Roleplaying at RPNation


Hey guys! So I just wanted to ask if anyone else on the forums used RPNation for roleplaying and if they did if they would suggest a few good roleplays to join.

For those of you who do not know pf RPNation, it is a roleplaying site.


I am actually a regular of RPN! I was recommended CoG through one of my friends on that site.

Now, as for roleplays I can’t recommend any of significance without knowing what you prefer.

Finally, any recommendations really should be done on the RPN site, or by PM here. I don’t think this needs its own thread, but I could be wrong.


Most any replay is fine as I’m trying to expand my horizons. Plus, I enjoy reading others’ RP even if I’m not a part as many are interesting.

Also, I posted on here mostly to see if anyone else (COG Forums) used the site


@Snoe made a forum for original RPs and CoG RPs.