Resolving a complex if statement comparing multiple variables

Hey all, I’m having some issues with a particularly complex piece of testing.

The error I’m getting (when I run randomtest) is this: ‘Error: chapter_6_champagne_and_conquests line 1486: Invalid expression at char 98, expected CLOSE_PARENTHESIS, was: OPERATOR [+]’

My code looks like this:

*elseif ((((((player_in) and (rupert_in)) and (thiemo_in)) and (nalani_in)) and (player_sum + rupert_sum + thiemo_sum + nalani_sum = player_sum*4)) and (player_sum > 0))>

Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks!

You seem to have > at the end, which is out of place…?

You also can’t have continous mathematical operation such as:

*if answer = a + b + c
   then correct

Chunk them out so a paren is one operation. Here’s to visualize how a set of parenthesis is used

*if ( (answer) = (a +(b +c)) )

The way I learned to handle these were to think of them in pairs.


Is there anything after > ? It is supposed to.

Thanks Szaal! It was the grouping of individual operations that solved it. Cheers!


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