Rewind, Book One: The Demo



I greatly enjoyed the story, though I have to say that I think I enjoyed reading the code labels even more so.

I find the whole one romance per book with the same character structure a little odd, but as you’ve said it’s based on a point of the plot we don’t know yet, so I’ll remain cautiously optimistic.


I really like and enjoy Rewind so far. When I finished the demo I was left wanting more but from what I’ve read, I can tell I’m going to like it even more :grin: Also Avlyne has caught my attention…


Oh, Rissa’s coding labels are divine. I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far!!! As I’ve tried to reassure the Discord peeps, don’t worry about the ending :wink: it’ll all work out in the end~


I’m so glad you enjoyed it!! If you wanna catch updates or see small little details I sometimes drop, feel free to join the Discord server!! We won’t bite :smiley:

Ah, Avlyne is quite something, isn’t she? She’s going to get even better :wink:


Can’t wait to read the book one when it is done. I might join Discord but I’m a shy one irl so :sweat_smile: Maybe on tumblr though. Yes Avlyne is quite something I fully agree.


We have two more projects coming up too if you want to peek at them once their demos are out ^^

I totally get that!! You aren’t required to talk, you can just lurk if your shyness takes over :smiley: tis whatever you prefer ^^

It’s going to be fun writing clumsy Avlyne, I’m-A-Wreck Avlyne, and of course, Protective Avlyne, ha!


I’ll ready myself for all types of Avlyne then. Yeah I’ll just follow you guys on tumblr :smile:


Hey peeps! In case you don’t follow our Tumblr, here’s some fun facts I revealed today!


Dang this is amazing! One of the best demos I have tried that’s got me hooked. Is Bet a RO tho? I know she dresses weirdly but she’s really cool. Anyhoo, Rewind is gunna be worth my wait and I’m ready!


I’m so glad you’re enjoying the demo!!! ^^ Bet will not be an RO for this game series! All the ROs are listed in the post with the demo link :slight_smile:


Yeah was kinda hopin she is one :cry: She’s still cool tho. You just keep being awesome, miss Cierra! :smiley:


Thank you so much!!! And one day, in the future, Bet will be a romance. But not for a while yet :cry:


That’s cool. For now I’ll enjoy the demo :smiley_cat:


Oof, O hates ducks?? I’m sister shook. I own 2 ducks and I love them and treat them as if they were my own children and now lizard-boi is trying to kill them??

Behold, my children:



Well… if they’re your pets… O would spare them. Besides, it’s only two ducks, not too many uwu


Here’s the weekly update and fun facts, guys!!


Holy crap, we’ve hit right at 1,500 clicks and 6.1k views!!! That’s so wild!!!


Excellent writing. With each chapter, I found myself more attached to the story. I have a feeling about Avlyne, but I want nothing more than to see the romance between her and my MC flourish. I’m looking forward to this story. Thank you for creating and sharing.


Thank you so much for your praises!!! They mean a lot to me!!!^^ Avlyne’s romance will be heartfelt and sweet, but also will have some incredibly sad moments. I’m looking forward to showing it to people :3


Also, the Discord link was updated as some people were having trouble using it! Pls lemme know if it’s still not working!