Rewind, Book One: The Demo



Sucks that I have to wait until book four to meet Ryx BUT IT IS WORTH THE WAIT


Ryx already getting all the love, I feel bad for the other RO’s :joy:

I just want to romance them all, not gonna lie.

And trust me, when you think one RO has win you over, then you learn more things about the others and BANG, YOU WANT THEM TOO. That’s what happened to me, I was all in love with Ryx (still am) and them Alain came just knocking everything down like, HEY, IM HERE. And omg, did he catch my attention :eyes:

I would love to, but I can’t because it has spoilers on it =(

But I mean, you could always send asks to Capri’s tumblr or even get a commission for yourself :eyes:


You mean that I’m gonna want to bang them too?

I have my attention directed towards Ryx so let’s see if the other characters can sweep me away like a storm.

Aw, can you PM me? I don’t mind spoilers but I can understand if you really can’t.

I’m broke and I’m saving money for another game that I’ve been waiting for. Ouch. But I didnt know that Capri is an artist. Interesting!


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Dammit i dont my laptop to make a meme now

me curious

And now me wants to see it

YAY. :hugs:

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I really can’t, since Capri asked me to keep it private, but, in the future, when Ryx book is out, I will totally show it.

Capri’s commission’s are writing! So what I got was a personalised scene for my MC and Ryx, and god was that worthy every single penny :eyes:


I have really long nails so I’m gonna use ‘em as weapons in every situation.

I’m gonna have to wait but… Worth it

Ohhh. I’m gonna have to save up money :frowning:



May i ask the age of the characters?
Mainly our dear brothers, mc , friend and family and bitch



I know that I said that I would bring up typos when I’ve finished reading the demo but it’s late where I am and I want to catch some sleep so I’m gonna leave this screenshot here:

It’s supposed to be hooves.


Wait w h a t

Anyway, good night y’all.




This mean

Oh and g night.


Btw, yes, i always use a black background in every COG game i’ve played because it is easier for my eyes that way. So, donut be surprized!

Typos/words you maybe need to add?
  • *The bowl’s

  • Worsen what exactly? the situation? If the sentence is left out as it is, i would think it was turning for the worse for the Da and not for Ande because somehow the whole sentence is kind of… odd as it is? idk

  • Before the ending to chapter 3, we were visiting Bet’s house for supper right? And then it just cuts to our MC describing Anna’s health and what she looks like. Don’t we get to have any dialogue with her? or see any interaction between Bet and her family with our MC’s family? for me, it kind of just feels so abrupt that afterwards the MC just sleeps on the matter.

  • Why is Ande’s bio together with his Ma?

  • Gru’s description is mentioned twice

  • Another double sentence

  • When Gilin was berating us in front of Avalon, i was curious to see what would happen if i chose the last option which is this

    And… Could our MC possibly become a masochist? LOL XD

  • a bit of an error here? idk

Honesly though, i’m just SO thankful to you, as an author, to have a choice for us readers, to use the Metric system. I can never understand the workings of feet/foot, inches, pounds, miles, etc. And it’s about DAMN TIME someone in Choices games create the option to use the Metric system. Everyone else in the world is already using it, keep up 'Murica!

Btw, if Gru wasn’t our MC’s brother, i would romance him in a HEARTBEAT #PerfectHubbyMaterial . Really too bad though … but…Can we have incest relationship on here? LOL


Ah, well, their ages depend on yours. The MCs age is pretty finicky. I prefer to say over 18 bc no underage stuff, but on the younger side. 18+ but probably under 30
Gru is… probably… 14 years older than mc? With Ande being 10 years older. Gilin is roughly 15 years older. Bet’s age is a little more finicky. She’s around… three years younger.


For some reason I had head-cannoned my MC at age 16.


I… would be uncomfortable with such a young mc because all the ROs are… old as fuck


I understand - I guess I was taking a medieval Grimm fairy-tale type of vibe to it…


So bet mother is between 30 and 40 awell ?



A lot of these issues are from errors with the way the code translated and copy-paste Rissa did! They should be fixed soon!

By “worsen” I mean the lack of enunciation becomes more apparent.

I did not want to introduce Anna and show all the interactions so soon tbh. I do plan to make scenes later with more interactions between both families though!

I found it odd to see only American units in the one IF I read (The Wayhaven Chronicles :heart:) and the others i’d heard of, especially in European authors’ books! I didn’t want people to struggle when reading! I’m glad it’s making so many happy!

Gru is perfect hubby material, huh? Maybe I’ll make an RO in the future like him… :laughing:


cackles I guess you’ll just have to see in the future, won’t you? I’ve not said which characters are human and which aren’t


Not fair
This mean


:eyes: kinky…


I understand! But as I do plan to have NSFW material… can’t really do younger than 18 ROs and MCs