Rokusuppo W.I.P. (September, 1, 2018)



I disagree. Also, the term “anime feel” doesn’t really describe anything. By going with Kenshin you are choosing pretty over the top action sequences, but that’s not the only way fights are presented in anime. You could go even more superpower style and end up with Dragon Ball, but I at least wouldn’t really like it. I think even Baki the Grappler tier would be too much and they did use some real fighting styles there. There are more toned down anime like Kyou Kara Ore Wa, or if we include manga then Hollyland, that I think would fit the theme more.

PS: Setsuna still a qt.


anime feel does describe something, it’s the general ambiance and feel you get from the game

Honestly, Baki the Grappler used the ‘use OP fictional variant of IRL style’ a lot , hell, some of the characters just created their style from nothing

also none of your exemple really work here, if you really want to stay down to earth while keeping the anime feel rather than go full Tenjou Tenge, you just have to look at Yakuza 0


Interesting, I look forward its progression.

The part-time job idea isn’t a bad idea, you could have the MC become a removalist (for strength bonus) or a cashier (for charisma bonus), introduce future characters through the career path, e.t.c. Money could be added to purchase items/information?

The stats are a bit trickier. You could add Strength, Agility, Technique and Reputation and have Stamina as the MC’s health bar? Example: Having low strength and low stamina and attempting the powerbomb choice could make you lose a fight and restart the chapter.

Have Ferocity/Calmness, Avarice/Altruism, Teamwork/Independance, Cunning/Straightforward as personality stats?

Feel free to take, add, edit or ignore any of these ideas. :slight_smile:


your ideas for personnality sound way better than mines XD


There is no single ambience of anime. Anime is defined by the technique used to make it (animation) and, in the western definition, the country of origin (Japan). There are multiple works presenting a multitude of views, styles and atmospheres.
Ad Baki: There were some characters like that (also some people in real life create their own styles, they didn’t come from nothing), but there is also a multitude of characters that do use real-life style (like I said " did use some real fighting styles", not that they are exclusive). Look at the subcategories here:
You have not brought any argument, why “none of my examples really works here”, so I can’t answer that. Also, I don’t know why you treat Yakuza 0 as an obvious parallel. Manga is often lumped together with anime, but even then I especially pointed it out when bringing up Holyland. Don’t know why you would go look for “anime feel” in a video game.
TBH: There is also a lot of live-action Japanese productions that are yankee-centred, and would fit the theme. Some examples: Gokusen, Majisuka Gakuen and Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou.Already mentioned Holyland also has a live-action adaptation.


meh, you get what i mean by ‘anime feel’, most anime have a distinctive feel to them

meh, your wiki prove my point, most of those guys don’t have IRL style and your wiki even qualify ‘brute force’ has it’s own fighting style, also using a manga with a superhuman caveman as an exemple for a toned down anime doesn’t really work

none of your exemple work because none of those manga fit within the feel of the game and the theme that goes with it

because Yakuza 0 is exactly the kind of thing you imagine when talking about a down to earth japanese delinquent anime, Tenjou Tenge is a more direct direct paralel but it’s far from down to earth, a guy litteraly throw fire around by like the second arc and you have a fat girl that appear thin through sheer force of will so it’s kinda irrelevant to our discussion

a video game can have an anime feel, just like a movie can have a comics or BD feel

i have no idea what yankee have anything to do with what we are talking about, especialy given that the game is the opposite of japanese doing american centered stuff


There is no such thing as a distinctive feel to anime. Maybe you were locked in one genre a bit too much, but I can assure you that there is no one specific feel. You could speak about specific genre having one because there is a theme or target group that they have in common, besides technique and place of creation. There is not much in common between series like Serial Experiments Lain, Major and Highschool of the Dead. Source: having seen over 300 anime productions (if need be, I can provide mal).

Compared to Kenshin, Baki is toned down, but like I said it is still a bit too much. Also:

List of real styles in Baki
  • Aikido
  • Boxing
  • BJJ
  • Chinese Kenpo
  • Northern Praying Mantis
  • Yiquan
  • Iaido
  • Judo
  • Jujutsu
  • Karate
  • Kendo
  • Kenjutsu
  • Kickboxing
  • Muay Thai
  • Nihon Kenpo
  • Ninjutsu
  • Sambo
  • Shoot wrestling
  • Shorinji Kempo
  • Sumo
  • Taekwondo
  • Wrestling

Add to these people with a realistic background that is not a style, like MMA, military or self-defence training and the Brute Force (which could also be described as brawling) and crossing over from other sports disciplines. You could find people like this in real life MMA bouts if you searched enough.
“Yankee” in Japanese culture means a different thing. Basically, you can treat it as a synonym of a delinquent, but you can look it up if you want to know more.
The examples I have provided, have high-school kids, going around fighting for various reasons (respect, school reputation, fun, venting), and that is exactly what was presented in the demo so far. So please do explain how they do not fit this game?
I think you need to see the difference between yakuza (Japanese crime syndicates), Yankees (Japanese delinquents) and bona fide Martial Artists.
Also: The only thing that comes to my mind when I read “BD” is Blu-ray Disc.


yes, there is, you can easily get a general feel from most anime and there are common theme in anime

yes and i watched all anime that ever existed, i can copy past a list from wikipedia if requested, see how those kind of claim mean nothing ? that has nothing to do with our discussion so drop it, i’m not interested in how many anime you’ve seen

meh, litteraly none of those completly describe the fighting style of any of the character in baki, some characters have those as their bases, yes (even if for most it’s never stated) but they all created their own variante to it and have added fictional technique and property

the realistic person don’t matter, Baki is about blatantly superhuman guys and reach earthquake level of power quite quickly, those guys litteraly don’t exist from a narrative point of view

delinquent are different from Yankee in that sens, if anything Yankees are a sub-branche

except it has nothing to do with our discussion, Yankee are different from Yakuza but i wasn’t saying that any of the characters are Yakuza, you don’t even play as a yakuza for most of the franchise i was saying that Yakuza 0 works way better as a down to earth delinquent fighting thing with an anime feel

BD = bande dessinné , think Tintin or Asterix


I guess trademark is the wrong word. I think maybe signature? Something the MC would be known for using.


I tried to provide some well-known examples of anime series that have nothing in common when it comes to their themes, so I will use broader terms. Horror anime can have nothing in common with Comedy anime. Ecchi shows are different from Kids show. Etc. Anime allows for this diversity because it does not specify themes or “general feel”, all it specifies is that it’s an animation from Japan.
But fine then. since I can’t get through to you this way, I request your argument for anime having “general feel”. You can “copy past a list from wikipedia”, but I will accept other sources as well. I’m getting tired of denying your thesis when you did not even try to prove it. (Stating “yes, it does” is not an argument.)
Like I said Baki is still over the top, but they do have some base styles, and even among same style practitioners do differ. Haven’t watched It all, but I haven’t seen anyone there creating fire cyclones. (Though they do have superhuman athleticism).
I did say that for the discussion you could treat yankee as delinquents, but suggested there is some more, by hinting at further search,
How does Yakuza fit better as delinquent fighting with anime feel than literal anime about delinquent fighting?
Also, quick google tells me that Bande dessinée is just french for comics and that even includes manga.


anything CAN have nothing to do with anything, it doesn’t change the general atmosphere, cultural influence and industry wide evolution that make an horror anime have a very different feel than an american slasher or a french thriller

honestly if you can’t identify what make an anime have a general different feel from a russian work of the same genre, there isn’t much i can do

no, they just have element from IRL style for their fictional style, how Baki fight is still 100% from someone IRL who use mixed martial art

one character litteraly stop an earthquake with a punch, another fuck up all the GPS on earth by stomping the ground, another can kill T-rex with his teeth and the strongest has punches stronger than nukes

except that Yankee are heavily influence by american culture, of course they won’t represent typicaly japanese delinquent

i am french and i can tell you that it’s an outdated thing, nobody in france use BD to describe comics and manga anymore, we now make the difference between the three because they have heavily diverged and evolved since the days of the rise of american comics, who weren’t that different from european stuff back then (and heavily inspired by it too)


ah okay, then yes i agree but it fall under the ‘base style’ or ‘fictional variante’ thing so yeah, i already said that this kind of thing would be no probleme with the general feel of the game so i don’t see where we disagree on that point

i just realised i kinda derailed the thread, i reall need to stop doing that


Now, my thoughts on it are currently this(May be subject to change in the future.)

I think I want to keep this on a more grounded level. At least in standards of combat deceptions. I already said before you aren’t going to see fighter robots or legions of undead spirits. At least…for this wip. If in a million and a half years, I ever get to finishing this and working on a sequel? It will probably be a lot less grounded, with all characters taking serious levels in badass.

On other notes…

It’s no surprise to see Rafael currently the highest rated character. Brooding tall stoic guy? Obviously he’s going to at least rank. What is surprising to me is the amount of people who seem to have taken to Setsuna, with it current stats suggesting a near even split between the two for characters who are basically polar opposites In third,. Ruka is only being a bit less farther behind, which is nice to see.

As to why not everyone is listed on the polls as an option is easy. Compared to the cat? Everyone is just playing for second(Unlike that other cat.)

Hmm…a health and stamina bar? Technically it would be possible to do…but it might also end up becoming too much resource management for something that’s supposed to be casual. Then again, while the MC is strong, they are far from unbeatable.

Also, there is already stats that measure strength, speed, and technique. Though likely the single most important stat in the game, will be your Badass rating. How, I don’t yet know. May just affect the outcome of the end game or be more in depth. Possibly something to how well you work in teams. Not sure.

While I am considering these things, it’s all likely going to be far in the future before these things are really seen in game.


The real question is not about if we will fight a fighting robot but if we will fight a bear, that’s the true question !

well, Setsuna kinda save your ass with Noel and has pretty funny moment (like suddenly putting new sticker on her face) so it’s normal she is popular

it’s a pretty legit reason to not include the Ve-Ve


this game is interesting so think gonna keep a eye on it as i he game develops more.


Bokketo in English would be called the thousand yard stare


Not quite.

Thousand yard stare is an English concept referring to soldiers who are past the point of having emotional reactions to trauma.

Bokketo would be basically just…sort of…spacing out or staring off without really thinking.

While both refer to what is essentially the same action, the meaning, context and circumstances of it are different.


Well in common conversation it just means spacing out and not really looking at anything.


I’m not sure a job system really fits, especially for the rich and privileged of Okubiro North Point.

I think you’d be better off doing something more focused on the schools that fits with the characters lifestyle.

Choice of two extra curricular clubs for Saint Sada. Kendo club for Power and Toughness. Tennis club for Power and Speed. Acrobatics club for Speed and Skill. Judo club for Toughness and Skill. Kendo and Tennis would add to Wild, while Acrobatics and Judo add to Defensive.

A massive Gym for Okubiro North Point. Would provide a more controlled stat development without the Style Bonus.

I think a Slums Hangout would fit Okubiro Public best, with a collection of tough guy(or gal) activities to build stats. Five finger fillet, more commonly known as the knife game, for Speed and Skill. Old fashion arm wrestling for Power and Toughness. Parkour for Power and Speed. Prize fights for Toughness and Skill.


Not a bad thought. Definitely will think about it.

Still, I do see jobs as possible. While North Point wouldn’t technically need the money from it, I don’t think that stops them from taking part time work. Parents might not want to just hand them everything they ask for without them doing anything to earn it(And really, good on them) and plus having things like work experience to list is useful for college applications.

But clubs…yeah. This was also something that I considered previously. It’s more than potentially possible. But same with the concept of jobs is that I need to think about how to go about doing that. I’m still not quite sure what variable system works for doing it if it’s something that’s going to come up later.

Additionally, clubs might be better if not for any reason than there’s not a real need to include a wealth variable. I feel like that leads too to much resource management and players get too focused on best results than just seeing where things go.

First things first, is I still need to finish this fairly short second chapter that I’m already about 75% done. It’s not really extensive and really more of just serves as showing the MC’s homelife a little bit. So won’t be in depth, and then there’s still one more chapter after that I will need to make before we can actually get to the good stuff.