Ripples of blood [WIP] Update 1.4 76 k words without code, currently ends before they reach San Kiara. Expect an update in 2 - 4 weeks

Civil? I don’t know what that means, cheaters get face claps…


Haha. True! That’s fun playing that way🙌🏻

Thanks! I’ll check it out again

Well, I can say that I like this one way more than “The insignia- tale of a rebel”, so I wish you good luck!


Thank you so much! As expected I’ll work on this first


Will have to see where this goes but it has potential, good job.


Thank you so much for playing!


Welp, I drowned lol :laughing: very nice game but I don’t like dying :unamused: :laughing:
I’m looking forward to more :grinning:


Haha… Thanks for playing! I’ll add checkpoints when the demo is near done since adding them now makes quick test hard.

If you want to continue on with the game, but don’t know how to live, here is how with the current portion uploaded:

If you went to the dark den, choose to go alone, go right, meet Hamlin and get 15 points, till the relationship status changes from Hamlin will kill you if he has a chance. Then you’ll get to continue the game with him saving you. I’m working on the subroute there, and there’s a way to avoid jumping entirely.

And here is how to not die in the encounter with Hamlin in the dark den:

Don’t bite his hands, and at maximum refuse to open your eyes just once, if you refuse and keep your eyes closed twice you die.

Thanks for playing!


Do you guys think I should add a cheat mode where you can see if the choice will lead to your death or nah?


I would like that only if you want and have the time for it :grinning:

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Gotcha! I’ll add it after I finish the other route after Osric gets caught :blush:.


Thank you so much :grinning:

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I added some cheat modes, but only 2 out of 4 has been implemented. But, right now, I’m still working on the other routes, so the only way out is the route where you drowned. I’ll probably be done with the well traveled branch in a week or two :blush:


I totally forgot Hamlin was a RO and ended up wanting his head :rofl:.
The romance with Louisa is interesting and i cant wait to see where it leads. Definitely bookmarking this.

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Thanks for the great demo! I saw there’s option for woman to bow, does that mean I can play as a transman? Or is it just for this page only? Thanks a lot!

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Thank you​:smiling_face::smiling_face: I love that option too!

Ah, I added that option to be inclusive and reduce the feeling of dissonance, there’s a way to change your names, and I’ll add option to be referred to by your second name. But due to the setting of the game, you won’t be able to play out straight out trans, I’m really sorry :sob: At most you’ll be able to wear woman’s/ man’s tunic and maybe change your hairstyle.

There definitely won’t be any specific in depth trans content like fallen hero, again I’m sorry😭

Maybe I’ll add an option to turn any description of sex body parts off later?

If you guys have any feedback, I’ll be happy to hear.

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Thanks for the quick response! Glad to know there’s such an option like a second name! :slight_smile:

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The ‘‘You just hoped, these men were not gay and had no intent of vilifying you.’’ line comes across homophobic, in my eyes.


I don’t mean to be negative or anything but I did want to mention this line “You were dragged by the hand, two strong hands, dragging you by the elbow. You just hoped, these men were not gay and had no intent of vilifying you.”

As a gay guy, reading this was very upsetting. It reads as if just by being gay a man would automatically think of violating another man. On top of that, I was sure the line would not be “you just hoped these men were not straight” for female MCs and I was correct.

It reads “You were just grateful, there were women within the group, though, your reputation had died simply from the fact you were kidnapped.”

The difference here made me feel even worse, like we should expect gay men to want to do that just because we are gay.

I am not saying you should change things, it is your story and you are free to write it how you wish, I just wanted to give you my impressions of it as a gay man.