Riddles Galore


Hi all…
I am relatively new here so I know the majority of you don’t know me yet, but I hope that will change in the near future :slight_smile:
And I though that I should get a little topic going to break the ice and all that.
So I decided to start with a little riddle I made up not so long ago, that (so-far) very few people have figured out.
Here it goes…
“I start at Ten, I add Ten and my answer is eight, I am correct but how?” (You have to say it slowly, makes it sound better :slight_smile: )

Have Fun :slight_smile:


You’re a clock.


I have a riddle for you now. :slight_smile:

"I am seven letters long.
I am greater than God.
I am more evil than Satan.
The poor have me.
The rich need me.
You can carry me to the grave.
I occupy the spaces between planets and stars.
If you eat me, you will die.

What am I?"

And another for free (okay, the first was free too, but whatever):

"I am invisible and weightless, but when you put me in a barrel, I make it lighter.

What am I?"


The first one is “Nothing”
Nothing is greater than God
Nothing is more evil than Satan
The poor have nothing
The rich need nothing
You carry nothing to the grave
Nothing occupy’s the spaces between planets and stars
And if you eat nothing you will die

And the second one I think is a “hole?”

Okay here’s one :slight_smile:

It is the beginning of existence and the end of time,
It is the beginning of everything and the end of space,
what is it?


@Azrael It’s the letter E


Yup, the second one is “hole”. :slight_smile:

The answer to yours: The letter “E”.
Existence, timE
Everything, spacE

"I am too much for one, enough for two, and nothing to three.

What am I?"


I remember this one, there are two answers, it is either the #4 or love :slight_smile:

Okay I’ll try and make them harder >:)

A man was to be sentenced, and the judge told him, “You may make a statement. If it is true, I’ll sentence you to four years in prison. If it is false, I’ll sentence you to six years in prison.”
After the man made his statement, the judge decided to let him go free. What did the man say?


Sorry, the answer was “a secret”. :stuck_out_tongue:

“You will sentence me to six years in prison.”

I may have gotten that backwards, I can never get it straight…


Ah damn #-O

Yes…Yes it is…I will go sulk in a corner now :frowning:

Hehe Okay a harder one >:)

What row of numbers comes next in this series?



Wait…I didn’t see your riddle…is it a riddle?..seems like a statement to me?

If it is, then I do not know :confused:



A man goes into a DIY shop, puts $2 onto the counter and asks for a screwdriver.

The saleman asks if he wants a flat-headed or cross-headed screwdriver.

He says Cross-headed, takes it and leaves.

Two minutes later, another man goes into the same shop, puts $2 onto the counter and asks for a screwdriver.

The salesman gives him a cross-headed screwdriver without asking which he wanted.

Why did the salesman ask the first man, but not the second?


@Azrael Sorry, I’ve just heard that one before. :stuck_out_tongue:

@andymwhy It was the same man but his screwdriver broke?

"In the dark, I am found without being fetched.
In the light, I am lost without being stolen.

What am I?"


@andymwhy Yep :slight_smile:

@ArchAngel950 The stars

Okay lets up the difficulty a bit…

A horse travels a certain distance each day. strangely enough,two of it’s legs travel 30 miles each day and the other two travel nearly 31 miles. It would seem that two of the horses legs must be one mile ahead of the other two legs, but this can’t be true, since the horse is normal, how is this situation possible?


the front legs travel 30 miles and the back legs travel a couple feat off of 30 miles.


@Paul Nope try again :slight_smile:


The front legs travel NEARLY 31 miles, but not quite.


Walks in a big cricle inner legs 30 outter legs 31?


I thought i’d post my own riddle here.
‘I am one with eight to spare, lest I lose one. I am not a number. What am I?’


A cat?