Returning. Grabbed files. Chaos


So basically I had a bit of real world troubles and lost a lot of my files which I very thankfully recovered from dashingdon.

But my files now have a ton of special characters (such as the Euro symbol) in odd places that… shouldn’t exist. They weren’t like that before.

#”I’m sorry, Polanski… I’m not interested in you in that way.”
*goto StationChoices

This is one example of the code problem. Before, when I initially wrote this, it was not written anything remotely similar to this and I’ve no idea how to fix it other than manually scrolling through eons of code and text to search for it. I’ll do it… but I’m really hoping there’s a better way and more efficient way. CNTRL+F seems like it might be helpful but I have no idea how to type those symbols.

Any suggestions? And are all my dashingdon files going to look like this?

I would assume it’s an encoding problem.


Unfortunately, yeah, this is exactly what happened to me a few years back… :sweat_smile: Fortunately, there is at least a way to search for and replace them all far quicker than with CSIDE, if you have Notepad++.

Put them into notepad++
Highlight weird symbol-> control-c to copy
Open find-> control-v to paste

If you know a series of symbols is replacing a particular word or symbol, notepad++ has a neat feature where you can find and replace all. But if it’s random will need to work through it one by one I’m guessing unfortunately.

Edit: Alternative might be to open your dashingdons files as the the scene links (unsaved) and highlight all the text, then copy into a blank file notepad++ and save under the name you need there and see if that stops the weird symbols. I had to recover a file a while back and pretty sure that’s how I did it with few problems (although I may have just gotten lucky.)


It’s most certainly an encoding problem. You either uploaded a file which was not in utf-8, or you’re opening it in a editor which is using a configuration other than utf-8.

Try this online tool.

Definitely didn’t fix it unfortunately. I think CNTRL+F is the only measure I have at the moment.

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