Romance in COG or Hosted Games


Am I the only one who is a hopeless romantic and love when the story gets to the part where you get to choose to be romantic with someone? :slightly_frowning_face:


Short answer… no. No, you’re not.
Longer answer - for me, it depends. It depends on whether the romance is my proverbial cup of tea, and whether it supports the game (or is the focus of the game), or if it just distracts from it.
But yes, I do like a good romance. :wink:


I don’t know what it is but I just love the idea of having a choice! Rather it deals with magic or romance. It’s simulates the mind and you’re having fun while being able to imagine the world. Choice of games/Hosted Games is a beautiful thing :hugs: That I am glad to be apart of. Sorry to sound so … what’s the word… sappy :joy:


Oh I am such a hopeless romantic! The romances are one of the main reasons I play these games, and I love getting to known the characters and getting attached to them and getting all those warm fuzz feelings ^-^ Even in my own writing, there always ends up being a romance, I just love it so so much.


Trust me, you are most certainly not.
This site is overflowed with people who can’t invest in a game without a person who will share their bed.

I personally find it annoying.


I know! Eek! I love it sooo much. What stories have you written? I would definitely check them out!


Aww no soft spot for the romantics? :joy:


He’s been traumatized by the romance obsession on his thread.


Most of my writing is for myself, unfortunately, I’m not really confident enough to share it. But I’ve written loads, including a complete novel, which is almost entirely based around romance. I’m addicted to it.


It’s generally not very easy to find well written gay romances, and the fact that I can (usually) get to choose the two characters involved in the romance (by controlling one and picking the other) makes it even more special. This is one of the reasons I really love this site.

We’ve discussed this before: romance isn’t sex. :unamused: Related, maybe, but I certainly don’t come here looking for sex.


What’s your favorite story?


Awww I write as well , my story is on wattpad if you ever heard of it. My username is younggally. Check it out when you can :hugs::smiley:


Once you’re ready, that could go well for you. Romance’s a super popular genre.

Related to that, yeah. I’m not surprised people love romance on this site. People love romance in general. I know there’re large groups who turn their nose up at it. I’ve seen them. They’re weirdly proud of themselves.

I love romance! It’s why my friend suggested the site to me. If CoG/HG had no romance, I wouldn’t’ve stuck around tbh. I’ve played a couple games without romance and there’ve been games with romance where I ignore the options. The latter kinda happens a lot. But if a game has romance and (this is kinda rare) takes those romances seriously, ngl that fuels my interest.

Romance does cool things like give the player more insight into the romanced character and prove the main character’s loveable. Sometimes it feels like the protagonist’s achieved something because they had a rival or some other obstacle in their way. Like this one story where the Troll got the Prince in the end. Love that stuff. There’re other ways to do this, yeah, and I love a good friendship. But there’s a reason there’s a Romance genre and no Friendship genre.


Exactly, you hit it right on the nail!


Not even slightly, the romance is by far my favorite part of a story and games that don’t have it or won’t let me romance another girl I won’t even bother with. My girlfriend will actually even skip over parts of stories that don’t have romance lol


Oooh, my favorite. To some of us, romance may add an immediate relatability and familiarity in an unfamiliar landscape of magic and/or mayhem. To echo aprilhare–We are able to connect with characters on another potentially fulfilling level, in a way aside from friendship. Anyone can find this outside of a game, (if one is so inclined), but it’s the fantasy of being able to grant another dimension and unique purpose to a character we have a hand in shaping, drama of the heart-pounding kind, or mayhaps even a slight quenching of longing for that ideal relationship when in real life often the prince is an unredeemable toad named Br.

I mean, I intellectualize to a fault, <-----hi, but I do so love to indulge and revel in the moments when I’m being led by the heart. Why shouldn’t a game reflect all aspects of the human experience without judgment?

The very notion…


A big piece of why I love CoG/HG is romance, I’m a hopeless romantic at heart so it really boosts my personal opinion of a game when it has well written romance subplots (or is entirely about it) with character development. It’s also very nice when those relationships don’t end in trainwrecks (like all my past relationships).


I completely agree. Also, Quick question has anyone played the new Hosted game (Treasure of the forgotten city) or whatever you call it. Are there any ROs?


Nvm I don’t think it is. Can anyone recommend stories?


I like romantic stories only when I have the mood for it) but generally I usually play games that doesn’t have romantic parts