Game Title:Ripper
The game is kind of like persona minus the social links and using an evoker or a card.
Expect a demo soon!

@SirWolf Can you tell us something about plot?

You play as a orphan who gets invited to a school but after a few days the orphan discovers he could use his soul as a weapon he then joins a group to eliminate the soulless (not much is known about them as they can be only seen by a certain few) then random stuff happens .

Oh and the group are called the rippers

Okay sounds good lucky forwad to it

Like the concept of this as i have played persona. Kinda like a reverse to what i am doing since my story the PC is soulless and you guide souls while your PC has a soul that turns into a weapon that eliminates a soulless. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok dropbox wont allow me to upload the folder

Setting up Dropbox:

Go to:
and sign up.

When your account is created, go to:

A new folder will appear in Dropbox called ‘public’. Open it and copy your whole choicesript folder (the folder you downloaded from the CoG site) into the dropbox public folder. Now, go to the file you want to show me and right-click it. There will be a new option: ‘share public link’ (or something similar). Click that and then paste the link here.

Ok new problem I lost my data :-((
edit:I manged to rewrite it due to back up data but its only part of the begninng

Heres the link
edit:Dont click it it wont work dropbox wont allow me to copy the folder into public for some reason

Dropbox keeps backups of things so hopefully you won’t lose your data again. I know it sucks when that happens. I’ve lost work I’ve done twice now.

I’d say think twice about the title Ripper. Ripper first makes me think of Jack the Ripper. Even Soul Ripper would be preferable. Having a quick look at synonyms for Ripper Sunder’s the one that I like best attached to soul, mostly since it’s an alliteration and I’m fond of those.

So will the demo be out for this? :confused:

Maybe sometime as Dropbox won’t allow me to put in the choice script folder

@SirWolf Have you tried creating all the folders first, i.e.


and then copy-paste the file contents of each CS folder into the new ones?

@SirWolf You can do it!! I believe in you! *emotional support*

Reading the comments I had originally thought the game would have something to do with Jack the Ripper, aw well, it sounds like an interesting game anyways.

Doo doo doo…

well i haven’t set up a dropbox public folder for my game yet either and i am almost done the demo/intro, hope it’s not as hard as it is for @SirWolf

and the game idea seem amazing, so, HURRY UP! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what my doo doo doo was for. :stuck_out_tongue: