Roots (Mythology WIP) - Small Update 12/2/2019

Thank you guys for finding that! I just forgot to upload the correct file into dashingdon lol

Hopefully, it should work now


it works perfectly now! ^^ <3


So good to see you active! :black_heart: Can’t wait to read this new Hawaii route scene :eyes: I will find the secrets that bus lady holds if it’s the last thing my broke, weary, overworked MC will do with her pathetic life.


Thank you for that option author-senpai :tongue: :joy:


Our mc’s life is never going to be “normal” from now on isn’t it? :worried:
Still for my poor mc his life circumstances can pretty much only go up even if there’s lots of demons and other supernatural creatures in it now.

I do hope we can still romance Misao on the Hawaii story path?


Of course you can! Things are just well, a bit more crazy if you choose the Hawaii path, but I promise flirting options will be available!

Just that there’s not much time to flirt when the bus you’re on is about to be driven straight into the ocean


How dangerous are the Gods are they so powerful they can break the whole world or they just spit on you constantly


Gods are as powerful as what the people who believe in them think they are.


so they can break my legs that good


Oh man, this looks so good and I adore your writing style. It flows very well and I feel like I know enough about the world and characters without being distracted by detail. One error I think I found is that when I chose the option saying the MC had no hair, I got this bit of dialogue after finishing the customization process: “You smooth out a strand of hair that’s out of place self-consciously and sigh.” (Pardon me if someone already reported it, I skimmed through the replies and couldn’t find anything!)


Thank you so much for enjoying my wip! I totally forgot about that line and I’ll make sure to make a fix for it as soon as I can!

(Ps thanks for enjoying my writing style :heartpulse: that comment made my day)


I bought statue when I went to Japan this is supposed to give you money! I swear there’s a money God in Roots I’m going to laugh15761103461584687565790291282546|666x500


Those statuettes are supposed to bring good fortune and wealth, though the real question is who is getting all of that - you or the merchant who sold you those. The people who sell those superstitious items probably make a living fooling naive or curious tourists (and other randoms) into thinking those actually do anything… :stuck_out_tongue:

So yeah, it brings wealth, but probably more to the merchant than yourself… :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: In truth this belief probably goes back to the dawn of time, where cats were commonly known to “protect” crops and stored goods from rats and other vermin. The more crops and goods were spared, the more you could sell or use for yourself. Sometimes they would also warn people of danger, like snakes. I guess that’s where the idea of the “lucky cat” came from.


well did not cost lot so to me it keep sake on my days in japan that were good


Geez, I wish I had read this wip sooner. I loved it! Misao is straightforward and dutiful, which I can respect (the fact that he’s cute just makes things worse, on the good sense). It kind of feels like the first chapter and maybe even counting the prologue were shorter compared to the second one, tho that makes a lot of sense, since so many fantastical things happen on the second. I love the way you make *choices, btw!

Here are some things I found:


"Let’s go is missing a " in the end

"Disguise me as a kitsune is missing a " in the end

So yeah, really cool wip! Happy New year! Looking forward to the next update!


I’m so jealous! Which island did you visit? Also thank you so much for enjoying my wip!

Thank you so much for finding those little grammar mistakes! They should be fixed now :heart:
I’m so happy that you enjoyed Misao as a character, and I’m even more happy to hear that you enjoyed the choices that the wip gave you!

To help hype you guys up, here’s one of the characters you might meet next update! I drew the top one a while ago but I forgot to share^^;



I’m so excited to meet Anela, I’m glad to hear that might be sooner rather than later! :eyes:


Don’t know if it’s been brought up in any way, but all three ‘Save’ slots say ‘Error: Bad Slot - Has smPlugin been included?’, and unsurprisingly, I’m unable to save. Otherwise, I really like the game so far!

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