Roots (Mythology WIP) - Cover Art Added!



is it just me…

but the dialogue is a bit weird ?

like here , I picked the ‘Get Hyped : I get to help you!’’ …

but the next panel , it say this : “I need to do what?” you say eyes widening, “You expect me to come up with you to god’s knows where and meet your boss?”

if you pick that reply , you should be a dumbass thats barly listening to what she is saying lol I know…I would be…but don’t react all suspicious right away .


hmmm i see what you mean.

I can make some slight adjustments to that section


also here…

[spoiler]To have something exciting to happen to me.

To have a better job.

To find love.[/spoiler]

how about a wish 'for TONS OF MOUNEY ’ for if you pick an answer that say this job is crappy and barely scrapping by…thats be what I wish for lol

and ‘to find love’…I rather be it ’ TRUE LOVE’ …it gonna be an adventure after all right ?


I am unhappy with certain parts of that wish scene and I do have it bookmarked for things I want to revisit later.

I will certainly keep your suggestions in mind :slight_smile:


Aw thanx , I wish you good luck with your story ! Looking forward to reading more of it!


Tiny update today. Mostly making changes based off feedback in the forums with the intro (more like a page really) of chapter 2 before the branch.

Changes include:

  • Improved wish scene

  • Improved response to an eager MC

  • Fixed Misao pronouns at certain spots

  • Other fixes for better flow

If anything’s broken because of these changes please let me know OTL


I found a few typos. One during the scene where Misao asks you to go to the inari with them. The character says “god’s knows where”, the first choice in chapter one says ‘be annoyed yourself’ I am unsure if this is a typo or not, but given that no one else was annoyed in that scene I think it is. Finally when the character thinks they might not have a job much longer one of the choice says ‘you never really like that job’ which would be liked.

I don’t have a screenshot of the “god’s knows where” typo.


Thank you sooo much!

I’m working on Chapter 2 right now so I made those changes real quick!

The part with “Be annoyed yourself” was intentional since the MC thinks that the fox looked annoyed in the sentence before the choice.


Oh right, I completely forgot about that. Glad I could help with the other though.


Hey everyone!

Just a general/personal update today.

I haven’t been able to do a ton of writing lately because of finals but my winter break is coming up soon so hopefully that means I can write a ton more before the next semester starts :'D

Also! Got color blocking and positioning from my artist friend for the cover recently. It’s coming along pretty great but isn’t finished quite yet.

Take a Look


Again, her twitter is @wrathes and her comissions are OPEN!


The cover is looking good so far. Good luck eith your exams.


Tell me what your thoughts! :ok_hand:

edit: Also some saves you might have made may be broken… sorry about that!


chapter2 line 128: invalid indent, expected 12, was 9


Same thing happened when I asked her what she meant by do what she says. It crashed my game and sent me back to the prologue.


Issue should be fixed!

Thank you :’)


It’s still not fixed though, it’s still giving me the same error.
:upside_down_face: I cri


Oh wait. Lol I fixed it on my computer and forgot to upload it.

It should work now.

Shows that I stayed up until 3 working on game stuff :joy:


3 in the morning?


:disappointed_relieved: Yep…

It’s my most productive time when it comes to writing for some reason.


It’s because of the silence, I guess? Peaceful af