Rising souls : Duplicity

Kellthos faces a dire threat as the Dark overlord sealed over 5 hundred years ago broke free of his prison. What’s worse ? half of its consciousness ended residing within you and now there is a big list of people that want to use you or see you dead.
Are you going to side with the humans , the dark ones or will you be a side on your own. ?

Will the relationship between the find possessing you be one of mutual benefit or one of constant struggle ?

Will you cling to your humanity or will you cast it away for the sake of power ?

Can you survive the trials before you ? More importantly can you do so while remaining yourself ?

Drawbacks. Because there are always drawbacks.You see english is not my first language, which gonna make actually writing the things i want without the narrative suffering, a real b!ch

So if someone is interested and confident in his writing abilities PM me i’d really appreciate the help


Sounds awesome can’t wait

Oh I love possession! I hope me and my dark lord hitchhiker can be friends…

Sounds interesting!

Don’t worry about English not being your first language, there are plenty of people here like that who write(and get better). There are plenty of native speakers/writers that will also help out with it on the demo or beta testing.

Finally i finished with the intro (woohoo!)
Word of caution. I expect there to be a lot of grammatical problems, if you’d be so kind as to point them out (along with a correction if possible) it will help me alot
Also “i think” i dealt with all the bugs but it’s possible that i missed some so if you come across one point it out and i will proceed to squash it to the best of my programing abilities

And finally i am not sure whatever the link works or not, and honestly if it doesn’t i have no way of fixing it so any pointers in case it doesn’t would be more than welcome. Solved thanks to @addicted


updated link deals with bugs but not grammar

I am on tablet and is giving me to download.

@Al_K_B This is the link that you want:

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Yes that did it, thanks a bunch !
I also changed it at my post

I found an error:

Hell! Having Arsavel in my body as a male will be interesting haha!! :smirk:

I’m intrigued by the story. I’ll shoot a PM over helping with some grammatical errors and whatnot.

  • Somehow though you feel that you shouldn’t

Needs a period.

  • Wait ! That’s your name !

You put spaces between words and exclamation.

  • harder than you remember,it is the simplest thing

Needs a space between the comma and it.

  • Not being one with darkness

You need a period before Not.

  • Jonathan the Golden Cloud ,

No spaces before a comma.

  • “children sacrificing human skinned devils !”

Children should be capitalized and no space before exclamation.

  • Instead what you got was a loving father with a great sense of humor

Needs a period.

  • Oh well, it wasn’t all bad i mean...

i should be capitalized and the sentence doesn’t have a period.

  • seeing talent lose to politics...

Both i’s in the sentence aren’t capitalized.

  • You never spoke of this again

Needs a period.

  • What the… where the hell are you ?

No spaces behind question marks.

  • when that guy , what was his name again ?

Spaces behind comma and question mark.

  • he wanted your help exploring them

Needs a period.

  • I mean old ruins are dangerous, yes, monsters ,

Space behind comma also the sentence needs a period.

All the choices on that page need a period.

  • how did you end up in these cloud islands…

You put two periods, you need three.

  • how can you stand atop of clouds ,

That comma should be a question mark and there is a space behind it.

  • you start to fall

Needs a period.

  • You look around, you had one scary dream,

Last comma should be a period.

  • merchant guild offices ?

Space behind question mark.

Primes don’t have a page.

  • other Dark ones to their will

Needs a period.

  • created by the lords and any cross between them,As

Comma should be a period and needs a space between As.

Beast codex needs a period.

  • while i have a sharp mind i lack passion.

i, most of the i’s on the page are the same.

-Let’s just say i am not thd sharpest...



I was Meth the addicted one. At the beginging I think it should be adjusted “You would expect yourself…”


Updated link deals with bugs and grammar

The grammar corrections were brought to you by @EkoBegins and @Dark_Stalker.
You guys are great!


They do but you can only see it if you have enough lore.

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So is there a question any of you has about the game or its future development ?

What romance options we will have?

There’s a total of 14 option not counting the dark lords who get something sort of a romance with the MC

Now for the fourteenth characters that are “normally” romanceable .
There are 7 men and 7 women each one with their unique tastes

Also on that matter after a long consideration i decided to not add a preference filter to the game, that means that people your character might not feel attracted toward because of their gender might not feel the same way.


Sweeeeeeet I am liking this idea already

So… it came to my attention that releasing full updates on early multi-branching stories takes way to much time.

So in light of that new discovery i will focus on one branch at the time before updating
And thats dear reader is where you come in,for which of the 8(actually seven read below) dark lords that could be possessing your characters you want to read next ?
post below and the first to receive ten “votes” gets the next update, you may not however “vote” for Arsavel.

If you are wondering why, it’s because she is the toughest to write for (mainly because of the innuendo) and for that reason i will write her last.

On another note i have technical issue i was hoping someone could help me with.
The edit button is missing from my initial post preventing me from posting a link to the game there.
Is there a way to restore it or or work around it ?