After all the different roleplaying discussions on this forum, I decided to make one myself, ignore the bland title, because this roleplay will be anything but ordinary.
First of all, create your character, this is the format it should be in:

Name -
Age -
Special Ability* -
Description -
Backstory -

(* - No god abilties or teleportation, a good example for a special ability would be Infavison or Shapeshifting.)

After you post this, I will tell you if it’s good or not.
Please do not start roleplaying yet, wait until a minimum of three days so more people can join.

You can divide “skill points” to your characters atribute, for instance:

Strength 15
Agility 5
Intelligence 5
Endurance 5

You have a maximum of 30 skill points, use them any way you like.
There will be a main plot to follow, you can do them anyway you like, but it must be within your skill range, if you have 3 strength, you can’t go lifting a car. Be creative! By doing certain tasks you can get more skill points.

Have fun!


You wanted unusual. You brought this on yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Name - Tabitha “Tabby” Yamamoto
Age - 27
Special Ability - Tiger senses, strength, reflexes, teeth, and claws.
Description - 7’even, fairly muscular, short white hair, gold slit-pupil eyes, sharp fangs in a seemingly-small mouth, orange and white fur with black stripes, feline ears, whiskers, and tail, large three-fingered hands.

Backstory - Tabby is one of the very few successful subjects of a project to add animal qualities to humans. For those it worked on, it tended to work a little too well, which is why she also has animal features. It was hard for her growing up, but then she just used her strength on her would-be bullies and they would leave her alone.

Despite (or perhaps because of) her strength, she’s a very gentle person and prefers to avoid combat unless provoked. Naturally, when she does wade into combat, very little is left behind. What she can’t dodge, she just takes, and she can’t dodge much with how big she is.

She also loves meat.

Strength: 10
Agility: 5
Intelligence: 5
Endurance: 10


Hmm… Haven’t roleplayed in quite a while, but i’ll give it a try.
Question: What do you mean by name? Like, first and last. Or, a generic name for superhumans to hide their identity?

Name: Undecided
Age: 14
Special Ability*: Can summon electricity when it is around.
Description: He is about 5’6 in height. He is lean, like an ordinary boy going through his early stages of the teenage years. He has a fair complexation, almost like a light-olive skintone, with an unsual white hair covering his right eye. He looks like an ordinary Filipino boy, until you look at the eyes and hair. Filipino’s may call him “mistiso” because of them. His eyes are a light hue of grey, almost like silver. He has the orindinary shaped eyes of a filipino though, not small like their neighboors (The Japanese), but not quite full as the Whites. He has full lips that almost seem to be the color brown (This, he got from his mother). And, he has an uncommon sharp nose for a Filipino (Which he also got from his mother). Then again, he got her eyes too (The shape, of course. Not the color). He has a thin-lined scar, about an inch, sarting on his left temple and ending past the left eye-diagonally. And finally: He wears a latex-like black body armor, from the neck down, made of metal with rubber underneath (To keep safe from his electric powers). He may have the ability to control electricity, but he is far from immune to it’s wrath.
Back Story: His parents had him during highschool, so his life wasn’t the most luxurious but it wasn’t the least either. His parent’s were hardworkers who got promoted fast in their department of work to keep him and his twin sister alive. Their parents were the usual Filipino parents, disciplinary but full of joy and love. They discplined them well to get them through school to have better lives when they get older. He wasn’t the troubled child at all, to be honest it was his sister. She constantly broke the rules and disobeyed their parents once entering the middle school with her new group of “friends”. He doesn’t even know how he survived for this long with the burden hanging around him for so long. She would always play “daddy’s girl” and blame everything on him. Anyways, by 9th grade, this is where things got out of hand. His sister, Claire, would always hang out with her friends in a secluded dumpster alley. What they didn’t know was that the dump had many toxic leaks and unsupervised electric cables hanging around. He would always get dragged around by her and her friends because apparently he was “chill” as they called it to hang around. Well, one day, he was dared to explore the dangerous side of the alley where waits a brewing fatality for the boy. He, a coward, decided to agree upon the dare to show them his so-called “wits”. He crawled through all the metal junk to get to the, Dangerous Side as they called it, and was about to jump right back out (because he never had the so-called wits) when his foot was caught on some metal junk. He was immediately knocked unconscious as he hit the ground with a hard thud. What he didn’t know was that he landed on a pile of electric circuits that was drowned in chemical toxic waste. As soon as he made contact sparks flew everywhere, igniting the isolated area.
On the other side of the danger, the kids had already ditched the boy as soon as he entered the compound. They ran as fast as they could, but before they could leave, dozens of sparks were showered above them. Claire, the boys sister, frantically tried to run back to her brother. But her friends held her down and told her they had to leave before anyone sees them. Not wanting to get in trouble, she turned her back and left for home. Days, weeks, and months passed but the boy never returned home. The frantic parents, with the help of the police, could not find a signal trace of the boy. He was gone forever… or so they thought.

Strength- 6
Intelligence- 8
Endurance- 6

That was probably such a corny back story. Haven’t done this in a while :stuck_out_tongue:
I just need clarification on what I asked about that’s why I didn’t name the character yet.


I spent an HOUR writing this >:D<


*Adding this to the back story because it got deleted*

He didn’t always white hair and grey eyes. He actually had the generic dark brown eyes and hair that Filipino’s carry in their gene. Though, his hair color gets mistaken for “black” most of the time. Like any boy he enioyed sports. Well, not all… Actually, to think of it, he only joined the track team. BUT, he did play football as a pastime. So, he wasn’t the strongest, but he is mighty fast… and smart too! He was a star when it came to Track&Field and his academics. He respectivley won all of his races (Including the 100m Hurdles, 100m dash, 400m, and the 800m). In class, he was at the top of every class including honors.
His quickness and intelligence may prove useful in what may become of him.

I need to sharpen my writing skills!


Name-Mark “Maverick” Thompson
Special Abilities-Regenerative factor, exellant marksman and hand to hand fighter. Is faster and stronger than any human being, but not god-like.
Description-5’8, thin but well muscled. Brown hair and green eyes. Pale skin.
Bio: Mark was 18 years old when he experienced a drive by and was almost killed. But a secret government program arranged for all of this to happen. He was implanted with a regenerative healinh factor, which made him almost impossible to kill. The pain of the process snapped his mind and hebusted out of the research facility. He now is an assassin for hire. Will side with whoever gives the most money.
Strength: 12
Intelligence:2(in the way of killing:15)


Mind if I add to Special Ability?

Special Abilities*- Ability to summon electrcity(when it is around), can control electric powered machines, and fast reflexes.


Accepted, by name, I mean this:

Name - Carlos “Rapid” Jones

The “” part being his nickname, the first and last being his first and last name, a nickname is not required though.


I guess I better make my character.

Name - Sepheros “Seph” Smith
Age - 16
Special Ability - Expert Swordsman, Can use magic, great runner
Description - A blonde male with blue eyes, can normally be caught wearing a dark blue hoodie.
Backstory - When Seph was still a child, a cloaked figure came and set his house on fire, killing his parents, he swore he would have vengence on the figure.

Strength 5
Agility 8
Inteligence 10
Endurance 7


You didnt use all of your stat points.


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Thank you!

Oh, ok.
Name- “Enigma”
I’m thinking of just putting his nickname, afterall my character is a missing person. I chose “Enigma” because he’s going to be a mysterious character.


I edited it.


@OMFGGUY This thread will be good.


I decided to start the roleplay. If other people want to join, i’ll insert them in to the story.
Anyway, let’s begin.

The sky illmuniates the streets of New York, people rush about, in a hurry to get to work, or to get high.
You will play as your character, in the urban streets of the big apple, what will happen? Who will you meet? Only time will tell…


Maverick sits across from a mob boss known as Kingpin. He tells Maverick, “I want Sephs body. Youll get 1000000 dollers if you suceed. Do we have a deal?” Mavereck nods, his mask hiding his facial expressions. They shake hands and Maverick goes off to find Seph…


((Darn, I’m going out for dinner. So, be right back… might take a while though. Sorry!))


Seph runs through the streets, pushing people out of his way.
“Hey, watch it kid! I’m walkin’ here!” A man in a buisness suit says.
“Sorry!” Seph says, soon he reaches the banged-up apartment.
“Whew, I made it with no trouble.” He sighs in relief and enters the apartment, heads to room 201, opens the door, and then enters a keycode combination on the other side of the door, the wall opens up in to his training room.
“Time to train.” Seph mutters.

(Sephs Agility and Strength went up by 1)


Seph gets a knock at the door.


Seph scratches his head, who could be here this late?
He goes out of the training room and opens the door.