ll make sure to make changes based off your suggestions!

Like I said to @Leda, if you find I’m misrepresenting something, or something isn’t quite true please make sure to tell me and I’ll do my best to fix it.

For the bit about the foxes, I do know that foxes aren’t native to Hawaii and I’m going to address that in the next update.

Again thank you for taking an interest in my game!

Just looked this up and I’m like… legit making this tonight. It looks right up my alley.


I can’t wait to see the update, and I’m always happy to teach the world about loco moco! Hahaha


Well good news then because I’m planning on having chapter one posted by the end of tonight! :’)


Next chapter is gonna be one of the first big branches where the story will divurge!
The plan will probably be to complete one branch, publish it, and then work on the other in the meantime.

Anyway, thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Another little mini update for today!


Really enjoyed the latest update.

Glad to see a reluctant hero path and quite enjoyed the interactions between the fox and the MC

Cannot wait to see where this goes


Thank you! Messages like this really help inspire me to keep going!

I’m probably going to do another update tonight just for minor things that are bothering me. Now that I haven’t been staring at the code for hours I noticed a bunch of mistakes :sob:


Okay, okay, had to calm my shit with the fox lady update…


What do you mean :joy:


I got hyped for some reason…

I look forward to the rest of the game


Hawaiian mythology? And Japanese mythology? And Kitsune? Oh fuck the hell yes am I following this WIP.


:smiley: I’m super excited to be able to share this story with you all! It’s been floating around in my head in some form or another for a while now. I even wrote a little proto-version of the first scene for an assignment in a creative writing class.

Everything should be fixed? I hope lol.

I also changed around some stats because I realized it was a little tough to trigger the scary Misao scene.
(hint: have your character be very impulsive and insist that the pearl chose you)


Well I really liked this update. It might be short since I go through every one of them, but it was still entertaining.

I was looking for an option to ask Misao if ypu were crazy or something. Most of the questions were just about getting to know the character.


I’m glad you liked it!

I thought about including a question like that but decided against it, since I have a reaction similiar to that before you ask Misao questions.

If your MC is really adament on not going with or not believing Misao one of the branches will explore that next chapter.


Here’s some more tumblr questions!


I saw some info on the other RO’s on the forum and was wondering if they had set sexuality’s? Also how will romance be handled in this game? Would it be like a Wayhaven/Shadow Society situation where there’s multiple flirting options (shy,bold,etc) or is it something different like one set type of flirting or maybe based on the MC’s personality?

All RO will be available to all MCs!

As for flirting, I think I’m leaning towards an initial flirt dialogue possibly based off a personality variable and then once the romance is triggered there will be different choices like the ones you’re describing that you can pick from.

So I saw that Misao is gender fluid and was wondering how that would work with a gay/lesbian MC? Would they be okay with MC only being romantic when their appearing as their preference or would that not be okay with them? I’m really sorry if this comes off as rude but I’m not really familiar with gender fluid people so I’m a little confused.

They would understand and wouldn’t mind much. Misao sees themselves as a kitsune before anything else. To them, how they present when they are human is just a stylistic choice. If they want to be intimate they wouldn’t mind presenting as to what you would prefer because they like you and want you to like them too.

In short, it’s something like this:


Credit to for the awesome comic :slight_smile:

Also before I start writing Chapter 2, I was wondering which branch would you guys like to see me work on first. Options are vague because of spoilers, but I want to see which choice interests more people before devoting my time to writing.

If you want a rough idea of what to expect: Going with Misao would focus more on Japanese Mythology and staying home introduces Hawaiian mythology to the mix.

  • Go!
  • Stay Home!

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As always thanks for taking the time to read :slight_smile: