Rokusuppo W.I.P. (June, 3, 2019)

Ah, that’s fine. She’s my favorite anyway.(Shhhh)

She’s partially based off Raidou Kuzunoah and some anime character I can’t really remember, and a conversation I had with an online friend before about what I’ll do when I’m doing proper private detective cases.

But then. She could also be meant as symbolism(Maybe?)

It’s a (possibly)clear representation of the lower class not having a voice, and rebelling against consumer culture all the while clashing with the awareness of society but unable to escape it from it. Or something.

That. And the fact that I just really like moody girls.


There’s kids who misuse the word “savage”, people who are actually savage,…then there’s Rafael.

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Ahhh yes can’t wait to see more if this time to be the best airhead fighter this school has ever scene XD

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I’m really excited for this!

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Heres a error
This the choice i pick in the Saint Sada path when i got the error

“That whole “Cool guy” attitude of yours, is starting to piss me off.”

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Maybe you typed there “*page break” instead of “*page_break”.


Rewriting is just a simple part of writing cycle. Or, should I say, editing is a simple part of…

I believe that editing for improvements is something that people will like, rather than hate. However, keep in mind of what kind of writing style you have. One thing that makes your story unique is your writing style, and as a lot of us said here, we’re liking your style.

Good luck :fist:t4:


Rlkousuppo feel like Tsujidou no Junai road


Yo now that I think about it I totally see it but yeah I’m kinda excited for more cause TBH I feel this has very high potential (at least in my opinion) :grin:

Also still love my Ruka :blush:

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I took me forever to remember these animes so this reminds me of Tenge tenjou or Ben-to kind of

Edit: I know another anime but i cant remember the name at all

Tenge tenjou



I love how you have different friends with differnt personalities and backgrounds for differnt schools! It makes the demo really replayable!

The supporting cast is all really cute thanks for the demo! :slight_smile:

I sort of imagine that Noel looks like Mob LOL, extremely cute.


Hmm. In my head, I always pictured him as looking kind of like this.


I can’t be sure that I’m right though. I sort of picture his hair being a bit messier.


Really cool concept and fun demo, i really like the concept of Airhead vs Stern in the intro, both being the bad ass and being the airhead was really fun (even if the ‘glare’ option was the least cool of them)

also the anime vibe is really well done, we even have the old drunken master like in Kung Fu movie (or more recently Yakuza 0)

i think it’s the first game i played that really give you the feeling of playing an idiot Hero in a good way and that’s while keeping the stern option cool (the whole ‘then i’m the emperor’ and ‘didn’t i tell you to kneel’ are probably my favorite lines)


you got good taste of anime

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Let’s see if polls work on a separate post from the main. Edit: Answer. It does. Apparently you just can’t do it on the original post.

Favorite character currently from what you’ve seen?

  • Setsuna
  • Rafael
  • Mana
  • Noel
  • Shiro
  • Ruka

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personally my favorite is hobo guy
Also found a glitch where if you choose okubiro public, I put what as my name but that probably dose not matter, no, then metal fangs makes it go back to the name selection part


Honestly, i like all of them

why aren’t the hobo and Venus part of the poll ?


The new prospective mentors of the two other routes seem pretty interesting too.


on the northpoint path, no matter what i chose with Razan, i get ‘parkbrawl1 line 1066: Expected option starting with #’’

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Buggs and Typos

The weakling’s face is beaten too black and blue to see whatever tone of skin he used too have


The band of trash laughs hard clearing trying to scare Noel who just stares calmly at them back.


Am I the only one thinking North Point is actually really cool?" The sound of a girl voice on the sideline of the opposing school does grab the attention of other ones from their school.


The would never turn a student away under the prospect of the fact they would still get paid tuition fees anyway


The is a little tempting. But I do have to keep my promises here. Really, I don’t have anything against any of you.

The offer(?)

Also an error