Rewind, Book One: The Demo



I’m so glad you enjoyed!!! It means so much that you’re enjoying so many parts of it ^^

It’s so odd, there seems to be a HUGE issue with dashingdon messing up the code once we enter it :confused: hopefully more of these errors will stop occurring. Thank you for pointing out more issues!!


Haven’t read the demo yet but this looks super interesting! Sorry if this has been asked before but is there really only one RO per book? Do we have to romance them for the story to progress?

I haven’t even met them yet but based on their description, I think I’m going for Alain or the dragon :heart:


The emptiness I feel inside having finished this demo is unlike anything I’ve felt in a long time, the feeling of NEEDING more. Just, wow.
I’m beyond ready to throw my money at you when this is ready, if that’s OK.


From what was said by the author:

  1. Only one RO for each book.
  2. You need to romance each one until the end of Book Five.

Did I summarize correctly?


Hey there! Yes, there is only one RO per book! This is because of an underlying plot that will slowly reveal itself throughout the series! I’m thinking of adding a friendship route, so people do not have to romance ROs they aren’t interested in!

Ah, Alain, the massive sweetbean and Ryx, the hurt and angry dragon who needs a kind hand. Two very popular ROs!!


So far, reading the first book seems like choosing a single romance path in a traditional Virtual Novel, like Amnesia: Memories which this format reminds me very much of, so far.


Im like squealing oh my god I’m so glad you’re enjoying this so much!!! If you’re interested, I will be working on a second game along with Rewind (I’m someone who has to have multiple projects, haha) and it will also take place in this world… and include some of the same characters!

Honestly, that’s so nice to hear ;w; I was originally afraid that Rewind wouldn’t muster the interest it has, let alone Patreon inquiries, and it’s so nice to be proven wrong!!!


If you could manage it, I am going totally on board on this. Although for some I am nitpicky but I don’t usually create the same MCs for all the ROs because I feel like I am playing around (I meant not offense to those who do create the same MC). I always do a different one in order to feel each individuality and some ROs are not my type that I don’t bother to do their romance route at all.

Overall if you decided to not do the the friendship routes, I respect your decision on it and good luck. I do welcome more character based CoG/HG titles.


Ah, thank you! But I can only imagine how much extra work that would be so I will respect whatever your decision may be. I don’t mind romancing them all tbh, lol.


(Capri/Cierra here from my personal account as the forum won’t allow me to post a lot as a newbie)

I understand! I knew going into this that the system would probably throw a lot of people! If it’s any consolation, I will be working on a second game along with Rewind (as I am a person who needs options on what to work on to be able to work) that will allow you to pick from a group of ROs in one book after getting to know them! Rissa’s game will also have a system like this (and I’m so excited to tell you guys about it)!


Very good news indeed! =D I am looking forward to those. Just make sure you don’t overwork yourself because a lot of people will be sad if you fell ill or stressed yourself out. :smiley:


Ah, yeah, I’m a workaholic to be honest, :laughing: . And I’m in mourning right now, which I usually use work to help me deal. Thankfully, I have a couple of mother hens who help keep me in line :heart: … and tell me to take breaks, HA. Rissa is also a workaholic


Great story, I didn’t want it too end. :grinning:


You know I am the same with different ROs and MC, and how I always do a different MC for each RO. I had the exact same worries as you, and when I spoke with Capri she actually reassured me a lot.

In this case, we must have the same MC through the books for plot reasons, and when I asked her what would happen at the end then, if we romanced everyone, she assured that we don’t need to worry as there will be different endings that will keep people like us happy :D.


I’ll probably just going to try it out once Book Two comes out to see how this will pan out. Because from what I understand from the premise and the author explanation, I have to use the same MC who will have intimate moments with various ROs throughout the series. I would probably sound boring or old fashioned but I view my MC as a stick to one kind of girl. Of course, the finish product might translate different so for now, I have to wait for Book Two to see on how this goes.


I don’t have any likes left, goddamnit :rofl:

While I totally agree with you, in this case I think (and this is me speculating, Capri hasn’t give me spoilers lol) it will be somehow different universes with the same MC?

And also the fact that the MC won’t remember the past ROs… I will romance pretty much everyone if just to see what happens at the end :rofl:.


If you think about it, every IF game and some video games like DA series would be like an alternative universe if you plan to make different choices every playthrough. :joy:

Still whatever the author choose to do in the end, I hope people will enjoy it. Based from the list of ROs, I find the magician and Sam interesting the most.


Clone the f outta MC so everyone is happy


What if all the MCs from the different universes meet each other?:


Hehe, I’m glad to see you all so interested in the story and what’s going to be happening in the series :wink: