Role play at the old site


When I lost the domain name and change the rp board over it caused a lot of problems. I recently was able to hack my way back in but unable to use admin board so cannot affect any more changes to the site. I see messages are sill being posted from time to time so will leave it up.

What I would like to do is create a new board. What I need to know if there would be intrest in this, who would help with its operation, what you would like to see on the board.

I still have another month and eight days left before CScomp is over so will not be building anything until then.

*Edit Things I would like on the new board is dice roll, will have to look at board software that inplement this naturally as current board was never able to this or find a mod that worked. I would like open registration this time around but this will require a few mods and again better software. I am willing to pay for better software so open to suggestions.

Choiceofgames based RPs NOW READY FOR PLAY! (link found within have fun! Lotsa room)

I will consider it, but I’m currently on a tight leash with one administer called
Ceclla_Rosewood :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: at least that’s what I think since sometimes I go out of the rules by accident.


We are ok to talk about new rp board and what we would like to see just no role playing allowed here. :smile:


Well I have tried and tried and tried to fix the old site so I started this discussion to start a new site, lol Received an email from an old friend that detailed how I could fix the old site. And after a few hours of work it is now up and running smoothly. After the CScomp is done I will spend some needed time and love updating the site,


I am interested in Roleplaying but it doesn’t work for me since there’s a 7+ hour timezone in between me and most of the people here.


That always sucks, maybe we can find some new players that want to join that are more in your time zone.


Roleplaying with ChoiceOfGames characters and worlds, you mean?

…I suggested this and offered to mod this about a year ago. It sounds like a lot of fun, and I want in.

As for other time zones, I live in California, but I’m an inveterate insomniac who does my best work at 4-6 a.m., when no one local is awake to bother my creative flow. This could really work out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just pm me you email and I will setup the login somtime tonight. We have the registration closed due to spammers. The link is
Cool in San Francisco rigjt now picking up product heading to Indy.


I used to RP a lot and would certainly be interested in picking it back up, although since English isn’t my native tongue I’m a bit hesitant if my grammar would be up to par with the fairly talented writers here…


Have no fear no one bites, unless you ask them to. :wink: All are weclome just pm user name email password you would like, it takes me a little bit to setup. :slight_smile


Can I join in on this fun because me and the village idiot are running a pm rp of zombie exodus.


It’s so unfortunate to see people getting into this and then there’s me just sitting jere, thinking about the fact that it’s over 7 hours later here…


Me, @Wraith, @Snowpanther and the village idiot (@Nathan_Faxon) live in around the same time-zone, so if one of them joins in you’re golden. (They just won’t shut up :cry: Not that that’s a bad thing :stuck_out_tongue:)


Don’t worry, you’d be in about the same timezone as me ;), I’m working with a 9 hour time difference.


Central European Time here.
Reason for typing it all out is the minimum of 20 characters…


And I’m nocturnal :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::tired_face:


For a long time I have been fighting with mods for the board and finally after a lot of reading and searching I found the software is missing some key folders. I installed this way back so it is not compatible with the newer software. This can be resolved by running a fresh install which I have done in a new folder on the directory. Of curse backing up the old site and installing it back on the new copy may not be that simple. I will let you know how it goes.

*Edit the site will be down for a bit as I try to do this. crossing finger and toes


No good. The system failed to up date the old logs and setting, they are just too incompatible. The old site will not update to the newest software. So folks we are at a crossroads here. Keep the old site knowing we can never have any mods added to the site. or Move over to the new site, which will have to be re-setup then add all the mods. I have no problem keeping both sites up but I do not have the time to work on both. I have turned back on the old site. Thoughts?