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unsheathes sword It is a fox and I’ll battle you to death!

Full profile pic btw O F T H E F O X



But what about bunny ears?


Bunny ears? Do you guys want Misao to die of embarrassment? :joy:

They’re a very important retainer for a very important god. They have no time to play dress-up!

( personally, I think it would look cute on them :stuck_out_tongue: )


Can’t the mc make a bet with the naughty fox-boy sometime? Should Misao lose:

I mean he’d probably look even cuter as a bunny then as a fox. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :grin: :yum: :smiling_imp:

Then we must make sure they don’t know they’re gonna lose, eh?
We should have made returning the damned pearl depend on it, well too late for that now, I suppose. :man_shrugging:


First rule of being a trickster in mythology and folklore, don’t accept bets that you know you won’t win! If Misao should ever want to dress up in a cute bunny outfit it’s because they want to.

However, they don’t mind putting on a little bit of theatrics in the form of a bet, if it brings a romanced MC excitement.


I tried this for the first time and I greatly enjoy it! Misao is quite charming and I look forward to seeing how they react to the modern world in the future as well as exploring the world! :smiley:


Great WIP so far. I’m looking forward to see more of your world, story and characters. I really like Misao.

I need those bunny ears for Misao! I mean everyone wear them. They’re really trendie!


@The_Black_Reaper and @Bizimo

I’m happy that you two are enjoying the wip so far!

A little bit of a general update: I think I’m going to send off my first round of private testers a link to an updated version of the demo either later today or early tomorrow. This update will add around 3-4k words.

If anyone new who wasn’t able to vote in the previous poll is still interested in becoming a private tester, please let me know in a DM.


Man, it seems I’ve succumbed to Misao’s foxy charms :fox_face:

Things that were awesome:

  1. Learning about Hawaii. Honestly, I’m the type of a reader who skims over descriptions of environment. Couldn’t do the same here, because you pulled me in.

  2. Trading my not so awesome job for hero business. I’m curious how our everyday joe will fit in with the not so regular mythological creatures. Wonder if we can get a god as a rival, without being torn to pieces. Hm.

  3. How you conveyed information. The image of Misao with a fancy fire hologram of their god is just too good.

Other Stuff

Yes, so you know that it is better to be cautious then to take everything at face value.

“It was just a question,” You say innocently, secretly enjoying Misao’s flustered expression.

“It wasn’t a big deal” Your eyes widen with surprise, “All I did was walk over here.”
“It wasn’t a big deal.” Your eyes widen in surprise. “All I did was walk over here.”

Walking down the path in front of you, He motions for you to follow him down the trail

I think there were more words that weren’t supposed to be capitalized. If it would help you, I can try and hunt them down :grin:


When discovering that Misao is a kitsune, there’s an option of playing it cool and introducing yourself.

Then this follows:

“Is something wrong?” You laugh bitterly, tiredly, “Yes. I’d say something’s wrong. There’s an 8 foot tall giant white fox talking to me at the bus stop at 1 in the morning, I found a pearl that fell out of the sky, and I’m just- I’m just so exhausted. I don’t know if any of this is actually happening or not.”

Felt a bit jarring, because my MC was nice/optimistic/patient all the way here and now despite playing it cool, they laughed bitterly. Maybe it could be changed like MC going all “Okay, sorry, I can’t play it cool anymore. Are you seriously a fox, man?”

Also, when choosing to play it cool, there’s only this option

but not the other one, where you can offer the pearl to Misao. Is this intentional?


Hey thanks for the thorough review!

So some of those slight grammar mistakes have been fixed in the updated version but I’ll make sure to take care of the ones I didn’t notice before!

The response that you felt was jarring is triggered by how skeptical vs how much of a believer your MC is. I’m still trying to play with stats so maybe I’ll tweak it a little bit.

The part with only one selection is intentional. Depending on how calculated your MC is, you can ask another question.

If people would like to see both questions despite not being able to select it, it should be an easy enough fix.

Thank you again for the review :grinning:


That makes sense :slight_smile: Thanks for clarifying!

I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us for the future :smiley:



Sorry if this was asked already, but which places/cultures are planning on having the MC experience? :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat as niisan and greatly enjoyed the descriptions of the “mundane” world, even if it’s just daily chores or whatnot! I’ve only traveled out of the country once and traveled out of state more than a handful of times, but each time has stuck with me ever since, especially as I’ve gotten older and can remember more.


@peaches You’re killing me with anticipation.


On my bucket list of things I want to visit are:

Japanese Mythology
Hawaiian Mythology
Native American Mythology
Norse Mythology
Greco-Roman Mythology
Egyptian Mythology
And some others as well!

This is very much going to be a “road trip” sort of story once MC gets the whole gang together :slight_smile:


These are of particular interest to me. The first two because I don’t know enough of them, yet, and the last because it is visited far too seldom (especially compared to Greco-Roman and Egyptian). :relaxed:

So, looking forward to whenever you get to those especially - but I highly suspect that with your writing, I will like anything you put out. :heart:


Misao exposed :fox_face:



Mythology is something that has always fascinated me as a kid so this is all exciting for me! I’m always up for a fun learning experience!

I love how it’s set in Hawaii, I’ve always wanted to go there because my grandparents are currently living there and it’s really cool hearing fun stuff about it. Also, there’s this calming and pleasant feel about your writing that just keeps me focused and really immersed in the story, it feels beautiful. It feels like I’m entering another world and at the same time it feels like I’m at home.

I really like the self-esteem options and how it affects our MCs thoughts! I can’t seem to settle on one main MC because all of the personalities are so much fun to explore and play with. As for Misao, well it goes without saying that I already love them, it’s going to be so fun to tease them and just watch them struggle with modern shenanigans, I also really like the idea of them switching how they present themselves sometimes! And oh, I cannot wait to meet Louis, he seems like fun and I just know I’m going to love him too!

(also p.s. if you’ve got any plans on adding a bit of Philippine myth or folkore in, I might be able to point you to some helpful references? :eyes:)


My name is literally “GOD” First reference. hahahha


Oh wow you’re right? I often see you around and yet I never noticed! Hello kababayan, Filipinos represent! :joy: