Rewind, Book One: The Demo



CoG’s focus is the American market which is why they require American English to be used and most likely would encourage use of the Imperial system (although I do not know the last for sure)


For sure! This is one of the reasons WiP threads are here, so authors get feedback. Perhaps making the age range more recognizable as over 18 would be something you might want to look into.

Regardless, I felt it important to tell you the vibe I was getting as I was reading.


I really enjoyed that. Quite a bit of reading, but I missed it when it ended. :relaxed:

Ah yes, Gru became my favourite family member too, something just wholesome about him. Glad to have a brother like that in this intriguing (and somewhat foreboding) game. :smiley:


Ah okay, that’s understandable since your are still in the process of perfecting this demo.

We STAN an author who’s inclusive of not just genders, but measurement units too :wink::heart:

BOI YOU BETTER! He’s SUPER sweet to the MC as his sister, AND super attentive to everyone else ugh. He’s like the dream older brother everyone wishes they could have lol


Hi one suggestion that I have is if you could have a note at the end of a decision that effect stats, because I have no idea where most of my stat changes came from ( especially the ones where all my relationships do my family members decreased to neutral even though I interacted with my brother. And I have no idea where my four percent in domiance came from, not that I mind but if the first increase in dominance would come from the choice of me having shoulder length hair, then I would suggest maybe changing that or omitting stat changes from hair styles because of the unfortunate implications. But could it be that my decrease in my family relationship could have somthing to do with my choice of responding sarcastically even though I had more percent in my Sweet stat?)

I thought it was pretty obvious that they were in their twenties, because at first I thought that the bottle that our friend gives us was alcohol :sweat_smile:.
But mid twenties is also my default age for such a setting.


Umm, hey there! If I showed where all the stat changes happened, there would be a LOT of excess dialogue! I do not want to map out how the stats work so people can be how they want and not worry about stats as this is not a stat based game.

-Closeness will happen if you’re a jerk to one family member or if you do not visit one of the brothers on your off day.

Dominance likely came from an earlier choice, dear. Customisable appearance options do NOT have stat links. Dominance usually comes from you taking charge in a conversation or a more aggressive reaction!

Sweet stat does not have anything to do with that! If you were harsh to your father or didn’t visit a brother, closeness will be effected!


You won me over with metric mesurements


Thank you :slight_smile:




I already adore this story and it’s characters, this is beautifully written! Like Nadin, I was a bit confused by where some stats and relationships changed sometimes. If there isn’t a major focus on statbuilding, though, then I’m not too bothered.

Will each book have a separate love interest or will they just be introduced to the already existing characters?


Thank you for the heads up.

From the premise, it seems @No_This_Is_Patrick already ask one of my questions in his post.

  1. Another question though, @gatheringstardust if the MC have a relationship in Book One and decided not push through a relationship in the future books, will be have more development time for MC and the initial RO you have chosen?

  2. Will we missed out if we don’t romance anyone else throughout the book until the very end so that my MC could stay loyal to a certain RO?


Im so glad you’re enjoying the story!!! And I know my stat changes can be a little odd but I hope I can improve that later!

A new, separate love interest will shown! However, some love interests will appear outside of their books! The story will slowly change with each book, and as it changes new… events will crop up :smiley:


Okay so… basically. your character will not remember romancing anyone, except in small flashbacks that will not make sense to them. All will be revealed in book six, in which there will be decisions on… how to handle what has happened (romancing each love interest). If you do not push through with a romance, you will not get more building on your previous romance.

If you do not romance anyone else except a specific RO… I don’t really know how that would work. I’m not sure if I’ll have a friendship route or not yet, but if there is one, you will likely miss certain content as these ROs may not reveal some details to someone that’s only a friend! It’s not like you’re being unloyal, I promise. Your mc doesn’t remember being with the RO and more information on that will be shown in later books!


Thanks for the clarification.


So I have to romance someone else or my previous romance wont go anywhere?


Um, the entirety of each romance will be in their respective books and the epilogue. Each book is gonna be pretty huge tbh. Some new content will come in book six, but not like you’d think.


I’m really enjoying the book so far!

I did find one problem

I visited with Gru after reading in the forest and picked the “Its been far too long since we’ve spent time together” option.

I don’t think both of those sentences are supposed to come up?


I’m glad you’re enjoying it!! That issue seems to want to keep cropping up, and thank you for pointing it out!


Seems interesting I will check it out


I just finished my playthrough and I really enjoyed it! Avalon is a delight and the world is very interesting! I really like all of the characters and I’m really looking forward to where the story is going!

I did find a few more typos and some wrong pronouns


Awesome! I hope you enjoy ^^