Restore purchase from Steam error "Invalid claimed ID"


I’m not sure if this is an issue from Steam or CoG’s end, so decided to ask here. I have purchased Silverworld on Steam, and attempted to play it on a different device (Android tablet) through the website. But when trying to “Restore purchase from Steam” and logging in the Steam account, I receive a blank page with only this line:
{“error”:“Invalid Claimed ID: https://steamcommun…”}

I have used the restoring method successfully for other games in the past, however now even those do not work (including T-Rex Time machine and Tally-Ho). I tried to restore from Steam on a PC browser as well in case it was device-related, to no avail. I have also double-triple-etc checked, and the Steam account details are also correct.

Any help would be appreciated.

I’m surprised you were able to simply restore purchases other times, as you hadn’t purchased/tranaferred your purchase onto the CoG website.

What you should do is contact CoG support so that they can transfer your purchase and grant you access to the web version.

(i hope you still have your receipt handy)

If this isn’t what you’re trying to do and I’ve royally misread what you wanted, please say so, otherwise I can add you to a PM thread with more detailed instructions. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response, @impeccably-stressed.

When I go to a game and click “Restore purchases”, the (newer) games have an option to restore purchases from Steam. That takes me to a site for steam login info, and after I click “login” I receive the error message. I’m just boggled as it used to work fine. :frowning: I guess I’ll try to email the support. Thanks!

Hmm, so apparently Steam is supposed to transfer automatically (I didn’t know that).

Here’s a link to CoG staff explaining what to do.

I can still add you to the main PM thread if you want tho.

I don’t know what this “Omhibus” thing is, but perhaps that is why it doesn’t work at the moment. That’s fine, I think I can find the receipts… maybe. Might as well get it sorted for a couple of older games as well that don’t offer Steam restore option. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks again, I shall get planning the emails. :slight_smile:

Edit: The “That’s fine” part was answering the question about adding to the thread. I’ll figure it out. :smile:

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I believe any purchases on steam will have their receipt sent to your steam e-mail.

Try to forward that to CoG and request the Silverworld unlock on the website.

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Please contact support about support issues. We can’t offer support via the forums.