Return to Zemia (WIP - updated 26 Dec) - game dev question post 276!



The MC is going to be doing quite a bit of traveling, so travel scenes are likely to be cannon

As for your other question, all the characters are open minded and willing to try most things if that’s what the MC wants

In other news, since I’m away from my computer this week, I’m going to take this opportunity to work on character development. Not much of an update, but that’s what I’m up to if anyone wants to know!


V is great lol, but theyre not good at high pressure situations which is what all you angst-adicts ask about

You’ll learn why they behave the way they behave if you get to know them.

And they’re the crown prince. :astonished: Poor VIv. The only thing more high-pressure then a combined head of state and government position would be dealing with little hellions and their parents as well as demanding superiors and bosses from a position of relative weakness. Hmm…wait a minute that’s exactly what the mc was doing back on Earth. Despite not being native to Zemia I think we may have just found a thing the mc is genuinely better at than Viv.

Viv’s hunkering for respect might make a lot more sense now that we know which very important trait for their position they seem to be lacking in. Poor kid.
Again, if Viv is prepared to respect the mc in turn they might actually turn out to be pretty great, especially if the rest of Vivien is as gorgeous as his eyes.

My poor mc though, since it is his sperm-donor pushing that match he really wants to dislike Viv, but you’re making them seem better and nicer with (almost) everything you reveal about that kid on Tumblr. :confounded: :sweat_smile:

Reactions to kidnapped mc:

  • S - also a man with a plan but his plan is much less violent. Samir knows that the MC was kidnapped for a reason–you aren’t a nobody. He starts by putting together the puzzle piece by piece. They want money? Done.
  • V - whats he supposed to do?? When hes finished panicking, he decides the best thing he can do is find someone to help him–A

Argh! :confounded: While I personally and my mc too like Sammy’s response better this ask makes both of them seem so adorable. And it is also cute to think Viv might actually need the mc more than the mc needs him, which is a factor not present with the others.

But Sammy is so adorable too. If this continues how is my poor mc ever to choose between those boys?!?
Also, wow? Is that Sammy literally paying a King’s ransom out of his own pocket, he really is ultra-rich isn’t he? :astonished: Makes me wonder if he’s one of those ultra-rich Zemians to have ever visited another planet? :thinking:
Now I’m really hoping a gay love triangle with Sammy included might be possible here.

If there isn’t a love triangle I’m going to need separate playthroughs, aren’t I? :sweat_smile:

Okay, this might just be in the canon game, but how is Sammy going to react to an mc who is really nervous when meeting Sammy’s family, particularly his siblings for the first time?
Also can the mc ever convince Sammy and the others to just call him by his first name (again, in the case of Hasan and Lia) in private? Even a nickname is probably fine with my mc, it’s just getting called by his fancy new title, particularly by the aliens he wants to get closer too still makes him kinda nervous. :sweat_smile:


Petition to make Larger Than Life Return to Zemia official theme song.

Let’s take a vote

Any other contenders?

I have no real objections. As a sidenote, damn those Carter boys used to be cute when they were younger.

I do have a suggestion for the Seyvian Anthem:
“The song of flight” from Civ VI. It’s just so pretty and ostentatious. I think its melody would really suit Seyvia (with a language and appropriate text changes of course) as an advanced alien empire.


Also cannon! Or at least it’s supposed to be. The MC will be meeting lots of families, including A’s, K’s, S’s, and V’s–maybe C’s as well, but I don’t know.

Nicknames and whatnot will come later, probably.

Not out of his pocket, no. The princex was kidnapped (hypothetically), he has access to the treasury. His family is wealthy, but they are not “super rich.” They have more social capital than hard currency

Re: songs, feel free to imagine to your heart’s content, it won’t be addressed in game :notes:


I can see a song like this being the equivalent of an unofficial anthem like “America the Beautiful” or “Arirang” for a technologically advanced society, but I feel like the empire we’ve seen thus far in the story would have a more traditional, empire-like anthem… they may be aliens advanced in technology, but there’s a definite human pride there.

Sounds like something the Emperor needs and begins to explain why he needed this particular alliance that you mentioned awhile back.

(By the way, it should be canon – not cannon. Unless meeting the families involve a lot of explosions. :boom: :wink:)


You mean something more like this:

With the lyrics appropriately adapted to reflect Seyvian, instead of German Imperial history and traditions?

Indeed, but this refers to Sammy’s family, not Viv’s. Now I’m sure that Samir and his family are getting something out of Sammy effectively and likely de-jure too being the empire’s top diplomat, but the alliance with Viv’s country/kingdom/empire likely involves potentially much higher stakes than the one with Samir and his family who are already busy working for the empire, that the emperor likely believes to be another potential game-changer in the current crisis, in addition to the legitimacy and shock and awe value obtained by retrieving the mc.

I’d rather have the anthem be about the Empire rather than its current ruler or the imperial family specifically. Mind you there’s probably songs about the imperial family too, likely even lots of them (depending on press and media freedom not all of them flattering too) but I’d rather not see one of them used as the Anthem and I’ve never really liked the UK’s anthem. The best version of “God Save the King” was probably, again, the German Empire’s .



Yeah, something like that would work. Although now I’m wondering if they have songs for/about the Emperor like England’s “God Save the Queen”.

Ah, you’re right – but as you said, there’s going to be a social component to how the Emperor views both of them, with V’s being one of much higher stakes.

On the other hand, from a ruling perspective, if the MC wants to be a legitimate leader I could see Samir being the better choice and giving them the greater advantage – V might bring an alliance from their country, but for the MC who doesn’t know anyone or have any connections within their own land it might be better to get involved with someone who does. :thinking:

Me too, but based what we know about the Emperor – @sviyagin mentioned that he doesn’t care about legacy and that he wants what he wants now – he seems like the sort to change the anthem in his favor/to be about him and what he’s done, etc as propaganda for what he’s currently doing.


If the mc has to rule immediately, yeah. But then if the mc had to succeed immediately they’d be nothing more than a puppet and emperor in name only anyway.
No, my mc rather hopes his sperm donor is going to live for a good while yet, so he has more time to properly educate himself and build and groom his own social network, as he wants to be more than a mere puppet.
In any case the mc can potentially befriend Samir, Jin and Arvin no matter if we sleep with them or not. And thus benefit from their expertise, insight and opinions, whether they are friends or lovers.
If it is purely about power then I hate to say it but assuming there’s an ending where dear old dad lives long enough for the mc to give themselves a proper education then Viv is likely the best partner as he potentially brings a country with him (and Tumblr indicated poor Viv is not so great at stress management, which is a vital quality for any ruler) so we are then possibly in the enviable position where Viv needs us more to cement their rule than the other way around. Which potentially gives the mc a huge amount of power.

Speaking of proper education royals often have both a civilian (given his nonexistent exposure to Seyvian culture growing up history would actually be a good fit for this mc for once, for those users complaining that many of my mc’s tend to favour STEM studies @lokidemon007 . But then this is one mc who wouldn’t be in higher education on Zemia for the money) and a military one. If our mc gets the time to put himself through both of those I can see Arvin, “meanie” that he is at least moderately (ab)using his newfound authority over cadet or junior officer prince mc, assuming they’re friends. :grin:

Then my mc will probably change it back. He will not have a song about him as the national anthem when the time comes. That move might even get the mc some brownie points with historians and cultural traditionalists.


Samir is not Seyvia’s top diplomat, in the same way that Colonel Volk is not the supreme commander of Seyvian forces.

He actually wouldn’t do that. Tradition is a powerful thing, and he would want to take advatnage of that.

Lots of other speculation that I won’t respond to because spoilers :eyes:


But he presumably is the commander of the palace guard, right?

Then he likely will be under my mc (in a couple of decades) . :wink:
I presume we’re going to meet the military brass and the most important people in Seyvian legislature sometime too, right? (two more meetings my mc absolutely dreads, since at present he cannot even speak the language, let alone understand how the Seyvian legislature is supposed to function, at least without the dubious aid of a chip in his brain that he doesn’t trust).


please let there be lyrics, there simply must be lyrics.


Not really. He can command them because he outranks them, but he’s not their commander.

One of these depends on the choices you make. The other won’t be quite what you want it to be, probably. And the characters met in these sequences won’t reappear (as of the current plan, things change sometimes)


So the idea of a historical/empire-themed anthem still works… well, unless the anthem is like Spain’s and there are no lyrics. :laughing:

Well that sounds ominous. Looking forward to meeting these characters anyway!


I don’t care, imagine to your heart’s content. Lyrics, no lyrics, it’s all the same to me

No murdering! They just won’t be important to the story beyons their one little scene. They could always make an appearance again later, but they won’t play a large role.

Also just so you guys know this is the most majestic national anthem and anyone who disagrees is wrong


I can’t upload these to tumblr for some reason so. Can we post gifs here? Let’s find out

RO reactions to the MC hiding behind a door and then jumping out to try to scare them?


A -
C -
H -
J -
K -
L -
S -
V -
Y -


How much higher is the gravity on Zemia? Being a bit bigger than Earth I assume it is somewhat higher?
How are they going to fully acclimatize the mc to it after having lived at Earth standard gravity their entire lives?
Do we have a “natural” (as in genetically engineered ability for it?) Or are we going to have to have some more medical “help” to enhance us with a reinforced skeleton and nanofibre muscle enhancements?


I don’t know how big Zemia’s supposed to be, but it should be noted that (assuming its density is similar to that of earth) since surface gravity and radius are directly proportional and even humans can survive in 2G without any larger issues, this probably shouldn’t even be a problem.
The easiest way to not have to deal with that would be Zemia’s density just being lower, though.


Thanks science lady for providing this science fiction with actual science! :woman_scientist:

Otherwise the answer is magic. I try to keep most of what I write within the realm of optimisitc possibility, but at the end of the day I’m not very concerned about the realism of the science. I’m much more concerned about how realistic the characters are. Think of the science fiction of this story as a setting while the genre is more or less political thriller


Just asking because Zemia was said to be larger and I knew the gravity increases proportionally with mass and larger size is likely to have larger mass. So I expected Zemia to either be a larger Earth-analogue or one of the smaller superhabitable planets.
If there are no exceptionally difficult to overcome bone, muscle and other medical troubles to living on the larger Earth analogs or smaller superhabitables then I will assume all the medical stuff, including vaccinates and stuff the possibly strengthen the mc’s bone and muscles a bit goes on in the background on the background during the journey on the spaceship.

Okay, my mc is still completely fascinated by the all of the cool Zemian/Seyvian vehicles, spaceships, aircraft and particularly the sleek and sexy hovercars and quite anxious to possibly learn how to handle pilot/drive them himself tho.


Vaccinations are something that would have happened before the MC left Zemia when they were born (all of them). No medical tests or procedures take place on the ship. Zemia’s gravitational pull is approximately equal to that of Earth. Everything about Zemia is pretty similar to Earth. The biggest change is honestly the tech, which will be explored somewhat, but it won’t be a focus in the game

Even the plants and animals will look familiar on Zemia, mostly because the more energy I spend on creating differences, the less time I spend actually writing the story

The origin story/explanation (can’t remember if this is included in game or not tbh) is an advanced humanoid civilization sent pods to habitable planets. It’s basically science-y Noah’s Ark. The creatures and plants in those pods evolved over time on their various planets, but you can still see a lot of similarities. I’m not going to make up a new word for cats on Zemia because the translator would choose the best analogue for the word anyway

  • S - brings high society as well as the diplomatic community with him. However, as the years go by, it will be difficult to tell just who is making all the decisions.

Which is why it is so damned imperative for my mc that he “helps” his sperm donor cling onto power for perhaps a couple more decades so he has time to put acquaint himself more thoroughly with the planet and the Empire. Including putting himself through but civilian and military higher educations in Seyvia. So he becomes accomplished in his own right. While my mc has nothing against being equals with Sammy, he’d balk at being seen as just Sammy’s consort. In general, he wants to be(come) more than just emperor in name only.

The best benefit of Sammy still remains Sammy himself, being a super cute and amazing guy who back on Earth would have been way out of my mc’s league to date, let alone marry.

As for V. I will say one possible pro of marrying them is that the mc likely has skill they lack, being able to handle stress and remaining, for the most part, cool, calm and collected in a crisis situation, pretty much like all of the really good teachers. So maybe our Earth job did impart at least one valuable bit of experience after all. Of the kind that V, having been a royal heir all their lives might have lacked.


Just to be clear, what I meant is that as consort, Samir will not sit idly by while the MC rules. He will do his utmost to influence the MC to the point that some in Seyvia wonder if Samir is the one calling the shots