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The MC dropped it at the beginning before they were taken to the ship. Neither Hasan nor Lia picked it up. They might have been more careful in a different situation, but they were pretty confident that the Earth authorities wouldn’t be tracking them down

I went ahead and added it now since it’s only like two extra sentences. I didn’t mention academia/being a professor specifically so that players can fill in the appropriate blank, but I think it serves its purpose


Still i would rather live in a box than have that job.


It’s a good thing that it’s just a game then, huh? In all seriousness though, this isn’t something that is going to change. If you have constructive feedback for how I can make it better, I’m more than happy to consider it, but I won’t be changing the MC’s background.

This game isn’t about being a teacher any more than Skyrim is about being a prisoner or Dead Space is about being an engineer. I chose to make the MC a teacher because this story is supposed to be about what happens when an average person finds themselves in an extraordinary situation.


Well in skyrim and dead space they were both bad asses but i just wanted to make my point that being a teacher is a terrible job that’s it.


I think the way you have it being more nondescript is better, since it gives the player more freedom to shape the MC indirectly. I only mentioned the professor part because it fit in with the teacher theme.

Right, the point of being the prisoner in Elder Scrolls, for both gameplay and lore, is that it’s a blank slate – you start from nothing and are at the will of others so you can gain everything, and more importantly, have a will of your own. But once you’re done being the prisoner, and do have a will of your own (in other words, once you gain control of the character), is anyone really that concerned about having been a prisoner? No, it’s all about what’s ahead – just like how, in this story, it’s all about what’s ahead of us on Zemia. :relaxed:


True, however in those games the mc always is an adventurer. If everything goes well then here, assuming returning to Earth won’t be our only good ending option, our mc is expected to eventually govern a state that is more advanced and likely more complex then any currently extant on Earth. For those of us not wanting to graduate from prince in name only to emperor in name only this is something of a concern as our distinct lack of information and knowledge about the world, as well as the fact that we have not enjoyed any form of Zemian education, let alone higher education means it would be very difficult for the mc to effectively govern anything, without over-relying on “advisers” or spouses, but that would turn them into a mere figurehead.

This is why I initially assumed the emperor would just remarry and make some new kids in order not to leave his empire to our clearly unfit mc’s. But daddy dearest doesn’t seem to care much beyond himself, so “lucky” for our mc’s, I guess. Still, my mc would probably need his “father” to carry on for at least another 20-30 years in order to play catch-up. While it’s not going to be in-game he’d particularly dread having to attend university all over again (I assume elementary and high-school can be done online, or with the help of tutors and AI).

Hope Hasan’s compliment on the spaceship was actually sincere and that our mc possesses a good or at least well above average intelligence even for a Zemian. :persevere: As that might just give us the fighting chance we need to be able to understand the alien culture and catch-up in learning and knowledge.

Yep, see above for my thoughts on that. It’s more the elementary school part then the teacher part per se that would make my mc uncomfortable. Back on Earth he was probably desperately applying to every local high-school and (community) college just to leave those elementary school hellions behind. Like my friend (and myself for that matter) I imagine my mc is not so good with little kids but does just fine with teenagers and up.

That works for the fantasy world of the Elder Scrolls, the jurist in me would like to point out that in our real world having a known criminal record is or can be a punishment in its own right, as few employers would take on someone with a record, unless they really don’t have any other choice. Even then you can expect to earn (far) less than what your skills would ordinarily have been deemed to be worth and are likely going to be denied most possible promotions.

Also the others on your Tumblr are wrong as Sammy is clearly best boy! :wink:


All my boys are best boi

Also – happy New Years Eve everyone! If you have scene requests for me, send them my way on tumblr. I may not have time to write all of them tonight, but anything sent in tonight will get a snippet eventually.

~ С новым годом ~


Happy New Year. Do they celebrate that sort of passage of the years on Zemia or in Seyvia too, and if so does it involve fireworks and getting roaringly drunk too?

If they do I have a scene request of prince mc attending such a party at Sammy’s place one year. (and possibly getting roaringly drunk).

What is Sammy’s house/mansion/palace/estate like anyway? (I assume he even has more than one residence, but let’s go with his main or favourite one).


They do! And it will appear in game, so instead of addressing New Year specifically for your request, I’m going to go with generic party at Samir’s house.

Also, Seyvian TV show scene can be found here. You’ll notice it’s not about a car show, but the idea of Arvin watching a cooking show was so funny to me I couldn’t resist


Oh, the food channel is not something my prince would particularly care for, but it would work for some of the other mc, male or female, no doubt. For mine if it isn’t a car show it would probably be some travel programme as my prince is not much of foodie nor as fastidious as Arvin. The scene is cute though.

My prince likes (those super-cool hover)cars (well most vehicles/technology, really) and traveling (though the space ship abduction was still a bit more than he bargained for). And in my headcanon that’s the fault of one or both of his Earth parents. As I think at least one of them was/is deathly afraid of flying so most of his childhood and youth vacations tended to be road trips.

Also happy new year to everybody! Clock is about to tick over into the great unknown of 2019 here! :fireworks: :clock12:

For my information though, what, if anything would change in Sammy and Arvin’s reactions specifically if they did find the prince watching, not a baking show but the Zemian Grand Tour equivalent?

Gotta say that theme park ask was genius! Do Zemian theme parks have tunnel of love (old mill) type of rides, if so my prince would totally drag Sammy into one! :blush:


In this case I would compare it to the Shivering Isles plot for Oblivion where you leave behind adventuring to eventually become Sheogorath (and so become ruler over the Shivering Isles). In that instance we were sent on quests so we would learn about the Isles, the people, and the power structure with the duke and duchess. For this story, I think it’ll depend on how much we learn during the story itself and how much absolute power the Emperor has if we were to take over – because you don’t need to deal with laws you don’t understand if you have the power to change them. :wink: Of course, that’d bring a whole host of other issues including the idea of revolution…

I was speaking more from the perspective of the player about the lack of concern due to plot device, because in-game there are instances being a prisoner is important – the whole prophecy in Morrowind starts with you being a prisoner, not to mention if you run around with a bounty/criminal record in any of the games the guards will start running after you.

Although if we did compare this it to the real world, I would guess that from the perspective of Zemia and its people anything that happens on Earth isn’t really recognized by them the same way a degree from another country/college may not be recognized by another. So the idea that we’re still free from the past and whatever records we left on Earth still works then, too – although if we do go back, the MC will have to explain how and why they suddenly (and literally) disappeared off the face of the Earth. :thinking:


Even so, the mc is already familiar with the basics of the world, they already know, for example what daedra and daedric princes are. Our mc’s on Zemia have to learn everything, including the language from scratch (in the elder scrolls every mc can seemingly speak most common languages already). It can be done, but the process is not going to be particularly quick.

Sadly I don’t think our “dad” in this game places any particular emphasis on educating the mc with the skills we’d actually need to be a decent emperor. He just wants to use the mc as an asset to stabilize his own rule and doesn’t care what comes after. Although if he did he’d probably remarry and make sure our mc’s didn’t inherit, so lucky us, I guess. So he’s probably fine with making the mc into Viv’s Emirati wife, and very much an “emperor” in name only. :unamused: Unless the mc takes matters into their own hands.
I think when he sees Yusra again, since Zemians apparently have good computers and virtual reality, he’d ask her to make an AI/VI program to help educate and bring him up to speed (and to actually co-develop it with my tech-savvy mc, so he can be reasonably sure there’s no malicious code in it somewhere).

You hit it right on the head, while we may very much want to make some changes, we’ve got to understand the status quo and the power structure first. So that, if worst comes to worst, we’d at least have an idea where everybody’s interest lie and who’d revolt over what. Can’t really govern if you’re stumbling blind and clueless (I mean just look at Trump!), and like I’ve said before being an emperor in name only as an Emirati wife and leaving everything serious and related to actual governance entirely up to VIv or even Sammy does not appeal to my mc in the slightest.
That does not mean we need to go at it alone and my mc would very much like Sammy (or maybe Viv on later playthrough to be equal partners in every sense of the word) or can’t ever rely on advisers, after all to make use of their expertise is what they’re for (which is also something Trump does not seem willing to actually comprehend) but it helps to have a general idea what your advisers and cabinet ought to be doing, otherwise they can also abuse the situation and play you like a fiddle. Balance is key. And right now our mc’s on Zemia lack the background and knowledge to be able to forge such a reasonable balance.

This is true and the mc’s Earth past won’t help or hinder the mc much, unless we choose to. though it is more likely to be a hindrance then a help as one of the few interplanetary actions are scholarly/scientific, but Earth is not included in whatever exchange system the humanoid planets do have, so our Earth education really is worthless. As for Zemia, while I think most practical knowledge, including elementary and high school educations, can be learned “online” and with help from tutors or AI/VI, my mc really dreads having to redo higher education amongst Zemian upper-class brats all younger than him. As the prospective emperor would likely need a degree that’s actually prestigious and can’t simply suffice with something from a community college or online course.

Still everything on this list can be done, assuming dear old dad hangs on for another 20-30 years while our mc’s play catch-up, assuming our mc’s are indeed (like Hasan says in chapter 1) quite intelligent even for Zemians.

Which is also problematic, besides if my mc really does grow to love Sammy (or maybe Viv) he’s not going to leave them behind. So that would likely rule out returning to Earth. Particularly if he has also busted his ass and worked harder than ever on Zemia! He just doesn’t want to effectively be Sammy (or Viv’s) Emirati “wife” and remain a “prince” or “emperor” in name only. :worried:

Anyway, swanky party at Sammy’s short, presumably coming up sometime!


Oblivion has the best mofo DLCs, man!!! :heart: Sheogorath!!! Shivering Isles…Come on. So good.


Arvin would still be annoyed since he doesn’t like sitting still for a long time, but over the course of the show he would probably become more interested. Samir would react pretty much the same, though he’d enjoy the food show more.

Why not? It’s my world and what I say goes. Let there be tunnels of love.

Thinking ahead I see!

Here in fact.

Tru fact


Yay! Aww…Sammy is always cute and adorable :hugs: , and he seems to have a really swanky pad too!
Apparently I was right on the mark labelling him a billionaire diplomat (who on Earth would have been way out of my mc’s league). :grin:

Ooh, yay! would you be willing to interpret this as another ask for prince mc and Sammy?
Anyway here’s another (Xavier Serrano pic) that might just depict Sammy at the amusement park day. Apparently the section near the Ferris wheel was under construction/refurbishment that particular day.

Indeed, if my mc does convince Yusra to help him create a personal AI assistant to assist and educate him he might just name it Haskill. :wink:


Probably not what you were expecting, but this is what would happen in that scenario. Not very fun, but that’s who he is!


to me with rebels mc father is dick


I should probably have anticipated that. Still if not actual marriage I do hope we get to at least propose an engagement or other way to formalize the relationship to Sammy near the end of the game.
Poor Sammy can probably make it up to my mc by giving him a tour of his house/estate (hopefully including the bedroom). :grin:

Looks like my prince mc might have found a fellow fan of the Zemian Grand Tour analogue then. :grinning:

Tumblr Love Triangles

_(2/2) Personally, I think it’s fine if not everything is completely symmetrical and if you come to the conclusion that your characters just don’t offer up a love triangle opportunity for every MC, then that’s just the way it is. It’s also ok if you feel that’s unfair and don’t include any because of that. Since love triangles are a lot of work just don’t feel pressured to write them on account of us! After all, you’re the only person who really knows what works for these characters :slight_smile: _

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and I see a potential solution in V. They are gender selectable and player-sexual after all, which means If I’m searching for balance and want to offer a love triangle to players of every gender and sexuality, I can pair V with Samir/Hasan/Jin or Carina/Kaya/Lia. Not all of those pairing would work obviously, but those are the options for an inclusive LT option

I won’t really know if V fits into in love triangles until I start writing for them. They’re a complex character (I’d like to think all of my characters are, but V is special haha). I’ll admit that I’ve been attracted to the idea of writing a love triangle for Arvin since I started working on the game, but I’ve held back because only straight female MCs can participate. At the end of the day, I write for myself, so maybe I’ll do it any way, but I’m definitely going to wait until I get to know V better before making those decisions

As a gay man, who prefers his mc’s to be unashamedly and unabashedly gay I would like the opportunity to have a gay love triangle for my male mc.
To that end, if you see V as the solution I do have one idea, and being me you know that the other participant is gonna have to be Sammy. But we all know the marriage with Viv is an arranged one that neither Viv nor the mc might feel all that good about at first. So here is where Sammy, being the master diplomat that he is could come in handy. The downside being that in the triangle version he does his job a little too well and not only gets the mc and Viv to warm up to each other but to him as well. Making himself being fancied by not one but two potential future rulers… Ah, the troubles that poor Sammy gets himself into, eh? :grin: :wink:

True, the one and only good thing about that though is that he doesn’t plan to remarry and make some more kids after the mc possibly helps him through the current crisis and stabilize his rule. Which means the mc really can potentially get the throne of an alien out of it for themselves. And, provided, we can find ways to master the skills and understanding needed to be a decent emperor we can perhaps be(come) more than a mere figurehead and prince or emperor in name only too. The many shorts really do hint at a potentially brighter future, where the mc’s security detail act more like guardians and protectors than jailers and the mc seems to be as “free” in their movements as any crown prince(ss) could possibly get.
Again, the fact that the mc’s father lets them roam that freely in those potential futures likely has more to do with disinterest in his kid on his part than anything else, but take what we can get, eh? :sweat_smile:

Noted. Still I like the thought of poor Sammy as a go between for the prince mc and Vivien. If this isn’t the one in the game I’ll likely request a short based on this scenario during the exact moment Sammy gets the realization that he might have done his job a little too well…:smiling_imp:


I have many authory thoughts about this that I’m going to keep to myself because spoilers. I can say this much, I’ve already decided which male character goes in the LT if the LT makes it into the game, and there’s a specific reason why, but I can’t tell you


Hope you had a nice flight.

Anyway saw the tumblr and naturally all that talk of spanking made me curious how would Sammy feel about erotic spanking, as either the spanker or the spankee? Although I think my main mc would be more sensitive to tickling/tickle torture.

Also you just know my poor mc is going to be far more nervous meeting Sammy’s family than his own (I mean with Sammy’s he actually cares about their opinion, I mean what if they don’t like him?) , alien grandparents.
Which is not being helped by the fact that Sammy already seems to know most salient details about my mc from the intel files, but the mc knows next to nothing about Sammy or any of the other aliens.

If you still take asks, how about some high altitude cuddling fluff (I mean the Seyvian government and imperial family likely have private aircraft, right?) with Sammy and a slightly tired prince mc, after some diplomatic function or other.