Role play website


If you like role play come here :smiley:


Active community?


Yes very active, we include many from this board.


Yes it is and im an their alot.


I used to host games on another site that kind of died. Is it just basic RP games, or open to other Ideas? I hosted sim/Rp games whereplayers would control political figures, revolutionnary groups, and factions in different times, and places. Such as Zombie ridden city, latin American nation with Communist rebels, and etc.


well this site is always open to new people


I dont know if you want me there i never play forum roleplaying only table rpg and i not a native english speaker … I could try but you have to be a little pacience with me


All are welcome


yeah we dont mind we could help you along.


Thank you @vampierkid222 its great when people dont laugh about my bad english speechcraft, :stuck_out_tongue: I going to sign now


Where are the joing button? Im so blind its like where is wally?


it’s ok and we had trouble with spamer’s so you have to send @lordirishdas your stuff to get started


I have problems sending email :-S Im so bad with tecnology X( so i dont know he recieve my data @lordirishdas i promise you that im not a spam robot!! […]


you could just pm him your stuff if your not good with email


I am still on the road then have t-turky day with the family then will deal. With pm and logins, havea great gooble gooble day.


Have a great thanksgiving!! Great day or night for everyone :stuck_out_tongue:


I wonder if there are roleplaying threads where people do write in full sentences. Not asking for huge paragraphs. Just so long as there’s a bit of meat.


@MaraJade your are all set check your email to finish login.

@ScarletGeisha to be honest I don’t know I just run the site, do not have time to play on it.


Yes i know of one. @ScarlrtGeisha


If you are going to join an one that has only me and Alex then here is a warning: It leaves all logic within a page 10