Respond, Answer, Ask

Inspired by similar threads I saw on the Nano forums. The idea is to give and get feedback at the same time. Here’s how it works.

Response: Give feedback to the person who posted before you. Telling them what you liked about their answer, what you’re confused about, and offering whatever criticisms you can think of.

Answer: Answer the question asked by previous poster. Feel free to go into detail, but try to keep your answer at a reasonable word count.

Ask: Ask a question for the next poster to answer. The question can be anything related to writing. So, you can ask questions about plot, characters, worldbuilding, ect.

And then the process repeats itself.

Here’s a few general questions to get started. Pick whichever one you want to answer. Feel free to ask questions that have been asked before.

Describe a plot point in your story. What happens? What significance does it have to the overall plot?

Describe one or multiple characters in your story. What are they like? What are there backstories? Do they have any unique abilities?

What’s the dominant religion of your story world? What do they believe? How widespread is it? Are there different interpretations of it?

This is much too general a topic for a thread. The forum as a whole is for responding, answering and asking. I recommend choosing a specific topic to discuss, and making a thread about it, rather than a catchall thread for all sorts of questions about writing.