Request for pics of kittens (especially bengal or rag doll)

I’m going to start writing a game that’s all about the main character breeding cats. There will be three breeds available: British Shorthair, Bengal, and Rag Doll. Although I don’t usually use pictures (just the vast unstoppable power of the reader’s imagination), how could I resist the excuse to share adorable cat pics?

I have two cats myself so I’m not exactly short on cuteness and I’m not willing to actually PAY for cat pics because I know there are so many out there, but of course your cats would be thanked in the credits for their modelling prowess.

Kitten pics would be especially handy, especially if there are group pics of kittens available (to represent a full litter being born), especially really young kittens (eg before their eyes are open/before they’re 6 weeks old).

So if you want to be paid in exposure… for your cat… then please share your gorgeous cat pics here! I will only choose a few of course.

I plan to enter the game in the IF Comp this year. Hopefully.


I volunteer as tribute! However, I don’t have any pictures of kittens younger than a month old except for one (Bobby), nor a litter of them.

Here's Yoda when he was ~6 months old. We're not sure exactly what breed he is, but we suspect that he's got some Ragdoll and Maine Coon somewhere.

This is Bobby, taken when he wasn't a month old yet. Not too sure what his breed is since my relatives randomly found him in the boot of their car one day.

...And this is Harry, affectionately nicknamed Adik which means 'younger sibling' in Malay. These are from when he was < 3-4 months old, and once again, we're not entirely sure what breed he is.

I would also like to include Allison (Allie), who was < 3 months old in this picture. You guessed it; we don’t know what breed she is either.


Ah-HA! My brilliant plan to lure forum-goers into sharing adorable pictures is succeeding already!

They are all so, so cute! Thank you very very much.

Oh! And just to be fair, here are mine (named Zipper, on the right, and Zoom—yes, Zoom is a lockdown baby).


I’m so sorry, I have to go technically off-topic for just a second to inform you that Bobby is the Goddamn cutest thing I have seen in a year. Let the gods watch over that little angelic thing and give it a long, happy life.

Ahem…sorry. How utterly rude and embarrassing. I frankly do not know what came over me. Please, excuse me promptly. Once again, I apologize. Back to the…er, discussion, yes? I’ll just take my leave, then. Good day, all.


Not Bengal or ragdoll but I do have some photos of young kittens,

newborns with mom

maybe a month or two old

one of the kittens

One of the kittens was a point, similar to a lot of ragdolls but I don’t seem to have any pictures of him on hand. (He died before they were old enough to give away unfortunately, so he isn’t in the second picture.)

I’m sure I have more pictures of the young kittens somewhere though if you want more, but I know this isn’t quite what you’re looking for in terms of breed.


Ok, this is going to close in a few days. We don’t need another thread of animal pics.

This is why Jason is Chief.

If I was an admin, this entire forum would gently but inevitably sink into a cat appreciation group.


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