Rise of Etrea: The Royal Spy, Updated 1/4/20

You shake your head, "Of course not. It was one of my first lessons, the leader of Etrea at the time felt that magical technologies was the best way to improve the way of living of people. The Church of the All-Seeing created doctrine against it. Rather than starting another series of religious wars; Etrea would leave the Alliance until they restricted magic use.

I highlighted the mistake in the game text above.

In my opinion you shouldn’t let the gender change the story as i said before i think that the Etrean line shouldn’t be matriarchal or patriachal so everyone can have the same experience regardeless of the gender they identify themselves (i think that gender opinion in the games should be only for the pronouns and that shouldn’t change nothing in the story and for a customization option like when we chose hair color or eye color)

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Why should it be changed? It doesn’t really impact the story and even if it does, that just means you need to make some skill checks to find another way. And personally I like the fact that the succession line is matriarchal, because its interesting and adds to the world building of this story. And I disagree that gender should only dictate pronouns, that sounds incredibly bland and boring.


Well, only pronoun choice makes the story boring. However, most writers do that to reduce work.

@JinxedGames I would like it if you even add more to world-building. Like make polyandry legal and polygyny illegal (in line with the matriarchal society), for example.

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I like the idea of a matriarchal succession line too
I just hope it wont mean we have to be diplomatic as female and strong in male (like I hope we dont get forced to play a certain way with a certain gender asnd get punished otherwise)


That’s why stats exist.

Was disappointed when it end
I want more

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Thank you for pointing this out!

Not at all! I don’t think that would be very fun to play or to write. Rest assured gender won’t have any impact on whether certain choices affect the player positively or negatively.


I would love to devote more time to world-building, especially in relation towards Etrea’s society and how it would change the social politics of a normal medieval feudal system. But I have a horrible habit of aiming too high when it comes to personal goals, so to combat that, the overall game isn’t planned to be terribly big.

Meaning that a lot of the lore that isn’t directly related to plot or isn’t relevant enough to be put in stats is either going to be breezed past (the question of bastardy in Etrea is brought up once) or not mentioned at all.


My MC getting an alias then choosing to giving the heir his true name
I’m gonna love/hate manipulating them :eyes:


And another good WIP for me to keep my eyes on.
I’m gonna need more eyes


Just a quick update so I don’t forget later. For those that don’t check up on my progress reports on tumblr I have finished the first draft of the newest chapter! There’s still a lot to do before I post an update, but progress is being made.


Yas ill be looking forward to it

So I have something that I want your guys’ input on. I have a character that as I’m getting closer to introducing him I’ve slowly come to the conclusion that just due to the overall dynamic of his relationship with the MC and his plot importance he’d make a good RO. But due to the plot line I have surrounding him, if I were to make him an RO, his actual romance wouldn’t start until mid to late game. Which so that there is no confusion, you’d be able to flirt and there would be some individual scenes early game, but not as many as the other ROs.

It’s because of this I’m not sure whether to make him an RO. It does make sense plot-wise, but I don’t want the people who decide to pursue him to feel like they were cheated out of content. I’ve debated it for several weeks now and still haven’t been able to make my mind, and at this point I thought it’d be better to ask you guys what you thought.

I’ve made a poll for the people who are more inclined to lurking than actual conversation in the comments and for those of you who don’t mind talking feel free to respond with your opinions.

  • Add him as RO even with less content
  • Don’t make him an RO

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Jinx: New RO?
Me: :smiley:
Jinx: Him


As long as you make this clear within the story and it doesn’t break immersion, I think most will be fine with this.

Others might even prefer this, especially if you are still able to flirt with others until you reach the commitment point later in the game.

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I’m adding in the new RO! His name is Dorin Asteso. I can’t seem to edit my initial post at the moment to add him and his information to the RO section, but know that he is an RO and that I will update the page with his info as soon as I can.


Demo updated! As always tell me of any coding or grammar mistakes that I have made.