Roleplaying System (for your enjoyment)

This is a link for a PDF of a custom-made roleplaying system I designed. I’m offering it up to be tested both in proofreading of the instructions and gameplay itself should anyone desire for their own use, as well as inspirational material for writing if anyone so desires. There are numerous inspirational sources involved in the work, so if you see something you think you recognize from somewhere… you might. Even so, the system itself is inspired by a system created by an old friend of mine, though altered enough to be original to itself. No profit is intended to be made from this product, and to my knowledge, roleplaying systems are open market. This is placed here for peer review, as the system in its present version is untested, and changes can made if necessary. How you choose to use the information is for you to decide- but I would request anyone that uses the system report their experience on this thread, along with any general opinions, thoughts, and considerations regarding it. I did quite a lot of editing and it’s possible there are holdovers in there that should be changed to be in line with the rest of the instructions- let me know of anything that seems odd or awkward. Thank you for your consideration. Please enjoy.


If there’s the word “Roleplay” involved, I am in. Though, is it designed for something specific, or…?

It’s designed to be a fully functioning role-playing system for people to use, in whatever manner they choose. As a roleplaying system, it essentially represents a set of rules for a fantasy/sci-fi setting in which people can run campaigns.

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Oh, I see. While I won’t be able to get the chance to use it personally, I’m sure others will enjoy it (I did look over it).

So you are basically using White Wolf’s VtM system from the a cursory glance.