Romance in COG or Hosted Games


I completely agree. Also, Quick question has anyone played the new Hosted game (Treasure of the forgotten city) or whatever you call it. Are there any ROs?


Nvm I don’t think it is. Can anyone recommend stories?


I like romantic stories only when I have the mood for it) but generally I usually play games that doesn’t have romantic parts


Do you mean CoG/HG or just romance stories I’m general?


Don’t worry dude you’re not the only one who is a hopeless romantic, i really love romance in COG or Hosted Games but sometimes it gets pretty annoying when we can’t romance the character we actually do like… or… is it just me the one who face this problem?.. but the point is romance in COG or hosted Games is amazing, for me it increases my attachment to the characters and the storyline, especially the storyline, when i romance one of the characters in the story it makes me wonder do my choices affects him/her/it/they in some way or dont ? Or in my opinion this option is the best but if i choose this option i would lose relationship points with him/her/it/they, so it makes option choosing a little bit more difficult, which is always fun i hope this is make sense


COG/HG. I been dying for story or even a demo


It makes Perfect sense :hugs: When I get the chance to romance someone I get excited lolol


Haha thanks @Nisha
COG or Hosted Games huh… well, i have some in my mind:
Community College Hero : trial by fire
Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is power
Sixth grade detective
A study in steampunk
Choice of Deathless
you probably already played all of this ^-^


Hmm… let’s see :thinking:
Choice of Robots has a very nice romance subplot
Tin Star as well
Choice of the Deathless had an interesting one with Wakefield
A Wise Use Of Time has all the romances tied in to the plot so needless to say they’re all good
Psy High has some interesting things
Zombie Exodus and Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven all have meaningful romances (Safe Haven less so because it’s only starting, but knowing Jim I know he won’t disappoint)
I’d also suggest the Lost Heir trilogy but they may not fit because while the romances are good they’re kind of in the background. Will still recommend them though.


Ah… romance! the first thing that comes to my mind when somone posted a new wip in the forum was “…so like, is there any RO?”.

That might be the reason why i am here. and just like the samurai MC in The samurai of Hyuga said… “ah… romance, the one and only things that makes me feeling warm and fuzzy inside”…or something along those lines. :smirk:


I think another reason most people who buy CoG stuff is because allowing someone to romance a person from a good sized pool of people allows them to further define that character in their mind.


is it just me the one who face this problem?

You’re definitely not alone. I usually want to romance the “worst” characters for kicks. With Jury in Heroes Rise, I actually got lucky for once. :raised_hands:

when i romance one of the characters in the story it makes me wonder do my choices affects him/her/it/they in some way or dont ?

Have you played the Dragon Age series? What you’re saying reminds me a lot of its relationship mechanic.

To answer the OP’s question: Yes, I love a good romance. Even more, if it’s a part of a good story. Slammed! has probably my favorite romances options out of any game I’ve played on here. I also have a soft spot for Finch from A Study in Steampunk. That said, Guenevere (WIP) is absolutely worth checking out for both its story and its romances.


I played every story mentioned :weary:


Well except the WIP. Going to check that out now!


To corroborate: remember that people seeking gay romance stories (especially those who our gay ourselves) simply do not have the same experience as other people. We have been crawling through a parched desert where gayness is barely ever acknowledged, and here have at last come to found an oasis where we just get to be ourselves for once, and to see characters being heroic (or villainous, whatever :stuck_out_tongue:) and still getting :two_men_holding_hands: or :two_women_holding_hands:. Given the desert we’ve just had to wander through, is it any wonder that once we find the option, we will cling to it much harder than we would if it were something that we’d been able to take for granted?

(Not that there’s anything wrong with people being into hetero romance, either. Characters forming a loving bond is nice and cute… it’s not the only thing, but if it’s something that makes someone happy and loving, let it be.)

You most certainly are not :stuck_out_tongue: so please allow me to direct you to this thread, where other people talk about romances they wish they could have, but couldn’t.

@JimD knows how to write cute guys :blush:

If you’re looking for WiPs with cute romances, I’d also suggest Totem Force (pretty diverse options so I bet you’ll find at least one you like :smile:) and Monsters of New Haven High (because who can resist a cute werewolf? :wolf: or monster hunter? :angry::dagger:).


I’ve never related to anything on here so much like this. I suspect it’s annoying for some authors who aren’t as romance-focused, but people do have their preferences and shouldn’t be shamed for it. I can only say that if there’s no RO, it’s… unlikely for me to continue playing the game. Except for special cases, like Life of a Wizard. It was so well done that, in the end, it didn’t matter that romance was decidedly in the background.


Can y’all recommend any HGs, COGs, or WIPs that involve the stereotypical hate turning to snark turning to romance trope? Bless.


The Wayhaven Chronicles by @Seraphinite
Heroes Rise series (Prodigal, though it only happens by HeroFall)
The Lost Heir Trilogy by @Lucid (Jace/Jess)
Choice of the Deathless (Wakefield)
Choice of the Deathless: City’s Thirst (Chen)
Avatar of the Wolf (Lyall, if you go against her/his beliefs)
A Wise Use of Time by @JimD (Alisha, though I wouldn’t call it hate, more like caustic behavior because she doesn’t want to let anyone in (for a good reason))
It’s Killing Time (Phoenix)
Mecha Ace (Hawkins)
The Eagle’s Heir (Amalia Weiss)

Edit: Got ninja’ed on Choice of the Deathless


There’s a couple in Choice of the Deathless (Wakefield, I think Vega kinda but I haven’t played his romance)
Heroes Rise also has Jury–he and Prodigal are both in all three games but only available as LIs in the third
Monsters of New Haven High by @Sashira (Artemis and Hunter)
There’s a handful in Totem Force by @ParrotWatcher, there’s at least one (Ryu) that you’re automatically kind of butting heads with but a couple more romance options (Anara and Chi) that you have the option to start as antagonistic rivals with (but I haven’t taken that option so I’m not sure exactly how hateful it is)


There’s also Grey from the WIP Supernaturals in New York by @Rebelgirl and @Roxy, though he and MC aren’t really past the snarky stage just yet.