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Fixed! It’ll be live with the next update!


If we were… do you really think we would tell you?

Also, to stay on topic:

Yay! That means I can still be a gorgeous waitress with some self-esteem issues. Hopefully Louis will help my MC improve that :eyes:


Off topic…but…
One is beautiful woman
Other one is cute girl


Hi! I came to gush.

I love your writing style. It immediately drew me in. The atmosphere you create is magical, it reminds me of a Studio Ghibli movie. Just like you I’m a fan of urban fantasy. I like that there seems to be a focus on Japanese folklore (kitsune are one of my fav mythological creatures).
And Misao is :heart_eyes:
Also the artwork is beautiful.
When I read the premise of the story I wondered if you have read American Gods because it gave me that vibe and found on tumblr you really did :grin:
Keep up the great work!


That’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about my writing :sob:

I’m so so glad that you like what I have so far!! I always get so hyped up when authors of wips I admire like my work :sparkling_heart:

Speaking of amazing authors, the wonderful @SmolPirate (Go read her WIP, The Vanished Project!!!) drew Misao and it honestly made my whole entire week ahhhhhh



True that girls have it easy.

For my mc I guess it comes down to a) poverty and b) consistently being bullied over a lengthy period of time.
Now that I know the mc can be physically quite cute, even if we choose low self-esteem the parts that are, at the moment, sub-par about his appearance are mostly due to poverty.
I imagine actually using good skin-care products and a good conditioner would do one half of a very good makeover and better clothes would do the rest. Unfortunately both of those do cost money. Which, apart from the low self-esteem, is probably why my mc in this game hasn’t done so already.


Well, now that our MC’s life will be doing a 360, they may get wealthy enough to afford better clothes and products.

The bullying is what will be harder to overcome tho…

@peaches Misao looks amazing! His rugged charm will make it harder to stay loyal to my Louis. :broken_heart:


I still keep picturing them as a guy/gal with a MCR shirt and black hair covering their eyes i don’t know why, but they give me emo/black shit if the family vibes, just wait till a show them hiw Kitsunes are portrayed in anime


The opening implies that it will go away soon too. I mean even the teenage mc is 18, which means high school senior in the US, correct? Which in turn means my mc is almost finished with that awful place and if he does indeed get even relatively wealthy plus good-looking he can make a fresh start at pretty much any college or university he wants.
In addition dealing with the supernatural on any prolonged basis and not only surviving but prospering is likely to do wonders for self-confidence. Certainly to the point of standing one’s ground and being able to face down a gang of teenage, human bullies.


A full circle? Or did you mean 180? :thinking:




Damn Taylor, don’t call me out like this :disappointed_relieved:


She is right though, we wouldn’t want our poor mc’s to quite literally have to do the “return” part of the Hero’s journey, if that meant returning to poverty, our crappy diner job and/or being bullied, right? :sweat_smile:


Aw! Sowwy… :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Too short. I eagerly await the next update! So a couple questions:
-where is your character from originally? considering you specified that they were new to Waipahu; will that affect choice selection down the road?
-connected to the last question, does your ethnicity play into the game as well? considering that you are drawing heavily from japanese mythology, if one chooses fujimoto as a surname, would misao and other characters see you more favorably than if you were hawaiian or portuguese for example?
-does misao have the ability to speak whatever language of the person he is encountering?

sorry i have so many questions, i just have to wait and see what you have in store! i hope you take it as a compliment that i’m just excited about your story. thanks for all your hard work!


Someone on tumblr told me that Misao seems a bit emo to them too :joy:
Fun fact, Misao knows absolutely nothing about modern fashion. The outfit that they appear in when they first approach you is copied from the energy drink ad behind MC at the bus stop.

Hey, I’m glad that you enjoyed the update since you last read! So only one player background has the MC not be from Hawaii originally. That MC is from the West Coast, specifically Washington and yes that origin will have an affect on the story! All other MC’s were born on O’ahu.

I have thought about having the surname change certain interactions in the game but was hesitant since I don’t think I could have the same quality of interactions for all the possible different surnames available, showing an obvious bias for some player backgrounds.

I am not against the idea however and would be willing to add something like this if enough people are interested.

I would say that Misao can speak the languages where Shintoism is mainly practiced, so English, Japanese, and Chinese wouldn’t be out of the question. Kitsunes who work for Inari are expected to know how to communicate with people who make prayers at Inari’s shrines, so knowing many languages is a valuable skill expected of them!


I’ve been lurking the WIP forums for about a year and a half now, but after finding this story got excited enough to actually create an account and say you’re doing a great job. I look forward to seeing where the story goes, but I’m already hooked.

Question: I know a lot of people are excited over romance routes, but I was curious how/if friendship routes are planned. I love Misao, but think Louis would be my bro that I get into mischief with, fist bump over it, and pray the kitsune never finds out!


Oh my gosh, I have no idea what to say :sob:
I am very happy and flattered that my WiP was the one that made you want to officially create an account!!

As for your question, I totally want to have friendships arcs for each of the characters! The plan is to have it so that once you reach a certain approval rating with the character of your choice, you get to do a personal mission with just them since they trust you so much.

I also want characters to remark on how you develop your relationship with the other people in your party. For example: if you have high approval with Misao and high approval with Louis they both might comment on how you get along with the other when it’s relevant.

In addition to that, certain scenes will play out differently depending on whether the character is high approval and romanced versus just high approval.

I hope that helped answer your question!


Soooo they could literally be dressed in anything, this opens so much possibilities, herw are some very common human clothes they could be using (i tried to do this in tumblr, but apparently Pepe presenting nipple eyes are NSFW) to mingle with humans without raising suspicion.






:joy: omg. Are you Louis? I feel like these are suggestions Louis would make.

Misao might not be up with the current fashion trends but they do know what does and doesn’t look ridiculous.