Rokusuppo W.I.P. (June, 3, 2019)

Slowly, slowly, I’m accomplishing more. Tons of personal reasons why things don’t go as smoothly as I like, but those aren’t anyone’s problem. Interestingly, a certain kind of energy comes from difficulty that inspired me to make an ever so slight change to the story that I won’t mention because that would ruin it.

Current version:Not any significant enough changes to talk about other than reformatting it for my new dashingdon account. This section is a pain to write with all the branching paths, so it’s likely the future chapters will be more simplified being 12 different branches is quite a bit much to juggle by myself. I really feel like people are anxious to get on to the later chapters where things start to come together and so am I.

Link is here:


Battle to be the biggest badass in the city while still in High School. Three different schools to start from each with their own characters and own story. Will you take down everyone to be the number one? Even your own friends?

Slang Guide

Likely to be implemented in some page of the game when I can figure out where it should go and how to do that. Possibly one of those additional info pages that I never bother reading in other games.

Anyway, these may or may not be terms that you already know but, for those of you that don’t, this might be helpful to know for if you see them come up in the game.

Kora: Slanged version of “Hey” Basically like, “Sup.” Not the most polite way of starting things and is mainly to get someone’s attention bluntly. Sometimes the “R” is rolled for emphasis. If you know the person then this wouldn’t be seen as rude depending on them, but not the kind of thing you say to a stranger.

イケメン(Ikemen): A fine looking dude. The varation, Iketeru, would be calling something stylish and sexy. Mainly used in terms of men.

KY( (kuuki yomenai): Essentially describing not being able to read what isn’t there. KY would be the form typically used in texting or online when referring to someone missing the implications of what what someone meant. That they don’t get it.

マジ (maji): Abbreviated from majime. Essentially, like using the word “Seriously?” or “Really?” While used similarly to words like Really, it can be used to convey the opposite of things being well. “Are you REALLY okay?”

Oko: Japanese high school girls tend to use this when talking about someone being angry. It’s short for Okuru which would be “to get angry”. The context of this would be normally to be sure someone isn’t mad. “Are you oko about it?”

Ah-Ne: Shortened from “Ah So-Dane” Meaning “I agree with you.” or “You’re right about that.” Mainly something to use for messenger apps since there are only so many lines to use, many teenagers use Ah-Ne as a shorthand version.

ワロス(warosu) : Sort of like “I lol’d.” It’s derived from the word “warau” which would translate as “To laugh” This is another one more fitting for text and forums than real conversation.

Uzai: “A pain.” “Annoying.” Derived from urusai which is close to saying “Noisy” or also “Annoying.” Meant for short statements, in most cases.

ダサい (dasai): Out of fashion. Lame. Uncool. Doesn’t really have to do with attractiveness of the subject.“Dasai ikemen.” A pretty but really lame guy. This word can also be used with intent of an hipster style of something being so lame that it’s cool. The Japanese language is heavily contextual. Dasai can refer to a place, person, or thing, as well.

Shouganai: There’s no real English equivalent word to it. It’s a lot like “Whelp. Can’t fight fate.”

Bokketo: Again, no real English word to put it to. Like daydreaming but it’s more of describing staring off into this distance completely out of it.

Kintsukuroi: Like the other two, you won’t find an exact way to put it in English. It’s basically referring to rebuilding pottery, but also not. Putting broken pieces back together and making something more beautiful than before.

Character details

Setsuna Koyo:
North Point

Orange dyed hair. Slender build. Typically has some resemblance to the style and fashion of a Kogal or Ganguro girl. A popular style in the 90’s that’s mostly in decline. It’s a style that generally is about flaunting wealth and modeling itself after Western fashion. It hit it’s peak in the early 2000’s as a glam-centric style often coming along with fake eyelashes, heavy make up and glamourizing man-made beauty products. Of course, Setsuna doesn’t completely follow the style too closely and would also never get piercings because “Ah…sharp metal thing jammed into the skin? Mmmmm nope.” Cute?

Her flighty attitude and need to be the center of attention, drives people to either be annoyed with her or think she’s cute. The later is pretty rare, but happens often enough. Nobody would ever expect her to come up with any brilliant plans or strategies, but she’s often surrounded by enough of her friends to make things up for it. Or the friends of her father, a Chief Inspector for the local police department. Although…rumors have it those connections may be a little strained these days… Setsuna puts energy into everything she does, and even up against people with her fists, you can watch her add in a boundless wave of attacks that will just not ever let up for the poor person pitted against her.

Noel Yashida:
North Point

Black hair. Slightly shorter than average. Toned. Looks a couple years younger than he actually is. Outside of his uniform, his style of clothes would be of the relaxed look popularized best in early 2017’s in American fashion. Works very hard to make sure his hair is just messy enough without looking bad.

Shy, reserved and quiet…and just plain scary for the few people who manage to get on his bade side. While a lot of people see it that he’d rather just keep to himself and avoid fighting, he’s often left following and dragged into whatever the latest mess is…which he might actually enjoy being involved in just a bit more than people might think. It shows best in his way of fighting. Often using attacks far more brutal and violent than people would think him capable of, he doesn’t speak much to his opponents since they are already out cold after the first blow.

Ruka Shina:

Shortest of the main characters. Very light. Long hair dyed white. Her typical outfit emulates a police officers or some sort of military official. Could be confused as her being kosupure (コスプレ)(Cosplayer) While not the case, the method of dress isn’t as common as some would think. Though notable exceptions include things such as the Harajuku district in Tokyo, often used as an informal gathering spot for those who enjoy cosplay.

Tiny, moody and stoic. Her best friend seems to be her cat. To say that other students find her a little strange, would be under selling it. While often a lot ruder than what people expect from such a quiet girl, not many see her as real trouble maker rather than just odd. The only thing people have really agreed on about her is that her coat pockets must contain a pocket dimension of infinite candy and lollipops…not the strongest physically, and a little to light to be getting directly into scrapes like some other delinquents. Yet, take your eyes off of her too long …she’s no longer here.

Shiro (Honestly completely forgot his other name)

Tall and heavily muscled. Kind of rugged in appearance. Dark brown hair. No real notable aspects in his choice of clothing other than it is a leisurely and casual style, as was common in mid 2000’s. Ripped jeans, denim and tank tops becoming some of the most popular items, out doing the once futuristic and cyber punk styles that dominated the industry before the 2000’s.

He’s older. Bigger and stronger. He knows it. He’ll put it too his advantage in fights, using his height and heavy muscles to simply lay out opponents without any complex moves and will just endure blows as they come rather than evade. Technically, already an adult even if it doesn’t show in his attitude. He doesn’t seem to carry any real aspirations or life plans. He doesn’t look at the future, having his feet planted firmly on the ground. His enemies will have the hell of a time trying to take him off of it.

Mana Sasori
Saint Sada

Long black hair. Taller than the average girl. Her clean cut style would actually be representative of a trend known as Cult party Kei. Derived from dolly kei, it goes for a mostly pure and clean look, but places emphasis on natural make up that typically focuses on the eyes, as well as a fascination with western religious items such as crosses. Fabric is often done in soft colors and it’s common enough to see satin made use of for that pure girl look.

The class president. Working hard to get all the best grades and do what she can to ensure a good future for herself. Or at least that’s what she’s supposed to be doing. To her friends, it’s more clear that she would rather spend more of her time drawing or getting into whatever the latest shenanigans are along with them. Oddly enough, all those late night study sessions and keeping pace with so many things at once, had made her more capable of working while tried and exhausted. Don’t expect her to cave so easily after a couple of moves, since it’s nothing to the kind of stress an average day is for her. She doesn’t have the physical strength to be overwhelming anyone, and often relies on practical applications of force. If all else fails, you may discover that she has more than one use for her pen…

Rafael Rosseau
Saint Sada

Tall. Blond. Blue eyes. Like all of the characters, physically toned. Following the 2010’s revival of grunge culture, if left up for him, he would dress in the style of it. Like most other modern men styles, it places a heavier emphasis on a casual and laid back appearance rather than showy or seemingly pretentious style, clashing directly with the return of 1950’s men’s wear that does the opposite. Rumor has it that he may also somewhere have a Japanese tattoo somewhere on his body…

Exotic? Tall? Stoic? Is it any secret how he got so popular? It’s just too bad, he doesn’t seem to hold any interest in anyone or anything. If asked about his hobbies, he’ll just pretend not to understand you. He speaks both languages perfectly. He’ll just prefer to let people think he doesn’t so he won’t have to answer them. Even in his own language, he doesn’t talk that much. If he does, it’s rarely going to be for him to say something positive. While smart mouthed comments are his weapon of choice, he also happens to be good at just not being there when someone gets ready to do something about a comment they don’t like and taking punishment as it happens. He’s not just fast. He’s tough as well. If breaking down an iron wall would be frustrating enough, a constantly moving one is worse. While he may not have the most inherently powerful moves to hit, it matters little when his enemies are left panting and exhausted and not having managed to get a good hit on him onc


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Starting a WiP thread is an accomplishment in of itself - so if you keep your focus and keep at it, I’m sure you will progress your game along just fine.

Good luck!


I loved it! You did great to give us a peek into the personalities of two characters and how we’re viewed by other schools all in such a short scene. (Setsuna seems adorable, lol). The writing is brilliant, the character-building is great and I’ll definitely be following this one!

Also, ran into this bug:

Can’t seem to move past this point. Is it because the demo ends here? Or is it just a bug?


Seems nice. With the different kinds of schools fighting it reminds me a bit of Gokusen and Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou.
The unfinished branches end on an error, not sure if that was on purpose (I think you might be using *goto finish instead of *finish for example)
Will characters from other schools be romanceable? (Setsuna a QT)

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Going to be honest, here, but the intro confuses me.
So, I assume that we’re in a some kind of an arena, fighting alongside Noel while Setsuna cheers us outside the ring, but somehow, she jumped into the fight? Other than that, the gender and attraction choices are too ambiguous and personal by involving Setsuna in the attraction to female. I have to think twice just to make sure I don’t pick the wrong option.

It’s also quite hard to keep track of what is happening, or who is speaking, at least for me.


…I think I already have a crush on Raphael.
Good start! Really like it!!!


This looks like an interesting start, although I would agree with @Szaal that it’s often not easy to know who’s speaking. This isn’t helped by the fact that often there will be more than one speaker per paragraph. As far as characters go, Noel is cute :blush: (although I don’t see why I’d be shipping him with Setsuna rather than myself :roll_eyes:)… I was also pretty fond of the airheaded replies. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I should note that it feels like you’re trying to write three different stories at once, which could end up being more than you really need to do… :confused:

Anyway, good luck with the game. :smile:

Got errors:

parkbrawl1 line 1206: bad label finish

parkbrawl1 line 1221: bad label finish


I got this error too

parkbrawl1 line 1206: bad label finish


I got the same errors as said above, but I also got this

That said, I really like the amount of diversity in who you can be and all the variations in the scenes dependant on that (also Mana off in the corner, shipping me and Rafael? Mood) but a lot of the time, it’s very difficult to tell who’s saying what and what exactly is going on. Like, it really seems like we were all standing around just talking but then suddenly there’s a line that implies at least one person was fighting while talking (what were the rest of us doing, then? Also it seemed like the fight was almost over, so what was the MC doing until then? Just watching for the fun of it?) and it’s just very difficult to keep track the situation


Top 10 anime fights
20 chars


Played with the other “schools” too: I love the idea of having the best buddies depending on the choosen school.
I have to agree about having sometime a hard time getting who is talking at the moment, and sometime this problem, when there are only two people talking, is given by having the different dialogues on the same line (I don’t know if I’m being clear here…)

And sometimes I have not clear what I am choosing (straight/ethero girl/guy) but it can be me not being as fluent as I’d like with the english language :sweat_smile:



Played it and loved it, cannot wait for more.


Yeah I agree. It gets confusing figuring out who is speaking.


A WiP? Well, in the immortal words of Estelle Bright…

(now excuse me while I try the demo, I’ll be right back)


Bad label at end of Saint Suda route.

Bad label at the end of the private school route.

*her face not he face

whenever you’re* ready
Also, this part really doesn’t flow too well. Most of the story is a bit hard to follow, actually.

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He’s my favorite already!!


Seems interesting needs to expand on story abit more


I feel like I’m the only one rooting for Ruka she kinda reminds me of hajime from hamatora (minus her physical description)


I feel that I am going love this W.I.P hope see more