Resolved - Issue with Capitals


When using the HTML Randomtest to test for bugs in my script, the third iteration of the program halted to alert me that I have misplaced a *title.

Upon checking the code to locate the root of this error, I am led to believe that something is wrong with the program due to the fact that I can not locate the mistake.

If you would like to take a closer look, I have provided images below.

Thank you!
(Notepad++ Code)

(Randomtest Result)

EDIT: I should probably add that Randomtest chooses to say that whatever the top line of my script is incorrect. (See below)


Not exactly sure if this will fix the issue: try typing all commands as they appear in instructions (no capitals).


Thank you. Resolved.

(Still not sure why Randomtest didn’t care about this earlier, but at least it’s fixed now.)