Rewind, Book One: The Demo

By the by, peeps, during the week of Valentine’s Day, there will be a special scenario released for all of Rewind ROs and possibly my other project, Chronicles of Rebirth! Along with this will be a special Q & A with Kelsey/Kelsen as their birthday falls on February 14th! These links will provide some info:

Tumblr post telling about the special Aomerian celebration that occurs during the week of our calendar’s Valentine’s Day, called the Valerian Hearts’ Affairs!

Tumblr link to a post telling some information on my other project, Chronicles of Rebirth, including the ROs!

Link to a poll on how you’d like certain things to play out in scenarios!


Alright guys, another important Tumblr post!!! I’m beginning to compile questions for K, so feel free to send them here, on Discord, Tumblr, or Twitter! Just @ us!

Newest Weekly Update and Important post

Discord link!



Well it’s a good story so people will read it


gotta say…I love this story . I wasn’t sure…in the beginning but after trying the demo…

thats it . I’m hooked , take mah money…give me Avelyn as romance…and set me off to heaven! :rofl:

Avelyn is just AMAZING! like sooo badass…omg…she kick ass !

I also love everything feel…so real…its so well written…it feel like you are there…

cant wait to see where this go…Good luck with the story! this one is Gold! :grin:

Oh…and btw @gatheringstardust…since I dont have any of those Twiddle and facenuke stuff…here my ask: will gigglyfart go on a revenge against our mc? shrug…he is kinda stupid and probably think Avelyn wouldn’t know right? or just resentful…truth be told…I just wanna see Avelyn mop the floor with him :sweat_smile:

also I hope you guys will get better soon! flu suck!


AAAAAH, thank you so much @E_RedMark !!! I’m so so glad you enjoyed the demo!!! A lot of people feel a little unsure based on my sometimes Really Bad Explanation Skills:tm: but I’m super glad you still decided to push through and give me a chance!!

Yeah, Avlyne is a BAB, and she will continue to flex her badassary in later places… and other routes :wink:

As for your Q, oh yes, Gargledbarf will continue to be a major pain for the next few chapters. And they are definitely going to try a few things, including something very terrible.


…Forget AV, if that terrible thing extends in some way to the family, it’s my MC that’s going to give Granolabar something to worry about (don’t piss off the quiet ones, people).


sweats o-oh boy are you not gonna like chapter 7 or 8.


How strong can the MC get in the world. I understand starting he’s not much but will they ever be able to influence the world they live in

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Hmmm how do you mean?

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I also have a Q for those of you who have mentioned wanting to support me if I made a patreon: What kind of stuff would you want to see on there?


So far the MC has been at the mercy of the story and the world they live in they seem more reactive then proactive. Will there come a time when they have enough power to affect others and the plot

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Ah, that is a bit too spoilery to answer!!! Sorry D:


I am going to be doing a Q & A over on Tumblr AND Discord tomorrow if anyone is interested! PLEASE let me know if you are! If the Q & A does become scheduled, you can ask me, Rissa, or any of the Rewind ROs a question you want to know!

Here is the Tumblr link to the post with the Discord link included in it! Tumblr link


As the Q & A kind of fell through and I haven’t gotten to work on Rewind as much as I’d like, I wrote a cute Avalon Snippet which I hope you guys enjoy!!


I’m not the seventh son of the seventh son?
edit: 7 hearts now. keep it there.


So, basically, there has to be a BIG revamp of Rewind, and I’m starting to really figure out how it’ll work! Some of you may not have heard, but Rewind was on a bit of a hiatus until I figured out how to remake it to either A: work under a different system, or B: make it work with choicescript/a choice game format. I believe I am nearly to the point of have a steady idea of how to make it work as a choice game, but that will mean I need to entirely remake the current beta test to include the other ROs’ beginnings, the new storyline (still very much like the old one, but more combining all the books together into a new Book Six), and all the new customisation I plan to have!

This will take be some time! As many of you know, I’ve been focusing on another project while I figured out Rewind, and I will be continuing it along with Rewind! I will likely make a new Rewind page when it gets to that point, and I will be sure to post a link here when it happens. If you want to keep up with what all is happening, please remember we have a Discord, Tumblr, Twitter (that seriously needs updating, oops), and I have a Patreon now that I post updates to with extra content, along with other bonuses (there’s also some bonus scenarios already up)!!

I hope you guys stay on for the long ride, as this idea I have for the revamp will make it much more accessible to peeps who didn’t want to romance everyone to get their romance of choice, nor wanted to have to do the original layout! :smiley:


And since this has been updated, let me throw this here and hide :eyes:

there, have some Ryx :eyes:


No need to worry about that, patience is sort of a requirement around here.


this look so cool read hope one day get read this :innocent:

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@Takashi_Shin Thank you!!! I hope you do, too!!!

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