Ripples of blood [WIP]

Ripples of blood

The murders of San Kiara remains to be one of Hydaria’s unsolved problems. No law enforcers seem competent enough to solve. Month to month, the number of people who wind up dead increases, from ladies to lords, women to men. The murders does not discriminate anybody safe for children who fortunately were not targeted.

As a disowned noble, you are busy trying to survive the ups and downs of life, however, in a desperate search for your missing mother, you end up arriving at that very cursed city. San Kiara. Where everything begins and ends.

Are you ready, to uncover the true face of the culprit?

Synopsis You’ve heard that sound before. The first drop of chaos before the storm explodes. When your mother disappeared. When your father’s woman came to your mansion seven months pregnant. When your journey for truth led you to the town of San Kiara. You’ve heard that sound before. That hurtful, ear piercing scream. Like the screams of a stranded whale, capturing you by the neck.

It won’t let you go. Why won’t it let you go?

This möbius of murder.

Why won’t it let you go?

You held the root of all misery at the point of your gun.

There is a perversion that should be locked behind prison bars.

This Möbius of murder.

You will end it, end the love that could have been.


You play as a disowned noble, who ends up investigating the murders of San Kiara, which may very well be the place where your mother was last sighted before her disappearance. Explore the mystery and uncover the murderer, all with the power of your wit.

RO selection

As of now there are 6 definite RO, and one RO I’m still considering whether to make into an npc or not.

The definite ROS are the following:
Osric Ashbrook [M]
Laidback and caring. A nice RO by all definitions. Forgetting betraying you, Osric would never dare hurt your feelings. The type to reject you for your own sake.

Louisa Grimaldi [F]
Your childhood friend, the daughter of marquees Grimald. Her personality is manipulative and easy to be bored. But, that’s exactly why you two are close, as a deceitful pc, the connection between you two is unbreakable, as a Frank pc, you interest her.

Hamlin Davenport [M]
A person with multiple red flags. Obsessive and emotionally fickle. The fantasy of unbroken devotion served with a twist. Forget lurking in the shadows, he wants you in the light and in the dark.

Anika [F]
A member of a mysterious organizations. Her personality is naturally warm and hearty. Like a drunken dream.

Enforcer Morcant [M]
Strict with others, and even more himself. Yet warm on the inside. Enforcer Morcant is the enforcer responsible for investigating the murders of San Kiara.

Eira [F]
Lover of money and anything precious. She was the one who trafficked you after your father threw you away. If chosen real enemy to lovers.

Length of demo

Currently it’s about (10%, Chapter 2 under construction), 42 k Words (without code) done, and I plan on updating every three days till the second week of February. The updating schedule from the second week of Feb would probably slow down to every three weeks or one month.


The feedback I’m searching for is, pacing, RO likeability and any criticism/ things you like about this demo. And whether this game is interesting or not. Edited: I’ve implemented some cheat modes, some of which I am still working on. It’ll be great if you guys can give feedbacks on that, and watch out for duplicated choices. Oh, and if you notice heir color or hair type or eye color switching, please tell me. Thank you!


Interesting read. Nice.


Thank you so much!


I didn’t play the game yet, but it looks interesting wish there was like more to go off of like you know with the description :man_shrugging:


Thank you for the feedback! I’ll add it now :smiley:


it was a very good read for me and I like the relationship system you made its very informative to say the least.


Eternity passed before you realized, you were left alone. There were no more traces of Louisa. Interest still filled you, even though there was no longer anyone to guide you around, you walked around on your own around the shop.

“So? Would you be a murderer or a liar? Chose your pick, Louisa.” You crushed your red collar as if to expel the heat from the dark den and the ricocheting tension between the two of you.

To your surprise, Louisa fixed your collar to its place, her teasing fingers passing through your neck, “You think you could coerce me, to chose you over Hamlin? I tell you, it is not your importance, but my interest that caused me to agree. A crime pushed by your hands, seem like a surefire way to bind you to me.”

Heya!! So I’m a little confused here…Is this a mistake orrrr?? Because at first it said we were now alone, but then all of a sudden Louisa is there with us and we’re at the assassins guild. or did you have it written like that purposely?


Very interesting! I hope you add more descriptions. I can’t wait for the next update!


Ahhh😫 I forgot to add a *goto (scene jump) so it entered into the wrong scene. Thank you so much for reporting the bug!

@mownie thank you so much!

@vergil thank you!!:smiling_face:

Oi @TheDrunkenGamer it’s lass and not lad for female MC, also Louisa refers herself as he, him and his… Unless Louisa is woke :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:.


Ah, I must have switched the setting or written the code wrong somehow. Sorry, pronouns switching bug sometimes occur since I constantly write when sleep deprived. Can I ask where the he, him and his is? (It’s okay if you don’t want to):smiling_face:

Before MC and Louisa go out, before she asks what gift MC wants.

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I’ll fix it right now. Thank you so much for telling me☺️

Sorry, can I ask if you chose to be civil or slapped the mistress in the beginning of the story? I made the personality change the visible choices. I lurked around and checked the encounter with Louisa but can’t find the wrong pronoun😅

My eyes can’t find it😭 The only time I see him, he there was when pc asks for Hamlin‘s head and makes Louisa shocked.

I’m sorry, but I really can’t find the lad lass switching.

I set gender as 1, so in multireplace it should appear as the one earlier, right?

Please correct me if I’m wrong😅
Or if I write another lad lass and forgot

I love how unhinged MC can be :sweat_smile: why would you actually slap your fathers lady (bro caught a three piece in return and still didn’t gaf). But that’s not all folks!! Because next is shooting the outside of the club up??!! (aka the place with assassins in it )

Let’s Also, talk about why he thought it was okay to shoot some unsuspected bird, like it was supposed to be sexy. I ain’t know he’d even do all that, I thought he’d just take the gun normally but nope, that had to be done with pizzazz.

Like yes, I made the choices, but I never thought they’d actually play out…MC needs to be stopped, he’s dangerous to society at this rate.


Thank you for playing! And yes, I wanted to make the mc a bit unhinged haha. It’s more fun writing that way😅