Roleplaying taking away feedback from the games?


I love to roleplay and have joined two, now dead, threads. But, I have noticed that ever since these threads started to come out, many of the games started to get buried and lose feedbacks. This observation may be the incorrect reason for why the games are receiving less feedback, but it’s an innocent observation nonetheless.

I’m not saying people shouldn’t rp because that’d be hypocritical. But, I think we should move the rp elsewhere or keep it on the downlow when most of the CoG threads are active. These are just my thoughts and suggestions, I do not have any intentions on causing problems. Being that these are just thoughts and suggestions, they don’t have to be followed at all, but I do wish for them to be thought about and considered. Thank you for your time!


You do have a point. The feedback has indeed gone down substantually.


When I came on, most of the rp threads were active while it was not the case for the CoG threads. I’m just a bit worried.


Man…I open one thread and five pop out in return.


Haha, well it kept people busy before updates for sure. But, then again, people sometimes forgot about the other threads. Which is understandable.


There is bad news when one head gets cut off more takes its plac


That does seem to be the case.


I agree.


I am magic some days I swesr I mean everytime I leave any rpg they die fast


Haha, maybe you’re the life of most rp’s?


I’d personally like to see all the rp threads closed as I don’t believe that’s what this forum is all about. It’s becoming hard to keep track of works in progress (via phone) with all these unnecessary threads popping up.

Obviously, a lot of people would be disappointed if that did happen though, so an alternative suggestion would be for someone to make an alternate forum for you to play on.


I think that is an excellent suggestion, @andymwhy. Who wants to take the lead on migrating the FRP elsewhere?


On the plus side traffic on the forum is growing. The minus is that without subforums, or some way to filter out the wildly successful RP threads, it’s easy for updates to the discussion threads to get lost amidst the clutter. If it’s possible to create subforums, the administrator may want to consider creating one for the RP threads so they are by default separated from everything else.



I didn’t see your post before I wrote my last post. Is it possible for you to create a subforum to which all the RP threads can be sent? That might be the easiest solution of all if it’s possible.


Not in the way you mean. The forum is actually already divided into subforums (you can see them on the right if you’re on a webbrowser), but there’s no easy way for a user to filter them out.


Jason I would bring back rp or your going to lose a lot of forum users… even I rped. And I’m normally by your side in most decisions but with this I gotta side against you


I hate to fight with you jason but im agreeing with Talon, before RP’s i used to barely post at all but once i found them i was interested and finally made some new friends, if there was a way for you to bring them back without disrupting the feedback i would be really happy


Ahh…so the “categories” are actually subforums, and there’s no easy way for a user to exclude a particular subforum from the listing they get. Pity.


For the record i’m assuming that 100% of the RPers who use these forums were originally brought here from CoG, not the RPing. But some people (including me) dont want to be foruming on CoG literally all day, but to an extent, though at the same time, taking part in the CoG community.

JSH, is there a way for each subforum to be created in the same way that the main forum page is created? (Note: I do not own a kindle, i use a web browser, so i have no idea how this could work on a Kindle)


@P_Tigras The problem is that there really is no benefit to side traffic for the site. There’s no advertisements, so it generates no revenue, and most people that come by are already interested in Choice of Games (or they wouldn’t visit the forums in the first place), so it generates no additional interest in the games.

For those that do want to continue to RP, we can either build another forum (probably a forum) or it can migrate to another community. Those are really the only two options.