Rokusuppo W.I.P. (September, 1, 2018)



Yeah I’ll admit that a wealth system can take over a game. It works if you design it to have a significant impact in the story like Kendrickstone and the lost heir.

For Rokusuppo it would probably be smarter to leave it a purely narrative aspect of the story, to support character interaction.


I just want to vocalize my own thoughts first about the update. I wish I could make the bolded text smaller, but it’s unclear if there is a way to do this without turning the text of the entire game smaller.

If I can find a viable way to do it, I will. I don’t really like it being the same size of the general words. That might just be a personal quirk, but I’m just saying now that I don’t know if there is a way to do it while keeping the general text it’s regular size.


seeing the MC’s homelife is really something i wanted so it’s a good news to learn that it will happen

also i love the airhead MC’s reasoning to befriend the hobo mentor, ‘defeat mean friendship’

edit : i just found that issue on the north point path :

  • The weakling’s face is beaten to black and blue to see whatever tone of skin he used too have.

    • Little awkward, and everything after blue is kind of confusing… and most people would just black and blue and leave out the to.
  • Most of the group with you cheers and talks about how the opposing side “Ain’t got shit.” as two other highschool students in tracksuits try to get their friend to stand up before resolving they have to carry his unconscious body out of the park. Their leader is not impressed.

    • high school, think you need a that after “resolving” it looks awkward to me.
  • “Stud-MOTHER FUCKING-studyhall! Do you hear that shit? What the fuck kind of wannabe punks go to a fucking studyhall?” Despite their leader’s vehement cursing, Rafael simply uses his steely grey eyes to stare directly at him without expression while wiping off some stains from his jacket.

    • study hall
  • The group your huddled in with in the park seems to split half their time between cheering and discussing notes to the other which seems to anger these delinquents to no end. “How are they this strong while acting like that big of pansies?”

    • you’re
  • “Rules and regulations are important to the wellbeing of young minds.” Mana repeats the phrase ingrained by teachers while tossing some of her straight black hair around before taking a look at you.

    • well being
  • “…doesn’t matter when both of you suck.” Rafael has his eyes half closed when he points this out, only the slightest thing of a smile coming across his face. It appears actually possible the thugleader could be enraged even more.

    • thug leader
  • "You’re ignoring the Sada way, right now. “Focus on the future. Love, and everything else must come secondary in the pursuit of students preparing for the world.”

    • The “focus on the future…” is supposed to be a quote in the dialogue right? You use ’ for that.
  • Though, whether or not, won’t end up as another abandoned building and a prime target for vandals remains to seen.

    • Though whether or not it won’t…?
  • There’s nothing really about it to really complain about.

    • You really don’t need two really’s really.
  • There is no way that later on, you are going to avoid being dragged into a lecture lasting hours long.

    • I think the comma makes the sentence mean I’m going to avoid the lecture, and I’m not sure if that’s what you mean.
  • Rafael:Problem. Working too hard. Solution. Don’t.

    • space after the semicolon.

Also during the texts I think it be better label us like everyone else. It can seem like our texts is someone else talking.


North Point after meeting Alissa


When I saw that this was updated I was happy. I’m going to play the update now!


You don’t understand how eager I am to see this finished. I can’t help but feel nostalgic, giddy, enraptured and happy from just two chapters. Maybe the change of setting plays into my feelings, but either way I’ll be buying this.


To me Rokusuppo is good story you made


The story is great, but I find it confusing who’s talking. :frowning:


Do you watch old movies Rokusuppo is what you my say old school street fight gang back in day


So here’s the latest of what’s a snag.

Surnames. I’m not sure how to do it. I feel like I’m missing something really basic. In theory, it should be exactly like the name variable only slightly different, right? But it doesn’t work that way. User tutorial is basically like “Oooh, you know.” But I don’t.

Clubs. I’m wondering if I want to do a big list of options, at the cost of them being almost never expanded on(Between three schools, it would be a lot.) Or a small set of options(Most likely sport clubs) but more likely with actual events happening in them instead of just “Alright. Here’s your stat boost. Done.”

So I’m gonna open a survey on the second thing and when I’m done with work and have time to get back to it, I will.

I’m gonna go on a limb here and say most would rather see how it actually does things in the game, but I’ll open up the floor anyway.

  • Lot’s of club choices, little content.
  • Narrow selection, but more events.

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I ran into the same thing when first coding. It seems a lot of things should be obvious or intuitive but weren’t for me at first.

In startup.txt

create name “Unknown” - Or whatever you want. Could be “” if you want it blank
create first_name “”
create last_name “”

In choicescript_stats.txt - you’ll have a chart that says

text Name

Where ever you want in your story, you can structure it like this:

*if male
*set first_name “Daren”
*set first_name “Nathan”
*set first_name “Sean”
*set first_name “Eli”
*set first_name “Brandon”
*set first_name “Adam”
#Give me a second. I’m having trouble remembering.
*input_text first_name
*if female
*set first_name “Alyssa”
*set first_name “Monica”
*set first_name “Katie”
*set first_name “June”
*set first_name “Sophia”
*set first_name “Natalie”
#Give me a second. I’m having trouble remembering.
*input_text first_name

Good. What about your last name?
*set name “$!{first_name}”
*set last_name “O’Connel”
*set last_name “Burns”
*set last_name “Mathews”
*set last_name “Davidson”
*set last_name “Merrik”
*set last_name “Sterling”
#Hold on, this is going to take longer than I thought.
*input_text last_name

*set name “!{first_name} !{last_name}”

There may be an easier way but that’s what I did and it worked for me. Remember the indents. They’re not showing up in my post. Hope that helps


Stats boost option are pretty boring so if it’s only for the stats, might as well just lower slightly the difficulty check and remove those option

and i just modify my stats to whatever i want anyways but it’s just my personal play style


This choice feel like Baki but in high school


Democracy at it’s finest. I’d take a somewhat linear path over shallow choices any day.


I’m actually glad that people agreed with me. My current thoughts are this. Four options each school. Two housing the main support characters with their respective thing, and two for the mc to do themselves if they so choose.

Of course…even among friends…there is such a thing as spending too much time together. Having to share too much time together can causes it’s own problems.

But it won’t be the sole deciding factor in those juicy friendship points that we solely judge our relationship bonds by. Likely it will be much easier to gain them in later chapters, and probably even easier for characters from other schools that you didn’t start with to make it at least possible to befriend them late game without completely min maxing.

That should be kept in mind when the last half of chapter 3 comes into full swing.


Mana is my waifu. Straight black hair, SCP, diligent but not uptight. Literally can’t do better. Can’t wait to see more of her.


I think the thing with her, is that she is a good student because she works hard. But not the tv kind of good student that actually enjoys tough schoolwork. Like most people, she would rather not do it if it could be avoided. It’s not so much that there’s a particular thrill from it, as it is just having to do it.

Because, if we’re being real, very few students are going to actually want to do homework if it can be avoided, which tv has wrong. Obviously, I was a geek when I was in school.

Which is why I can say with certainty about the idea that nerds like homework is greatly, greatly, exaggerated. Greatly.


That’s what I meant with the “diligent but not uptight”. She clearly cares about studies a lot, but doesn’t really enjoy it (or at least most of it, since she seemed to have a problem with the “useless stuff”) and she voices her opinion on it clearly, which is a nice change from the usual portrayal of hard-working high-grades student who happily does homework and studies every day. I always liked the honor students and SCPs in anime, but had a grip with the fact they were way too happy about doing mundane stuff, so your twist on Mana’s character is most welcome.


Definitely has potential. I will be watching this one!